Thursday, March 12, 2009

RE Gathering

Well, haven't written anything in awhile :-( been pretty busy and the fact that the flying circus is in cold storage just compounded the matter.... :-p

Nevertheless, in our desperation to find an answer to our seemingly perpetual problem, we sought the help of the Rx-7 gurus at the famed RE Club :-)

Last Monday i brought the Flying Circus to an RE Gathering, and met the people behind the wheel :-) everyone was really great and their cars, droolingly cool... X-p especially Patrick with his immaculate Black FD X-) too bad ReRider couldn't come with his marvelous FD, but instead he came with his equally stunning looking R34 GT O.o how many cars does the man hasa? X-p

Since i'm pretty tired, i'll just let the pictures do all the talking :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009


THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL!!! X-) I finally accomplished what me and ryousuke had been trying to do ever since we got the flying circus.. X-p a full long drift... :-p in this particular case, a donut!!! X-) the size of which was about half the usual open ground we usually play at :-) all in all, last night was another blast X-)

As usual, i took the Flying circus out to the touge X-) with Turbo Jr. (he's finally not grounded X-D yay!!!) it was about half past eleven, and the touge was CRAWLING with cars... and the Flying circus was really acting up... the turbo boost would drop off below 500 and the car's compression felt really off... it was really stuttering at low revs and at some point, gas just doesn't seem to go into the engine even when i've already pressed the throttle to half... X-(

It was rather worrying, but once i got to the touge, things were a bit better... well, in the flying circus's condition that is :-p the touge was a bad nightmare... X-p but i was still able to do 180 spin at the end of the touge, and we headed out of it... :-p (the spin really took Turbo Jr by suprise X-p haha...) i tried to go for a few runs, but the amount of traffic was just too depressing... :-( so we had to call it off...

Since it's still early, i decided to go for some wangan action :-p so we went gunning down the highway towards the mines... the whole strecth at minlon, i was doing more than 180kmh X-p (meaning out-meter :-p so God knows how fast i was going... X-p) i was even managed to get into the 5th gear X-p but then, a car felt like it was fast and decided to go in front of me... the loser... :-( still, i had to brake for him... anyway, it's a public road anyway... X-p after that, we headed back for the touge again... the clock ticked half past midnight... i was hoping the touge would be cleared by then X-) and besides, turbo jr gotta get home.. :-p

thank God when we reached there, the traffic had mellowed down... X-) so after a simple scout, he went for a run X-) our first run was aborted because half way through, the traffic grew heavy... then i tried to go for another run again, did a 180 in front of that UKM guard post (and the Guard actually came out to see thinking a car was going for an accident.. X-p) and gun down the touge... X-)

The traffic was a little light, and i managed to get by without much of a drama, but because of the traffic, i drove rather cautiously (and the road was also wet X-( it seems that nowadays, every evening it rains, so the road is always soaked at night :-p)so i didn't try to slide the car :-p as usual, the moment i reach the end, did a 180 and immediately continued the run X-)

I wanted to do another run, but Turbo Jr was SO shaken (he hasn't gone to the touge for SO long, that like myself before, it felt like it was the first time for him X-p) so i decided to call it a night :-) not really satisfied that i wasn't able to go all out, but still, a run through the touge is always fun X-)

On the way back, i gave Turbo Jr to drive, he was so not used to driving the Flying Circus, that it was again like the first time X-p haha... of course, he slammed the throttle at the straights and blew everyone aside :-P (typical lebong style.. X-p)

after dropping off turbo jr, i headed home... not really getting enough adrenaline fix, i blasted down the highway back home X-p then headed to the pasar malam area and tried to do some drifting... :-)

The problem the last time around that i faced was that i would let go of the steering to allow it to counter steer... this poses the problem that allowing the car to correct itself is just THAT, it corrects itself.. X-p instead of going into a long sustained drift, it'd stop the drift dead cold in its track... :-p previously, i tried to control the throttle to try to keep the car drifting, but without any proper steering input, the car would just spin out... so what i needed was to counter steer quickly past the point the tyres are straight to make sure that the car doesn't straighten out...

Another problem of letting go of the steering was that i'd lose touch of the tyres direction :-p so this time, i wanted to try to counter steer myself... of course the first few tries, i found out that my steering work is TOO slow.. X-p i'd spin out even before i was able to catch the drift.. :-p so then, i needed to rely on my previous technique of counter steering, letting go of the steering :-p

Just as i was going in the drift, i realized that what i needed to do to sustain the drift was to get the car drifting, once it starts drifting, to immediately counter steer, quickly past the correction angle, once i got that done (i.e the tyres would be pointing the other way around by then) i can put any amount of throttle and still able to control the angle without spinning out bcoz the tyres are already pointing to where i want it to go.. ) so what i did was instead of letting go of the steering, i just swing it around X-p

With that, i was able to achieve the counter-steering rate needed to keep the car drifting without straighening itself out at the point the tyre crosses its straight point :-p once i got that done, a little bit of throttle control to keep the car drifting, and some steering input to maintain the angle, WALLAH!!!! I GOT MYSELF A DONUT!!! X-D

i was able to get the car drifting about the size of half the open parking lot ground... :-) but i still had problem of sustaining the angle, so the donut wasn't really a round donut, but more of an ovul donut... X-p quite elongated.. :-p

But the feeling was GREAT X-) i felt like i want to drift FOREVER !!! X-) the only thing stopping me was the thought of the amount of rubber i'm burning X-p and besides, i wasn't able to sustain it for long :-p the control and balance was so fine, that a slight mistake at the wheel, or the throttle can either kill the drift, or put you in a spin out :-p so i was only able to do a few rounds before i lose my concentration and spin out/ straight out.. :-p

after some time of doing it (and confident that i'm able to do it again and again and that it wasn't a freak accident X-p) i decided to finally call it a night :-)

Now i'm feeling more confident in drifting X-) and a couple more practice, i think i can go to the touge DRIFTING X-) haha!!!

Oh and we did took a video of our run (i had asked Turbo Jr to take his camera along X-p) but still hasn't taken it from him... will be posting the vid of our run once i manage to get the vid from Turbo jr... Just to make Ryousuke wish he's home... X-p haha!!!