Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hmmm.... it seems the blog has been dead for quite some time now... xD

Considering the extreme busy-ness of all the crew as of late it is no wonder.
I have been missing in action on oversea assignment for a couple of months, Keisuke has been busy with his marriage (Congrats^^), Jr Turbo has suddenly become an important personnel in his company and has been on and offshore in succession for the whole year >.< and Cloud.... well he is always busy xD Anyway, lately I have just been back from outside... and first thing first is to check on the FC (and send my congratz to Keisuke on his marriage^^) The FC havent been driven or cleaned for almost a month because Kei was extremely pre-occupied with his wedding so I just woke up the old lady and clean her as thoroughly as possible for the track day on 20th Dec^^ Hahaha.... I came back on the evening of the 19th and 20th was already at Sepang^^ all fired up and ready to have my fix of adrenaline after long month of hibernation xD Unfortunately the FC only lasted for 5 laps at Sepang before the brake connection burst... I lost the brake at the final hairpin, luckily the FC was already sliding at that time so all I had to do was just to maintain the slide and slow down the car naturally... We had to drive slowly back home limping with a leaking brake (since I was already broke paying RM200 for a 5 lap excitement I just cant find myself paying a few more hundred bucks for the tow truck xD ) Now the FC is alright again, with new brake connection... new front brake caliper and brake pads (it seems my previous pads has worn out already O.o) Oh oh and the new (used :P) front caliper is from RX-7 FD^^ and the pads are Project U (Mew :P) We've just run through the bedding process with Hanz (since he just changed his pads as well for his Neo) and now its 2 am in the morning and I'm getting sleepy :p I guess thats just the update from us for these couple of months... our personal life getting the better part of our automotive life ^^ Until then, probably we'll be going for our usual touge session again after everyone has settle down again ;) AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!^^ HOPE YOU HAD A NICE 2009 AND 2010 WOULD HOPEFULLY BE BETTER!!!! ;) Good night >.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Having fun at the East Coast^^

Well, being bored in the East coast with nothing much to do except work can be quite boring...

Until one of my friend, "The Doctor"^^ brings me along in his classic 1973 Toyota Celica ST^^

Wicked sick! He has just gave the old 'Dato' a new heart transplant... a 4AG^^ with AE86 Tranny all the way to the rear axle with limited slip diff ;)

So the car has become extremely fun to drive... if I were to rate the 'fun factor' of this car it would definitely be 10/10 ^^

Here's a vid of us having some FUN FUN FUN with the old Dato' ^^

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Finally the FC is done X-)

well, about 99% :-p it still needs to get polished one last time... X-p

now that the FC is beautiful again, can't wait to start putting up decals to beautify it even more X-) especially the all important Redsuns vinyl... X-p

But one drawback with the FC being so beautiful, is that the slightest stain drives me crazy up and down the wall X-(

i'm starting to miss the old facade of the FC, being that ugly at least makes us coy about the looks X-p turning a blind eye to practically any stain on the car.. :-p

being white in colour, surely doesn't help in hiding any defects... :-p haha... anyway, it looks like we'll be postponing any drifting practice indefinitely X-p until the shiro suisei (white comet) gets dirty enough for us to finally have the heart to make it dirtier.. X-p haha..

until then.. enjoy the pics ^^

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yup... tonite was another nite of back-to-back touge adventure X-) GOD!!! Haven't had this much fun for ages... X-p

I called up our good old buddy pal mechanic whether i can send the circus for a repainting today, and he suggested to send it tomorrow, so ok... another night to squeeze out some more fun X-p

sent our good old buddy pal aaron a msg, and as usual, he's always game X-) his squeaking pulley will just have to wait if it wants to act up X-p also goes the same to the circus's leaking gearbox oil.. X-p

(with fingers crossed) we both headed out to our favorite playground ^^ at first the traffic on the way there were horrendous.. X-( Aaron suffered the same fate :-p so neither of us got there not too early :-p

Had a little chat, and went off to scout the road... the road was a bit damp (as it seems it had just stopped raining a while back) and the downhill part was drizzling a bit...

not surprisingly, i have forgotten how the touge twist and bend X-p it was like "heh? i never remembered the road was like this.." X-p haha... i've really lost touch with this lovely hobby X-p

once we reached the other side, since there were a few droplets of rain, i thought it was starting to rain again, so we didn't want to waste any time (nor wait for any deluge to come along X-p) so just as we were about to get going, a wira turned into the touge...

I was divided whether to let him pass first, or quickly get up to him and pass... i decided the latter X-p so we headed off, with me leading... after a couple of turns, we caught up with that wira...

i prayed, closed my eyes, and took him on a blind turn X-p hoping for the best.. X-p haha... aaron unfortunately wasn't as lucky (nor as suicidal i suppose X-p) he got stuck behind the wira for quite some time (with the wira driver not really being a sport, thinks he is a match to Aaron, and decided to take up the length and breath of the road, not giving way and trying, pathetically i suppose, to outrun aaron... big mistake X-p)

since aaron got stuck behind the noob wira, i quickly build up a comfortable lead :-p so much so, that i thought something had happened to aaron O.O i mean, either he has really lost his touch (which is next to impossible X-p) or he finally had a date with the ditch (God forbid!!) still, even with that nagging thought, i didn't really let up on the speed X-p though i didn't really fully press the throttle (since my knees were shaking more than my teeth X-p) but i can say i was going through the touge at quite a considerable speed... so i thought X-p

once aaron got pass that noob wira, he teared the touge apart X-p and caught up to me O.O when i saw his headlights on the rearview mirror, so was my self-esteem X-p being pawned twice in a row, back to back, night after night, is not really good for mental stability... X-p haha... man, aaron is still a speed demon through those twisties.. X-(

then we parked at the side for awhile, wait for the traffic to die down again, and headed off... again i was leading :-p the uphill part as usual, i began to pull away on the straights X-p (yes, i'm a noob.. i know X-p) but once we pass the peak and began the descend, aaron begins to eat up the distance X-(

with each turn, every bends begins to bend even sharper... the sharper it is, the closer he gets.. X-( i started thinking to myself "IMPOSSIBLE??!!! is my TURBO WORKING??!!!" O.O (haha... yup, i couldn't resist acting up that initial d dialogue X-p if you know what i mean.. X-p)

then when the turns really started to turn sharply, aaron was right there X-( i tried to go a bit faster, but lost it at the exit X-p the car lost traction and i had to struggle keeping it on the tarmac X-p so oppss... haha...

even with me trying to push the limit that more further, aaron was that more closer... X-( and everything ends all too soon... :-(

well, i must say, aaron is as sharp as ever (with me getting more and more dull by the day X-p) but still, the whole thing was GREAT FUN!!! X-D alas it was again a lonely affair for me, so no camera nor vids :-( just my tall tales.. X-p haha...

to aaron, great run bro ^^ you're always that much more quicker on the downhill... how i envy you X-p and to myself, NOOB!!! you got pawned twice in a row!! X-p haha...

can't wait for the circus to get a new paint, and some more adventurous fun ^^ oh, and today i paid that guy who the circus whacked the night before :-p RM250... >.> aiyo... money money money... X-p

Tonight was really more fulfilling than the genting excursion yesterday ^^ i was able to push the fc a bit more (since my heart couldn't take much more X-p) and played with someone who's not too much world apart X-p (but if aaron gets a better car, and with his skills, i don't think we'll be on the same plane anymore X-p)

Once i got back, i decided to try out some drifting :-p so got to the local drifting ground and started doing some donuts.. i tried a new steering technique (after watching the drift king in the drift bible again X-p haha.. basically it's a hand-over-hand steering technique and with enough finesse, one can cope with the speed required to counter steer the car preventing a spin ^^ though i still have to occasionally let go of the steering if the angle became a bit too big :-p) and it seems to be working... at first it was a bit hard to cope up with the demands of the counter steer, but after a few spins, i got the hang of it, and what a breeze it was to control the car ^^

i tried to play with the exit but it seems the playground wasn't big enough :-( the moment i wanted to exit, the drain was right there in front X-( need to find a bigger space if i want to practice my exits :-p so far it seems i can have a better control on the angle of the car and the direction with the new steering work, but from my experience at the track, making the exit is as crucial as controlling the car from spinning X-p

anyway, wouldn't want to waste too much rubber before ryousuke gets back ^^ haha..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Genting Adventure with Scoobie Do bie Doo and Mishap

wow, haven't been updating the blog for some time already... X-p

Well, with ramadhan and eid, we were all pretty busy i suppose... X-p

Anyways, yesterday Richard our good old friend invited me to go to Genting ^^ i've been craving for some Touge fun for some time already and jumped at the opportunity X-)

However, we are worlds apart now.. X-p yesterday we went in a group of 4 cars... 3 Scoobies and the flying circus.. :-p the scoobies range from version 7 to 9 O.o

a brand new version 9, Richard's spec C version 8, and a whopping 350 pony Version 7 (with carbon fibre hood and canards... O.O and as usual, Gan is the owner of the extreme car... X-p)

I was a little late as i had to attend a wedding first, then around 10.30 i left out... got caught in the traffic at MRR2 (and by God!!! the traffic that night was horrendous.. O.O)

I finally got to the service station, filled up the tank, and immediately went underway.. X-p i wasn't even able to sit down... we got on the karak highway, and went through the highway very politely X-p i mean, add up all our ponies, we may have more than 1000 bhp (of course the FC is the smallest contributor X-p) but we were just cruising at around 110 - 120 kph X-p

When we finally got to the genting exit, we didn't stop either, the Scoobies just went blazing O.O i was hardly hanging on X-p seeing how i could keep up with the scoobies, i was starting to think that perhaps the circus could actually keep up with those powerful 4 wheelers...

Then we pass a wira, and he decided to join our fun.. apparently he's not any normal wira as the car is turbo charged O.o and i could hardly keep up with him X-( he's seems to be a usual at the genting touge seeing how he apparently know every turn..

well, the traffic was pretty bad so we couldn't really push it, but still, even if the traffic was clear, i'd probably be sweating keeping up with the Wira X-(

I even once almost lost it when the version 7 scoobie was on my right, and we were turning into a pretty sharp left turn... the exit caught me by surprise when it suddenly snap sharper O.O i immediately turn into it but since i was quite on the limit when i entered the turn, the rear immediately lose traction and the car oversteered X-p i had to try to control the drift, but with the scoobie beside me, i had little room for error O.O apparently he must have braked when he notice me oversteering, and allowed me room to cross over all the way to the other side of the road X-p approaching the wall barrier.. X-p luckily i was able to gather my act before i hit it...

then once we got to goh tong jaya, it seems that the scoobies were just warming up O.O they were hardly pushing it up to goh tong jaya (that wira owner must be really proud thinking he could keep up with scoobies.. well, he'd definitely give me a run for my money X-p) once we started going up the second half of genting, all the scoobie engines were roaring!!!

with the first straight up the touge, the version 7 and 8 pulls away, and disappears after a few turns X-p (i must be stupid deciding to play with these scoobies... X-p) only the version 9 was behind me as he only recently got his car and it was bone stock... Apparently the car was suffering from excessive body roll and understeer X-p and besides, the guy seems to be relatively new to touge adventures, so he wasn't really pushing it...

once we got up, the fc was smoking again... O.O perhaps the gearbox oil is leaking again... :-( gotta send it for check up before repainting it i suppose...

We had a little chat, and went down to goh tong jaya for some drink... as we were drinking, some guy came and asked who's the owner of the white car (the FC)... apparently, i didn't fully pull the FC's ebrake, and the car slowly crept down backward into a proton satria that was parked behind me X-( the FC is fine, but proton being a proton, his car was pretty dented... so i promise to pay him and apologise profusely... X-( this little trip is proving to be rather costly...

Apparently, 4 wheelers have a lot of understeer and all the scoobie drivers was saying how they had to cope with it, the bright side of it is of course you can just dive in every turn, and the worst case scenario is understeer, which is quite easy to correct (rather than myself, every turn hangs the dreadful possibility of spinning out of control X-p)

After we had a drink, we all decided to go up the touge again X-p and this time, the version 9 driver decided to try to keep up with me X-p (with a car like his, was not really a difficult task X-p)

the version 7 and 8 are as usual in their own league X-p so i was hauling my behind up the touge with a version 9 hooked to my rear X-p the guy is obviously really fast, but i can notice his dreadful understeer at every turn, but his power makes up any advantage i have in the turns :-( i also accidentally drifted in one of the hairpin turns (with a vios beside me X-p) luckily managed to keep things under control ^^

the whole thing happens very quickly and it's over before we could say yippikayay.. X-p the version 9 driver was really excited and suggested another run X-p the version 7 and 8 jockeys apparently were really pushing it and richard says he was even drifting at almost every turn O.O a pity i couldn't see it T.T but we all decided to call a night... X-p

we went down, and richard and me played a little at the downhill part after goh tong jaya X-) and it was definitely a BLAST!!! X-)

However, when i got home, i felt a rather dissatisfaction :-p it seems i didn't have enough touge fun X-p and still craving for more... (or perhaps because i got pawned so badly, that i feel like this time, i only want to play with the kancil club X-p haha..)

anyway, unfortunately, i brought no camera, and had no friends to tag along for some pictures... so that's about it... now i gotta wait for the bill from that little mishap i had :-( hopefully the fella wouldn't whack me X-(

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

30th August Pre-Merdeka Track day Celebration

Finally i'm able to find the time to write up an entry on our track outing last couple of weeks... X-( Been really busy and lazy lately... :-p

well, these last few weeks have seen an unprecedented back-to-back track day participation X-) with the aftermath a broken car and broken wallet... X-p

The car would be Azhan's, the wallet would be mine... X-p

Fate has it, that our good old buddy Azhan would suffer the pains of a blown engine before we could destroy ours... X-p and fate has it, that i am poor as i am... X-p haha..

Enough nonsense, basically the last track was quite a flop :-p i've been trying some new techniques that i failed miserably... X-p We realized (well, me primarily :-p) that our exit from a drift SUCK X-p the car would whip its tail and send the passengers rocking in our seats... We realized that this is caused by us not straightening the front tyres when the rear tyres regain traction, thus the car snapping in the direction of the front wheels...

To me, this is due to a couple of factors... First, when the car starts to drift, i immediately cut down on the throttle, proportionate to the amount i estimate needed
to regain rear wheel traction... Thus, this instinct of immediately trying to send traction to the rear wheels would most of the time catch me off guard and the rear would regain traction faster than i anticipated (mostly due to the fact that i couldn't feel the limit of the tyres... X-( really noobie.. :-p) and by then, i haven't straighten the front tyres, thus snapping the car into its direction (thus the whipping effect... :-p)

Secondly, it's because of the primal instinct to feed traction to the rear, that the rear gain traction to quickly and abrupt.. Thus the unceremonious exit... X-p

To remedy this, i thought of two things... I need to have a continuous feel of the front tyre directions... Previously, when the rear swings out, i'd let go of the steering to allow the momentum of the car to do the correcting work, but by doing so, i lose touch of how the tyres turn... So after our 23rd august track outing, me and ryousuke went to do some practice, and i found that by keeping our hands planted on the steering wheel, we'd get a better feel of the tyres...

and for the other problem, i would need some way to feather out the rear traction of the rear tyres upon exit... thus instead of instantly feeding it traction, abruptly ending the drift, i would need to gradually allow it to regain traction, by controlling the throttle, feeding enough throttle to keep the tyres just barely gaining traction bit by bit... we tried pumping the throttle (like aryton senna), and for low-speed drifts, doing so would really make controlling the angle of the car really easy... X-) so we thought we had found the holy grail of drift exit.. X-p

So when i went to the track last 30th, i had these two things in mind...

first off, the new throttle control technique is to no avail... X-p Apparently, i lack the skills nor the instinct to execute such technique in high speed... X-p it dawned upon me that driving the car at the limit, makes it very sensitive to any throttle input, by just tapping the car above its grip threshold a bit sends the rear end flying, and by pumping the throttle, i lose touch with the limit of the rear tyres... :-( i guess i have to be like micheal schumacher X-p bwahaha... still, i need to practice more on exiting drifts to be able to really feel my way out of it... X-p

Secondly, the new steering control also failed... X-p though we could have a better control of the drift angle if we keep our hands on the steering, doing it on track is a whole different ball game X-(

this technique presented to me a glaring flaw and weakness in my driving competency X-p my hands are not fast enough to cope with the quick demands of high-speed driting... X-( so i would always find myself giving steering input too slow to correct the car before it goes into the "inevitable spin" X-p (which happened a lot that day... X-p)

After the day's end, i came to one conclusion... I AM A NOOB THROUGH AND THROUGH.. X-p

All is not lost though, i learned a lot during that day :-) i need to refine my throttle control, get a touch on the limit (especially on the exit, i can clearly feel the limit upon entry, but i can't grasp the exit... :-( mostly because i usually try to intentionally drift the car X-p it's so much more exciting that way... but then it becomes a habit, and the sense of its limit gets lost in the excitement of drifting the car... X-p) and try to improve the speed of my steering work... :-p

All i can say is that if i need a really quick counter steer to correct the car, then i can so far (with my current driving level) only rely on letting go of the steering and anticipate the tyre direction by then X-p crude, but effective for noobs such as myself... secondly, i need to practice more on exiting drifts, i realized that all these while, me and ryousuke have been practicing on controlling the angle of our drifts rather than the exit, thus neglecting that final crucial moment when it make or break a feel-good drift or not.. X-p

Another accomplishment that day was that i was able to break Ryuousuke's 2:56 lap time :-p with a 2:55.67 X-) i'm sure that time wouldn't stand as we continue to improve ourselves, but at least now i have the bragging rights over ryousuke... X-p haha... and from the vid, i can see a lot of room for improvement, so perhaps the time we can cut down a few seconds more before it starts becoming saturated... if we want to cut down some more, we got to kick out the passenger X-p but it's no fun when you're the only one having fun... haha...

Just as a highlight, Boy sheared off some parts of his left front tyres O.O the way he throws himself into turn 7 & 8, it's surprising the tyre lasted that long X-p It's great fun playing with boy at the touge (i could hardly keep up X-p) but at the track, the power difference is just too much :-( over 100 bhp difference i guess will definitely show on a wide straight track... :-p i suck like nuts at the turns, but manage to blast pass on the straights... X-p

(Now this is MOTORSPORT!!! X-)

well, that aside, enjoy the picture galore... :-p and the vid i made (it's my first time editing, so i suck X-p but a least i think i was able to capture the moment during that last final scene.. X-p i hope Azhan wouldn't cry seeing it... X-p haha..)


(oh crap.. how do i use this photo bucket...? >.>)




ah shoots... i have no idea how to use this photo bucket features... >.>

i'll upload the pics later... when i figure out how to utilise that bloody photo bucker... >.> as for now, enjoy this amateur lowly rated vid i made X-p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

23rd August Track Day

The Sepang Open track day has finally arrived^^

Our chance to sharpen our technique at the edge and learn more of the FC limit in a safe and legal manner :p hahahahahha

Our day started off rather early, Keisuke and I woke up in the morning and we cleaned the FC, although the FC will never be beautiful in its current state... but just heck, it makes us feels good that the FC is being properly kept :p

Another reason why we washed the FC prior to the track day was because we can detect any loose panel or loose screws on the body to fix it and make sure it don't take off in flight at Sepang >.< We started moving from our house at 12... we gathered our buddies... KeKe(cloud), Bib(Jr. Turbo) and Khaidir. Photobucket
The cloud was beautiful and it was a sunny day for the tracks... just what we have hoped for... because it has been raining lately everyday, and a wet track is not what I have in mind... perhaps my skills is not up to the task to tackle a wet track anyway >.< We made one pit stop at the Shell just before SIC and disappointingly they no longer offer V-power :( as part of the government plan to phase out Ron 97 from mainstream market they are slowly introducing Ron 95 and soon going to hike the price of 97 (for whatever reason to give the hike probably just for the fun of it xD) so Shell stop offering V-power to facilitate Ron 95 :( So I just filled her up full tank with Ron 97 and off we go to SIC. This time we register on time at 2 pm :D and during the registration I noticed a Grey Satria Neo with a familiar face... but me having a bad memory have no idea who it was at that time :p We just passed as strangers and us RedSuns being the timid little ragtag crew that we are headed to our usual corner spot out of everyone's way and out of sight :p An SIC crew offered us pit garage no. 23 he just opened but we had to give him a false hope of us going there just so that he will leave us alone xD OMG we're so pathetic!!!! >.< I made my first run in the Flying Circus, and again as usual... the FC is a real head turner and funny bone activator xD hahahahha as we cruise by the pit lane everyone stared in disbelief of the FC... its a shame, but its a sacrifice we're willing to make xD besides we dont have enough money yet to give the FC a new paint job :p My first run was with KeKe as our camera man, and heck... after such a long period not driving the FC it all seems rather awkward, with the FC low rear grip we were literally drifting at every corner O.o I spun in the 2nd lap and then I was more cautious, I was still getting to grips with driving the FC at the limit... My first run ended in 4 laps as there were some accidents that the marshall had to show the red flag so in to the pits we went. It seems the new oil cooler is working a miracle... after 4 laps the oil temp is still manageable at 110 degC. Then Keisuke went for his 1st run and also finishes 4 laps before being forced to the pits because of more red flags :( This time the temp crept up to 120 degC after that for our 3rd and 4th run we could only manage 3 laps each as the temps go up to 120 degC and started burning the oil :p Here's our compile vids of our run and action: ^^

By the end of the day, both me and Keisuke were able to break the 3 min barrier^^
Yay!! despite the rear tyres not at grip level at all and also the lack of V-power really handicaps the power :(

And here's a vid of our pal Azhan first run at Sepang with his beautiful Satria Neo^^
Just to shave off the dead weight he was carrying he had to remove his sub-woofer, his junks ,his spare tyre and his girlfriend xD
Enjoy the vids and don't mind the mindless comment xD :

Between our runs we made some tour of the pits and we found our pals from SatriaNeo Club^^

No wonder the guy at the registration looked so familiar^^ I just remembered xD

We chatted with them for a while and off we continued with our tour, there were some really cool collection of cars there and also a Lamborghini LP550-2 Valentino Balboni on display O.o

Enjoy the pics ^^ :
Lotus Europa

Lamborghini Valentino Balboni

The Matte Black GTR

Rotary brother in arms the Veilside RX-7 FD3S ^^

Toyota Supra

The track monster
Track Monster Evo 7

Silvia S15

Z-Tune Bodykitted R34

Our rotary brother MazdaSpeed RX-8 ^^

The Flying Circus in action

Track Monster R34 GTR

There's actually more photos we took that day but I'm just too lazy to upload all of it :p

So that sums up our 2nd track experience^^ even though its Ramadhan and we're damn exhausted and thirsty fasting during track sessions, but the experience and fun is all worth it^^

Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparation to August Track Day


Ma friend posing with ma other friend superbike xD
The new Carbon Fibre Exhaust for his CBR600RR^^
The superbike now sounds like an F1 car... SWEET!!!! :D

--------Filler end-----------------------------------------------------

Well its that time of the year again^^ ehem.... even though its Ramadhan, but tomorrow (23rd Aug) is the Sepang Track day!!! \(^o^)/

Track days are always happy days for us Red Suns xD

Anyway, this time we're going to be better prepared than last time around so we sent the FC to Hau to change the brake pads and brake fluids.
The S-Four Endless Brake Fluids
Endless pads
The Endless Brake pads

It took almost the whole day to change the pads, at first we only wanted to change the rear pads as it has worn out... but it seems even our front pads was damaged... so we decided to change the front with used ones xD
The old front pads
The damaged pads

After Hau changed the fluids and bleed the brakes we brought the car to a tyre shop to cross the front tires... just to have more rubber at the inside of the cambers ;)

Then after tarawih, we set out with KeKe (Cloud) to bed in the brakes^^ that was the first time we actually did proper bedding procedures, and after the 8th brake cycle the brakes has already faded.... we did 2 bedding cycles and then we head for the Bangi Touge....
(Keisuke dead beat in between bedding cycles xD)

(Again, one of our random retard moments >.<) We need to have a proper tyre pressure for the tracks, so we headed to Bangi Touge to do some testing^^ We applied white shoe across all four tyres and then made a single spirited run at the Touge to see whether the thread wear is even or not... we found out our front left tyre is not really good at the wear. Photobucket
(Applying the white shoe with Keisuke posing for the camera xD)

So we headed towards the nearest petrol station and then check the pressure... we found out the front left tyre is more 1 psi than the right and so the wear is uneven, so we set all four tyres to the appropriate pressure :

Potenza Grid II
Front : 32psi

Pirelli P6000
Rear : 35psi

We made one more wear test for the tyres and it all looks good, so we headed back home via McDonald McValue Meal xD

Thus the FC was prepared for its reason of existance^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Genting vid from Richard :-)

Wow Wow!! Richard uploaded our last Genting excursion on youtube... X-)

you can hear at 5:07 the FC's screeching spin... X-p haha...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Skool Vids...

Yeah.... bored again, youtube vids again^^

This time.... old skool racing vids that kept me glued to the laptop.... >.< This vids is from Tsuchiya Keiichi heydays... his professional days in Japan Super Sportcars championship... and man that guy is fast... and not only that... he's also racing my favourite car.... Rocket Rotary FC3S!!!!!! \(^o^)/

And here is a vid testament to Tsuchiya's amazing car control technique... the previous vid may have see him lost to those R31 Skylines on the straight... but this one is wet... and when its wet... its the driver that counts^^

Now this vid is a vid of the GTR at its apex^^ the dominance of the Skyline that literally kill off Group A Championship... and also banned from Australian Grand Prix xD

Enjoy these tidbits of old skool glory ;)

Also a vid of my favourite jet fighter^^ The SU-37 Terminator....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Langkawi chill out..

Went to langkawi recently to chill out...

Little piece of heaven...

Time attack!!

Finally got the vids from our last time attack :-p

I'm sure it looks pretty boring and dull, but for ryousuke who's walking in and out of meetings, this is going to make you weep... X-P HAHAHA!!!

My "return" run..

My "going" run

Ryousuke's "return" run

Ryousuke's "going" run

Well, can't wait for some more time attack runs... X-) we'll definitely get more serious from here on.. :-p

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adrenaline Vids....^^

Just being bored... browsed the youtube video archive and found some interesting vids worth sharing ^^

OMG Cool FC3S attacking Tsukuba!!!! O.o
I wish my FC can be this cool^^

I just love adrenaline rush^^ If I can get my hands on these babies definitely they'll be my ultimate adrenaline fix xD
Going Super Sonic~~~~~ ^^

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to basics 2.. With 100kg penalty... X-p

Well, last saturday night was another night at bangi... :-p it'd be great to go out to tekali (after we've finally familiarize ourselves with the FC's limits) since the moon is in full swing and no clouds of thunder to hamper its silver lightings :-) at the least, the road wouldn't be as dark and foreboding as the night before... X-p

Alas we had other things to attend to, and only started making our way to the touge half past midnight... :-p too late to make an excursion to tekali.. X-p since it was to be ryosuke's last night out (since he's going back to work the following day) we figured it'd be fitting to do a whole night rocket dancing party... X-p with the FC our trusty dancing partner... X-p

Since it's a bit too late to go to tekali (and besides, it's a little too late to call aaron up either... :-p) we decided to have some fun at bangi... X-p since we started timing our runs, we find it far more fulfilling to attack the touge at full force.. X-) since with improving our time the target, we finally found a sense of purpose X-p (haha... pathetic isn't it... :-p)

But unfortunately, the touge was full.. O.O PACKED AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! O.O WHAT ON EARTH??!!! we know it's saturday night, and it's usually notorious to find dragsters plowing the streets looking for some hot spots to burn the asphalt, but this? THIS?!! this is unexpected... because the streets are full of FAMILY CARS WITH FAMILIES IN THEM!!! O.O WHAT ON EARTH ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING, AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, AT THE TOUGE (ok.. maybe because the touge so happens to be the the main road bypassing the tolled highway... curse you Big G!!! >:-O)

Whatever it is, the amount of traffic is just too heavy to justify a run, or any run for that matter... :-/

Me and ryousuke pulled aside at the mint corner, and watched the traffic pass by... hoping for it to clear up... to no avail... T.T even mat rempits, with their cheap-o ex-5, doing wheelies, and scarping their exhaust sparking the asphalt were choking the touge... O.O i hate mat rempits... their recklessness just reeks of arrogance and total disrespect for other road users... (I'm praying that we're a bit above those reckless disrespectful rempits... X-p)

then we called cloud up, and cloud gave us a tempting alternative... X-p a late night dine at the McD :-p to top it off with a succulent irresistible cherry topping, cloud offered to buy us the meal X-) in these frugal times, it's hard to resist a free meal.. :-p

And we also decided to check out the local drag scene... there are rumours that big players with big pockets play their rides at a certain highway on weekends, so we decided to check it out, just to get some sight of skylines, supras and all the other great cars people with deep pockets can afford.. X-)

we took cloud and headed off to the highway, and to our dismay, there was only emptiness at the purported drag scene start off point :-( bummer... guess they're not playing that night, whatever it was, we had to pay RM2.50 for nothing just to get off the highway... X-(

we went back to bangi, and decided to check out the touge before eating, and wallah!!! the touge is practically empty.. X-) dotted with cars here and there, but still, it's much better than before... X-) with cloud on board, we were hauling at the most, 100kg extra of dead weight... X-p after sweeping the road, i made my attack run... :-p with ryousuke timing it X-) the extra weight was IMMENSE!!! O.O it affected the car's momentum so much, that the car became harder to slow down, harder to turn, and slower to accelerate... X-( i had to brake early, and practically manhandle the car through the turn, just to cope with the massive momentum the extra weight was causing... X-(

my run was more than 10 seconds slower than the night before O.O 10 SECONDS???!!! In racing terms, that's about a MILE AWAY!!! X-( i did another attack run, and the results were similar... an extra 10!!! i guess if we wanted to carry extra weight, we'd have to have more power and bigger brakes... X-p just to compensate that extra thrust in momentum :-p which reminded me, the basic physics calculation of force = mass X acceleration... with an acceleration that is constant, the bigger the mass, the bigger the force is needed for the car to turn, stop or whatever... X-(

Now, that rambling aside X-p ryousuke took to the wheel... he's much more crazier than i was O.O He'd jump into corners as if cloud was not there in the passenger seat X-p he brake the car near its threshold before each turn and just turn the car in, power it out, and do the same again for the next turn... HE'S UTTERLY CRAZY!!! X-( at Zid's corner (where we had our unfortunate accident before), he actually brake drift the car before the entry... X-( the car was going sideways before the entry, turning the nose pointing to the direction of the exit, clearing the bend, and just powering away... X-( That experience reminded me of our unfortunate accident, and with the way he's thrashing the FC around, it is as if he's dicing with death itself, and sees who's luck runs out first... X-( his time was not as fast as the night before (considering the weight penalty, it's no surprise :-p) but still, he's a FULL 3 SECONDS FASTER THAN MY TIME!!! O.O

His return run was the same, throwing the car around, using the extra weight like a pendulum in an age old time clock, doing steering corrections as if the wheels had came off... X-( he time another massive 3 seconds advantage... X-( he was simply... crazy in all sense of the word... :-p all our four runs were recorded, however, the videos are currently at cloud, and i haven't found the time to go over to his place to take it... :-p

There was a kenari parked at the traffic light at the middle of the touge, the people there trying to fix the lights perhaps... but whatever it is, he was right there whenever he blasted past the traffic at excess of 140 kmh.. X-P he must be thinking we're a bunch of crazy hoodlums... X-p haha.. gomen ne.. fish gotta swim, we gotta get our adrenaline fix.. X-p

We went to McD afterwards, chatted till almost 4, and went to drop cloud off and called it a night... a fitting way to end of short stint of adventure whenever ryousuke's around.. :-p too bad he isn't around for long, since i got a whole week off... :-p man, who am i going to have touge fun with now...?

But then, aaron is still around X-) without anyone reading the pacenotes it's going to be tough keeping him at bay... :-p since his skills and speed have jumped leap and bounds... X-( it's going to be dangerous pushing the limit just to keep aaron off our back :-p it's going to be really dangerous... it's going to be DEAD DROP FUN!!! X-D HAHAHAHA!!! Can't wait to come back from the holiday and dust off some much needed exercise... X-p with the moon as our guide, and the smell of burning rubber as our purpose... X-p hahaha!!! i can't wait... X-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to basics...

Well after all the excitements of exotics touge experience its back to the basics for Keisuke and me....

And boy, we almost forgot our roots :-o

We returned to our old hunting ground last night.... Tekali Touge, we made our sweep and opened our dusty old pace notes.... and next thing we know.... the pace notes dont make any sense anymore!!!! >.< OMG!!!! Tekali Touge was so dark our balls were squeezed to the point of oblivion!!! xD We made a couple of run each and heck.... even after those runs we were still trying to find our old rhythm... T.T The car just feels so different... the touge feels so scary and the pace notes just feels so nonsense xD Disappointed we rest our old Flying Circus at our goal point, and contemplating what have gone wrong.... especially for me I felt like I was completely out of touch from the car.... it felt so different... why on earth did it felt that way while we were so confident of it during our Genting and Kuala Kelawang excursion... well Keisuke didnt lost much of his touch but I do.... out of our sorrow came a lonely figure of a car.... a more recognizable silhouette... not an S15 or a Beemer.... or a Fairlady to help us out of our predicament... but our good friend Aaron with his trusty Turbo Charged Neo^^ We thought he wasnt coming... his father recently had a triple by-pass so he had quite a long hiatus from touge-ing with us, so we were happy to see him again^^ also good to hear that your father is doing fine now bro ;) He brought his friend Wan, and we had a little chat.... then off we went for our freak hobby xD Keisuke went first to lead Aaron on the "return" run, although Keisuke was still trying to re grasp the pace notes nonsense and me trying to control my mouth muscle whenever he jumped into a blind corner O.o but Keisuke was having a very smooth run, Aaron was saving his brakes for the "going" run and fell back behind on the downhill.... either that or Keisuke is really fast on the downhill, because I was scared like hell riding shotgun with him >.< And then we make our "going" run, this time with me leading Aaron, he did mention that he's more interested in the "going" run than the "return" run... so it seems we share the same interest^^ Hehehe... but much to my surprise... Aaron has gotten a lot better... I mean a lot... A LOT BETTER O.o Not only he was really sticking up my behind all the way on the uphill he was also putting real pressure on the downhill O.o I was struggling to get my rhythm but hey... before this we dont even have to be serious to leave a Neo in the dust either on the uphill or downhill... but this time he is serious O.o Aaron stick to me all the way through.... at the end his brake smelled like overcooked bacon, but hey we had a good time^^ ahahahaha... Aaron has really improved a lot ever since the last time I saw him O.o His pressure from behind feels really different... like its saying... "hey its that all that a Rocket Rotary have? Or is it the driver?" huuuuhuhuuuuhuhuuuu T.T I guess his almost daily training at Tekali is really paying off... this time I have to be more serious in training my skills... its tormenting to be catched up by a car with less horse power on the touge!!!! xD Well done bro ;) I'll have to keep on brushing up on my touge skillz as well ;) So after some short chat, we cruise back and say our good byes.... Aaron went back but me and Keisuke had another mission.... we need serious training.... >)

It was past midnight and it was the perfect time to go training at our home course... Bangi Touge....

When we arrived Keisuke was dead asleep (thanks for the moral support) =.=
I made the sweeping run and everything looks okay, then off I went!!!

Bangi felt so much more at home^^ with very few traffic and clear road I was shrieking through the touge... again, the stability of the car amaze me at how fast I can really jump into corners... really fast that it just scares me O.o

After my first run I made a "going" run, and I was really starting to get to grasp the car's new characteristic.... I guess its best to test the car's new ability at our home course... its just more enlightening then going to other "foreign" touge >.< Keisuke then made his run... he was also at first edgy with the car running at Bangi, then we were running low on fuel... we went to refuel and then came back to Bangi for some more action^^ Keisuke made another sweeping run and then he made an all out assault on the "return" run, too bad there was a little too much traffic that his time was somewhat not amazing, he made another "going" run and again was caught behind slow traffic... And then it was my timed run... my "return" run was quite uninterrupted albeit some minor traffic at the latter half of the course... and then I made my "going" run which was zero traffic, although I almost spun at the "Highway corner" I recovered the car but while at my haste to recover control I forgot to downshift to power through the drift >.< Afterwards was just a normal pedal to the metal to the finishing line, my time was somewhat ok... then it was Keisuke's turn... his "return" run was blistering... he was cutting through corners like his brakes has failed and brake drift through almost all of it O.o I was dead scared... although the traffic was quite a nuisance at the latter half of his run but he was a full 2 seconds faster than my run.... damn =.= And when he was about to do his "going" run, I was getting scared... Keisuke is known to be easily over excited and have always pushed over the limit when he is high... so far we have been lucky... so with my uneasiness I call it a night, and Keisuke understand that it may get too dangerous if he was too much on high^^ so we canceled his timed "going" run so my record still stand xD hahhahaha... although I doubt it will still be there if Keisuke did his timed "going" run... T.T Anyway, Bangi run was so much satisfying and adrenaline rushing that we could feel the adrenaline coursing through our veins.... it was good to return back to our roots and retrack our rhythm, a point to return to when we are at a loss.... >.<

The clock then ticks almost 2:30 am, our adrenaline was losing its effect and fearing that we may not wake up to pray Subuh, we slept at the mosque only to be bitten by sheer cold and annoying mosquito =.= but at least we did woke up for our prayer xD

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Genting with Neos and Big guns...

Last night we had another Genting excursion, this time with company from the Neo club and those hard core touge enthusiast that Keisuke went out with last Sunday ^^

The whole thing began when I just arrived back home yesterday morning from Kemaman for what would be stand-by days off :p

Because of my critical state of wanting to drive the FC Keisuke and I immediately ready the FC for a touge outing that night^^

Suddenly Richard (the driver of the supercharged BMW 5 series) message asking about any late night adventures and then it was all just the pieces falling into its places^^

From there Eu Jin (Silvia S15) joined in, Genting was picked as the hot spot and on the way we met up with the Neos who is also going to Genting^^

We led the way first through the Karak Highway and waited for the Neos (Boy, Azham, Alvin,..... hmmmm I dont think I catch the name of the others T.T) at the foot hill of Genting.

But it seems one of the cars that were with the Neos overheated on the way and Boy told us to go on ahead without them first, since they will have to wait for their injured comrade^^

(The Flying Circus minus the clowns xD)

(Eu Jin's beautiful S15^^)

(The monstrous Supercharged Beemer O.o)

(Richard showing Keisuke how many bodybags he can fit in the boot :p)

So up we go, S15, BMW 5, and the old Flying Circus.... and damn, the FC was really lacking in power against those elites >.< The uphill climb was exciting, with us changing leads and me frantically trying to keep the FC up to pace xD Eu Jin was struggling with his S15 since he set his rear camber to zero... which makes his S15 rear really twitchy so he was not really confident to push the car through the corners... but Richard was another story.... he was really.... really.... REALLY FAST O.o We were really struggling for traction with the FC while the 5 series was really enjoying full traction.... the car was sliding but with the new anti-roll bar, the FC seems to have a more understeer characteristic which makes it easy to control the car once is starts to drift ^^ and really inspires confident to jump into corners :p Half way through we heard like something broke in the engine compartment so we slowed down abit just to make sure everything was okay, once we saw nothing was effected we scream uphill again at full blast^^ Yaaahhaaa~~~~ I was literally having too much fun, and at the same time I was testing the limit of those new thick anti-roll bars that at the final hairpin I accidently spun the car :p hahahha... luckily there was no incoming cars close by so it was not much of a case >.< Once we were on top we checked the engine compartment and we found out what had broken was one of the FC's alternator belts.... luckily it had 2 belts that runs it so only one broke.... but we were not willing to push the FC for fearing of breaking the one last belt :p
(Uphill run with the big guns^^)

Boy arrived almost right after we arrived uphill (he is damn fast >.< ) and we waited for the rest of the Neos... had a few chat and then decided to go back downhill early because of work tomorrow... so we say our goodbyes to the Neos folks and cruise down hill^^ I tried to do some downhill drifting at the consecutive hairpin, but since I did not want to push the engine, I decided to just use the e-brakes.... too bad the traffic only cleared at one corner and having enough entry speed we pull off the drift^^ It was rather cool in a way :p ahhahaha... Keisuke wanted me to do more drifts as we headed down, but there was bumpers before the corners which made the entry speed for the drift rather slow... and me not willing to push the engine didnt agree with Keisuke to pull off any power over drift :p Our cruise downhill was rather uneventful, but again Richard was really fast going downhill.... seeing his Beemer running from behind is really awe-inspiring^^ so much traction at such high speed.... But the downhill run is always fun^^ I'm rather addicted to downhill run that even going down I didnt push the engine we can still slide the cars through the corners :p hahhahahaha....
(The downhill vid is rather short since our camera ran out of memory :p )

We had a blast that night with cool dudes and cool cars^^ although Genting is not our serious touge training ground, crowded with traffic but its a great place to have a run with friends^^

Hopefully we can do more touge excursion before my days off expires but until then drive safe ;)