Friday, July 22, 2011

Having fun at Fraser

Fianlly, part II of our Fraser trip :P

Kicking off from part I, so first thing in the morning....
 This is the kind of view that we woke up to in the morning ^^
SilverPark Resort... the resort that can never be Gold :P
After our humble breakfast we took some morning walk around the resort^^
And some bird watching... if you watch closely you can catch a glimpse of a bird on the tree :P
The monster machines in their natural habitat... the parking lot :P
So after our morning relaxing session, we took a drive around Fraser with a practical car (my father's car :P) to absorb the beautiful scenery that is Fraser's Hill ^^

And finally some wild orchid picking :P
All was nice and quite until the arrival of...
The Boy and his Tiger.... xD
So with Keisuke and his family arrived, we've decided to go for some swimming at the waterfall...
The Baron with his Rider Kampung Style :P
The road going there was unique in its own way^^
The arrival of the RedSuns at Air Terjun Jeram xD
The Baron is liking the water :P
 And Keisuke in his natural habitat :P
Cloud trying to meditate underneath the waterfall :D
 He's really contemplating hard :P
 But the return journey is not very exiting for some people :P
The flight of stairs was too much, so we had to stop and take some air....
 Like father like son :P
But the walk to the waterfall is picturesque as usual^^
That night they went to have dinner out at one the restaurants
 With Cloud and Justin Bieber :P 
I was knocked out cold that night with a seething tooth pain T.T
The restaurant^^

Next morning, with the rest of our extended family... we went to The Paddock for some horse riding and archery competition^^
Keisuke with his family
Abdullah with his family... with me tagging along :P
 And another stowaway we found on our way to the archery range :P
The much anticipated archery competition... who will go out on top?^^
Justin Bieber making his pot shot :P
Cloud concentrating making sure he wouldn't lose xD
 And he makes a Bull's Eye o.O
 While Keisuke was having trouble on which eye he should be using....?
His eyes? or the tiger's eyes? :P
  End of the day.... Clouds shot was kinda good....
 But not as good as mine :P
Keisuke's was kinda hopeless...
  So was Justin Bieber's :P
 Next round was for Abdullah and his rivals :P
Abdullah pulling the bow to the rhythm of his body :P
 My sister-in-law claims the target was too short
While Keisuke's other half is having trouble shooting :P
So all in all, their shot was kinda hopeless :P
They were even lucky if they got the arrows inside the target xD
Next up was the horse riding... poor soul...
  The horse's worst nigthmare xD
The Tiger (retard) and the horse :P
 The Baron (retard?) and the horse xD
After the fun-filled morning, it was time for us to say good bye to Fraser's Hill and head back down to earth where we belong :P
  Family photo before returning down to earth^^
 The Boy enjoying his first taste of superbike :P
But being Fraser Hill, the road down itself was an adventure to be had^^
What a way down it was...
 We had to make a pit stop while heading down...
 'Coz Keisuke had to pee :P
While Keisuke was answering nature's call, The Baron strikes back!!!! :P
And testing some photographic skills...
And appreciating some of the finer details of Kate :P
 Once everyone was wrap up and ready.... we continued our way down that awesome piece of road^^
And finally we reached down from Fraser's Hill
  And a few more stops for those all important memory lane^^
 The RedSuns were here :P
 The RedSuns pose!!!! xD
 With The Baron being in the middle of retards :P
 Our touge machines from a vantage point :P

After those few more picture snapshots... we continued down to The Gap where we met...
 The Stalking Tiger!!!! xD
 The Tiger spotted in its natural habitat :P
 The Baron and the retard :P
 Justin Bieber about to hand The Tiger "The 1000yrs of Pain!!!" xD
 Old Kate at The Gap..
 Abdullah was kinda pushing it going down to Kuala Kubu Bharu :P
 We had a stop at KFC Jejantas Sungai Buloh^^
Then I found out Kate's electrical wasnt really working... we had no wiper :P

So the return journey became kinda dangerous with the rain and not seeing where we were going >.<
And after the journey Cloud sent his Bike for some inspection because idling issues they found out that the bike was running on a single cylinder o.O
Single cylinder up and down Fraser Hill :P

And Old Kate had to go to the workshop to have those wiring issues addressed :P
So that was a wrap up of our journey up Fraser Hill... I know I am kinda too lazy to type it into beautiful words, I neither had the creativity like Keisuke and he neither had the time :P

Oh, and one last montage for our return trip from Fraser.... how to get into Old Kate :P
Becoz her central lock was not working, we can't open the doors using the keys... below vid is how to do it^^