Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Operation Revival

Well I guess the Old Lady in hospital is old news by now.

But just to fill in some gaps, here are some pics of what happened to the Flying Circus.
Keisuke became over-excited with the new-found grip the Old Lady has with those new Roll-Cage, and without noticing it he has jumped over the limit.... he hit the Tekali mountain side, thank God no one was badly hurt as the Old Lady hit the mountain side with such Teutonic impact.

The Old Lady went out quite rather spectacular, Keisuke overspeeds into a corner... the car started drifting, and next thing he knows is that he ran out of tarmac xD
The car was drifting sideways over the ditch, the backend hit the mountain, making the front end in turn kissing the mountain and pushed back the car back over the ditch facing the wrong way xD

Her chasis was so bend that she literally became like a Boomerang xD

The impact was so strong that it took off both side of the rear side skirts o.O
And a crack on the right side of the car o.O
Miraculously the plate number and both the spot light survived the crash undamaged xD
And tear off completely the rear bumper....
There goes our FEED muffler xD
And made a hole at our spare tyre place :P
The doors can't shut and they had to use the best human technology ever invented... the Gaffo tape xD

But now the Old Lady is recuperating at our trusted mechanic's garage :P

We have just finished pulling her chasis straight, even better than before.... we had to cut a front section of the nose and replace it with a half-cut that fortunately just arrived from Japan^^
That front section was twisted in so many ways that it is non-salvageable, but other than that the Old Lady is doing just fine.

Since I will be needing to get a new body kit for her, and with an offer I cannot resist from our trusted mech friend^^... we installed a wide body kit for the Old Lady too, now she looks so fat that her old image looks rather tame, and those old tires have to go out.... 16" is no longer big enough for the tire well, I guess I have to go either 17" or 18" after this o.O
And also the width tire most likely I'll go for is 245, I hope even that can fill the void of those tire well :P
 Just for comparison... the images of the Old Lady before and after her cosmetic surgery xD
The Old Lady showing signs of her Flying Circus DNA :P
But the Old Lady is still a works in progress, we'll be taking off those wide body kit for awhile after this and send her to do some spot welding before we re-install the roll-cage, and this time we'll need to cushioned the roll-cage to avoid the injuries Keisuke and one of our other Neo friends (uhh... dont know his name >.<) suffered during their last incursion ^^ Oddly enough, it seems these past few months has been a season of aplenty..... accidents :P The Old Lady, Hanz total lost Neo, his brother got into one, Zid got into one... and even our mech friend got into one also >.<...
His FC front section was totally wreck, he crashed it while doing some drift session... spun out and the guy at the back hit him head on o.O
 Hau's extreme track car FC in the hospital with the Old Lady :P

So I think, I'm the only lucky one to have gotten through this 'aplenty' season unscathed... or maybe that has got to do with the fact that I was not even in Malaysia when all of these happened xD