Thursday, March 12, 2009

RE Gathering

Well, haven't written anything in awhile :-( been pretty busy and the fact that the flying circus is in cold storage just compounded the matter.... :-p

Nevertheless, in our desperation to find an answer to our seemingly perpetual problem, we sought the help of the Rx-7 gurus at the famed RE Club :-)

Last Monday i brought the Flying Circus to an RE Gathering, and met the people behind the wheel :-) everyone was really great and their cars, droolingly cool... X-p especially Patrick with his immaculate Black FD X-) too bad ReRider couldn't come with his marvelous FD, but instead he came with his equally stunning looking R34 GT O.o how many cars does the man hasa? X-p

Since i'm pretty tired, i'll just let the pictures do all the talking :-)


  1. Awesome pics bro. Don't you guys have another blog?

    Anyway, I added in this one as well since it looks superb.

    Catch me at

    Cheers mate!

  2. Yeah that's Cloud's personal blog, he's our crew member so yeah our other blog ^^

    Thx for the add.


  3. Kenapa aka kereta clown kat situ

  4. ko punyer comment tu memang kejam la =.=