Saturday, November 22, 2008

Karting in Rain is fun!!! ^^

YEAH!!! Finally my course here in France is over.... and everytime its over that means only one thing.... Go-Karting!!!! ^^

Hehehehe.... and it was a great time to Go-Kart as well, Autumn always brings freezing rain... and today was no exception...

I mentioned in the previous post about my previous Go-Kart experience here in the dry, and the Go-Kart grip level was not very much desirable... good for drifting, but hard for time attack...

And now in the rain.... the day before one of my friend played the Go-Kart in the rain and he warn how low the grip level can be... he was literally spinning all around the circuit, and they make us wear funny Pentium like clothes xD

So I was cautious... the day was freezing and when the Go-Kart officials started our Karts I noticed that they tune up the instructors Kart... probably to make sure he wins... or probably just my negative suspicion xD

Anyway, during the familiarization of the track... I was the only one to spun since everyone was driving slowly while I was just trying to assess the grip limit of the Kart... and its low... very low :(

And when they released us for the qualifying laps I was trying to push and assess the limits of the Kart... experimenting on lines and braking & throttle techniques... and I found that the Kart understeer badly at the entry and oversteer happy at the exits....

The tyres locks too easily and spin out of grip too fast... the grip level was really bad... I even spun at straightaways after a hard braking... a 360 spin but was able to recover without running off track...

Before the end of the qualifying times I was able to make a clean lap and scored myself a pole position... 3 seconds faster than my instructor who is 2nd^^

hehehe... in the rain it's more about skills xD

I found out that I need to be gentle on the brake at the entry and progressively braking hard until the entry where I let the back end locks for a moment to make a quick turn and initiate a drift... and stabbing the throttle to control my grip level and make sure my drift angle is small and neutral counter steer for maximum exit speed....

I need to constantly stab the throttle because the Go-Kart Throttle paddle setting is to put power immediately or none at all... it was hard to progressively control the throttle like Micheal Schumacher xD

Anyway, when the race started I got off to a clean start and slowly building up a healthy lead... until the last series of corners where I notice everyone behind me spun at the corners because before it was a long straightaway and everyone seem to have misjudge the braking point and miss the late apex xD

After that it was safe cruising for me... I was a healthy 30 seconds ahead even up to the point I almost lost concentration and accidentally drift the Kart... luckily I was able to catch it and it was the wake up call for me...

I started to push hard and started to catch up to the back enders^^ hehehehe.... with some fancy overtaking maneuver and avoiding spinning Karters xD I was able to lap everyone on the track up to the no.3rd guy^^

There was this one moment where I was about to lap 2 back enders battling for position.... I was able to exit the corner faster and caught up to them on the straights.... as I positioned myself on the outside to take the next corner I noticed I have just miss the braking point.... SHIT!!! I started to brake while trying to maneuver to the inside.... I had to avoid the apex to avoid hitting the guy in front of me... and ended up understeering into the corner... I started to lock the brakes to make the car turn and catch the back before I spun... a couple of locks and catches and I was able to make through the corner and pass the 2 back enders^^

In the end I ended the race with my 2 instructors 2nd and 3rd respectively^^ Although it was quite a haphazard to race in the rain with almost everyone spinning in the circuit but all in all it was entertaining and it thought me a lot about adapting to the grip limit of the Kart^^ lalalalala~~~~

Below is the time result of our race^^ I was number 25 ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

GTR WINS!!!!!!

Yay!!!! The GTR wins on its debut year!!! ^^ BANZAI!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!

Xanavi Nismo GTR

The #23 Xanavi Nismo GTR won the drivers championship although sadly it missed out on the team championship which was won by Petronas Toyota Team Tom's :-(

Calsonic Impul GTR

The #12 Calsonic Impul GTR won the Round 9 of the Super GT held at Fuji Speedway with Xanavi Nismo GTR was only able to finish 9th but pick up just enough point to win the drivers championship!!! \(^^)/

The GTR's won 7 out of 9 round all in all, not bad for a debut year^^
But the Petronas Tom's SC430 is just too consistent that although they did not won any round but were able to bag the team's championship title =.=
That Juichi Wakisaka is still that consistently fast >.< RE Amemiya ORC RX-7
The RE-Amemiya RX-7 did badly in GT300 so I did not take any note of it T.T
They won the 1st round but throughout the year their performance have just been spiraling down.... self destruct to be more extreme xD

Here is a summary result of the SuperGT for GT500, GTR fans... enjoy^^

Round 1 (Suzuka 300km) :
1 - #23 Xanavi Nismo GTR
2 - #22 Motul Autech GTR
3 - #36 Petronas Tom's SC430

Round 2 (Okayama 300km):
1 - #23 Xanavi Nismo GTR
2 - #12 Calsonic Impul GTR
3 - #1 Arta NSX

Round 3 (Fuji 500km) :
1 - #38 Zent Cerumo SC430
2 - #36 Petronas Tom's SC430
3 - #18 Takata Dome NSX

Round 4 (Sepang GT) :
1 - #24 Woodone Advan Clarion GTR
2 - #22 Motul Autech GTR
3 - #18 Takata Dome NSX

Round 5 (Sugo 300km) :
1 - #18 Takata Dome NSX
2 - #35 Houzan Kraft SC430
3 - #38 Zent Cerumo SC430

Round 6 (Suzuka 1000km) :
1 - #12 Calsonic Impul GTR
2 - #100 Raybrig NSX
3 - #36 Petronas Tom's SC430

Round 7 (Motegi 300km) :
1 - #3 Yellow Hat YMS Tomica GTR
2 - #1 ARTA NSX
3 - #36 Petronas Tom's SC430

Round 8 (Kyushu 300km) :
1 - #23 Xanavi Nismo GTR
2 - #32 Epson NSX
3 - #1 Arta NSX

Round 9 (Fuji 300km) :
1 - #12 Calsonic GTR
2 - #38 Zent Cerumo SC430
3 - #6 Eneos SC430

And just for GTR fans, click on the picture below is short summary history of the GTR^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Equation of life...

Hahahhahaha its been awhile since I last posted, lots of work... no interesting activities...

Not like this post now is that we have any interesting outings or anything, its just I'm bored like heck and something funny I have to show around ^^

The equation of life, somehow its quite true... although its just a joke, not meant to offend anyone hahahahhaha
Equation of life

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shiro Suisei updated

This is for Ryosuke who's at Kemaman working his butt off.. X-D here's the new pics of shiro suisei bro.. :-) with all the new added accessories.. :-p

The front left side-molding... :-p notice the colour contrast.. X-p

The left skirting... Notice the skirting at the front fender is also different than the skirting's colour.. :-p i didn't took any pictures, but there are some decals on the front fender, endless and yokohama.. X-p

The left rear side-molding...

The rear view.. those lights are finally ours :-p we're not borrowing it from Hau anymore... notice that the number plate is a little bit different... Hau had placed a Mark 5 plate housing replacing the previous one... if you don't like it, we can always change it back.. :-p

The missing right rear side-molding..

The front right side-molding..

The right skirting and side molding...

The new "old" bucket seat... :-p

The interior...

The cockpit with the new meters... I placed a chamois cloth at the foot area to absorb all the water contained there... X-p

The new meters...

This is the top right corner of the engine bay (passenger side), the arrows shows the water flow..

The water flows into the engine bay...

Into the hole...

This is where the water drips into the cabin... that is the wire to the meter...

The engine bay..

Notice the sensor wire for the meter... :-)

Well, that's it for the shiro suisei... i'll probably be bringing it to hau next week to get that leaking problem fixed.. i'll try to get the roadtax renewed this week :-p