Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates of our boring life…

Well it seems like nothing much has been happening since both Trouble and Kate are still an incomplete project.
Currently I am working again, to fill up our coffers… as our big budget splash on both the cars has made our pockets rather dry :(

Our chassis specialist is working on Kate

Her former damaged nose is taken off for a replacement

By the last model Infini :)

While Kate is stripped down, we took the opportunity to remove some unnecessary parts ;)

Like the sound deadening:)

Since Kate will be a track focused car, we are giving her some extreme parts

Like some Mazda speed rear arms:)

I mean a whole rear axle :) This is an original rear axle from mazda speed complete with bushings for an FC3S track car from Japan, unfortunately the car had a terrible accident that destroyed its front end but we salvaged what we can from its rear end ;)

Kate is still a long way from being complete, but I hope our target for her to be able to compete in at least one time attack event this year is not too ambitious :)
While we were busy prepping up Kate, the Garage Champion is also busy being kitted up to aim for that top step  :)

Not only everything inside is stripped, she has a new engine, a new dog box gear box (that cost a BOMB!!!! O.O) and many more tid bits that only us mere mortals can dream of T.T

The owner is certainly not pulling any more punches, hopefully he can be the fastest in his category for the next Time Attack event :)

As for Trouble at least she is road worthy now, we have gave her new heart a little touge run but her suspension settings is still in a mess… as well as her interior :P
Her exterior is also nothing to shout about, but since we went to all the trouble of making her like brand new… might as well go the distant ;)

 Before :)
 After ;) Gave her some new rubbers ;)
By carefully tracing the old one
She also gets some new taillights 

Below is just a short footage of Trouble on the touge when we were out testing her, the alignment and everything else was rather bad that she was literally snaking about at high speed but we just wanted to test her engine and see if there are any anomalies… but considering the speed we were going with that kind of setting, looking back it was quite suicidal :P