Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heart cavity repainted...

Well, i've just came back from visiting the Old Lady in the hospital yesterday... She just had her engine bay repainted :-) a certain golden shade... sadly, it's the same colour as all the other cars at our house X-p

And the fist-sized hole were patched up for free ^^

And the rest of the junk were stashed in the car for storage purposes X-p a major interior work gotta be done after this... :-p

And cloud has dreams that comes in two wheels... X-p

Well, even i'm losing sleep over something like this... X-p'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Circus updates^^

It seems Hanz Neo has taken its flight to orbit... its been written off as total lost and will never see the lights of day again, neither will we see its head lights in our rear view mirror as well :P
He had a few great options as his choices, and attempts as much as we did we could never sway him to see the light :P
Hanz being a complete nerdy petrol head as all of us, he decided to ditch the Alfa!!! o.O

He claims the Alfa didnt catch his heart, soul and passion... but a Neo does... o.O
Neo CPS to be exact... and its already under the knife for that extra kick.

It seems now that he have become one of our great rivals, it seems the stage is set for a great battle ahead.
Hanz never had the luxury to kick my pride in the dirt with his old Neo like he did to Kei, but now he's preparing just for that... even his talks sounds a little cocky now xD

But as the case is, now he has chosen a Neo CPS as his base car... and in his own words :
"Yeah.the chasis has been improve..I'm gettin a new neo.with a fiery heart too.n 10 k worth of mods already standing by.n yes I will still use a good ol campro!!!"
"Plus some of the good stuf from the old neo will be thrown in too"
"The neo cps has a revised chassis width n length to overcome..ehem the old problem"
"N I will still put more bars than pudu jail in it N make it faster than its predecessor"
"I'll be ready for ya"

Interesting how things will turn out, I'm really looking forward as how he will mod his new Soul Mate^^

As for the Old Lady, she's still in the operating room.... we just found a big gaping heart stopping fist size hole right under the drivers side underbody...
Guess 20 odd years has not been nice to her =.=

Will need to patch that up before going any further north.

As for the rest of her body stiching, it seems the doctor have a pair of steady hands^^

She now have more stiches on her than Frankenstein... all in the pursuit of youth... I mean chasis rigidity:P

Hopefully she'll regain her fiery young body she posesssed long ago that captured the hearts of million, and back to winning ways.
The mods we're doing on her is getting quite serious, she's turning into a street legal track car... and she is becoming more and more a carbon copy of our friendly mechanic Hau's Track oriented FC :P
These mods will certainly burn a huge hole in my wallet, and I still need to save up some more for some serious black wall... RE-01 is what I'm waking up to in the morning, but unless me being financially ready to take the plunge... I'll have to make way for more options >.<

From our timeline we're seing the Battle Gears being ready in probably one or two month time, hopefully when both our Gears are ready to the starting line, under the moonlight, Tekali will once again be abuse to the sound of horsepower!!!^^

Until then, what have we addrenaline addict RedSuns junkie have been up to... well we've gone to some outdoor adventures that is almost as dangerous as our twilight escapades... I think :p

Beating our self half dead climbing down under a bridge and have a dip so close to the dam that the water level can change in a matter of minutes...
Beating our self half dead by going Parkour without any real training :P

Cloud went to study the mysteries of Physics >.<

 And we went to some touge session with really crappy cars (Kembara, Kia Spectra, etc) that I almost slept in the car >.<

And also a hearty congratulations to our best friend Pimal for his wedding^^
May you be among those lucky ones to enjoy the blissful marriage life until death do their part ;)

And as I mentioned before, 'tis being a season of aplenty... we found another beautiful, original R34 GTR V-spec which have just had a visit with the friendly roadside kerbs... >.<

From what I heard... the initial quote to patch up this rare beauty would be around 30k... since it had a direct hit to the chasis main frame o.O
The whole engine and transmission is now aback by a few inches... the 6-speed GETRAG transmission is confirmed to be dead... just hope the RB26 DETT is still intact.... if not one of those babies could cost a whopping 15k!!! o.O

I just hope this beauty won't be scrape... its such a pity :(