Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shiro Suisei updated

This is for Ryosuke who's at Kemaman working his butt off.. X-D here's the new pics of shiro suisei bro.. :-) with all the new added accessories.. :-p

The front left side-molding... :-p notice the colour contrast.. X-p

The left skirting... Notice the skirting at the front fender is also different than the skirting's colour.. :-p i didn't took any pictures, but there are some decals on the front fender, endless and yokohama.. X-p

The left rear side-molding...

The rear view.. those lights are finally ours :-p we're not borrowing it from Hau anymore... notice that the number plate is a little bit different... Hau had placed a Mark 5 plate housing replacing the previous one... if you don't like it, we can always change it back.. :-p

The missing right rear side-molding..

The front right side-molding..

The right skirting and side molding...

The new "old" bucket seat... :-p

The interior...

The cockpit with the new meters... I placed a chamois cloth at the foot area to absorb all the water contained there... X-p

The new meters...

This is the top right corner of the engine bay (passenger side), the arrows shows the water flow..

The water flows into the engine bay...

Into the hole...

This is where the water drips into the cabin... that is the wire to the meter...

The engine bay..

Notice the sensor wire for the meter... :-)

Well, that's it for the shiro suisei... i'll probably be bringing it to hau next week to get that leaking problem fixed.. i'll try to get the roadtax renewed this week :-p


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