Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trouble first shake down...

I finally got around to finish up the vid of our first shake down the other night...

Since I'll be heading back to where I belong, we'll be sending her to have some further upgrade... hopefully in another 6-9 weeks I'll be back and she'll be ready for more action :D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trouble is a friend :)

Well finally the long wait is almost over \(^o^)/
Yesterday I've received a new present.... a matter of fact, a new Battle Gear :D

Since fixing Kate seems to be a very long and slow process, while in search of parts we stumble upon a deal that we cannot resist :P

But before going into further detail of what we've stumble upon, I'll try to summarize what has been happening in our lives for these past months^^

We tried our hands on virtual pawning :P
As well as real ones :P Unfortunately I was at the other end of the pawning spectrum =.= Keisuke maybe fat but he sure can shoot better than me >(
Took some inspiration from a new customer car our Mech was working on... a 500+ hp 13B monster with full RE-Amemiya bodykit with lots of carbon fiber o.O

Obviously with such a long hiatus we did alot of other things as well :P

We made some new friends :P
Keisuke tried to feed his son to a T.Rex xD
Took some more inspiration from another customer car with full RE-Amemiya bodykit :D
Got lost at Pullman Putrajaya Hotel & Resorts :P
Got lost at Singapore and stumble upon an Amuse kitted R35 GTR at the HKS Garage R \(^0^)/
Which we happen to stumble upon their demo car as well... R35 with HKS GT800 kit good for 800 hp O.o

But after all those we've acquired a gem of our own^^

A new machine to attack those twisting winding roads :D

Her name for now is Trouble... since I got into a lot of trouble with my parents in acquiring her :P
and also for us.... Trouble is a friend \(^o^)/

We've just made her first shakedown at our home course... and from what we can conclude is that she has a chassis that is still uncorrupt.... her handling is more crispier and less twitchy compared to Kate, but most importantly her handling characteristic is symmetrical for both left and right hand corners :D

Although her current heart is slightly lacking in the power department... we're guessing she's only pumping around 200 - 220 hp... with a stock motor and some slight over boost turbo she's still lagging behind on the uphill section...
Her brakes are no where near Kate's stopping power and her steering lacks life... so we still have a lot to do with her before she is fully ready to go full on attack at the touge... our first step will be to transfer all Kate's good points to her... and from there will start to properly building her into our version of an Ultimate Touge Monster :D

I'll upload our vids of her test and shakedown after I've edited the vids, what ever it is I'm getting dead tired now since it's almost 5 in the morning and I still havent slept o.O

So until next time, this blog will probably start coming to life again since our Touge life is sparking again ^^