Thursday, April 30, 2009

Howling Banshee's last ride....

Yeah the title says it all.... the Howling Banshee or the One Eyed Bandit (its new name^^) has just gone through its final motion through our home touge.... T.T

Sadly my father has decided to sell off the enigmatic stock 600 Kancil to some unlucky owner xD
The Howling Banshee a.k.a One Eyed Bandit is so full of battle marks and touge session torture that the engine itself sounds like a rotary xD
Not to mention all the other sounds the car is making, to top it up... the muffler sounds like some modified sporty muffler but in fact it has broken (or probably exploded from the inside O.o) due to overpressure from constant hard driving... xD

But all in all, we had good memories with the car... I feel sad to depart with it, but hey its not my car to begin with T.T it was everyone's car but nobody's responsibility T.T

Thats what made my father decided to sell it off, with the money he's going to buy a new Vios.... automatic T.T
So after this the only manual cars that will be at our house is the FC O.o omg you cant even drive the Flying Circus to pasar malam, not to mention its always due to go to the hospital anyway xD

hahahahha... anyway, last night we decided to give a homage run to our sensei that has thought us alot about car control... one last ride with it....

I made the first initial run.... it was an adrenaline pumping ride... adding to the fact that I havent driven any touge run ever since January !!!! O.o (all this working is going to drive me crazy T.T)

Its been so long I havent driven any car to the limit that parting with the One Eyed Bandit makes me even sadder T.T

Then it was Keisuke's turn, he too havent gone to the touge for quite some time and was searching for some old flame to be rekindled^^
And indeed it was well up & alive, he immediately shoot full throttle that made him overshoot 2 of the first corners... but skillfully he managed the understeer and eventually the car went into a slight oversteer... which was pretty cool seing it from the outside ^^

Cloud & I was watching from the safety of the ClimHazard.... yeah The RedSuns new machine^^ going through its touge initiation^^

I never have seen how the One Eyed Bandit handle from the outside and boy it sure looks like its going to roll over ^^

After his initial run we decided to tape his second run, but alas with a broken brake light it was hard to predict his braking point... so Cloud just maintain his distance when entering the corners...

Speaking of the ClimHazard, the Persona really have a stable ride... I must say those lotus tuned suspension is really doing a great job making the car hugging the tarmac & giving both the driver & passenger a sense of safety xD unlike the One Eyed Bandit that only gives sense of safety to the driver only >.< The ClimHazard Climhazard2


But currently The Owner a.k.a Cloud loves the car too much that he dont want the car to go through the rigorous Touge session xD

So its just a scout car.... for now >)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Office habits...

A little joke for the working class people xD

When the boss is not around.... when boss not around

When the boss calls... see tha boss

Attending a meeting... meeting

When the boss ask to attend a training... attend training

When tea break time... tea break

When almost 5 o'clock... almost 5 pm

When tomorrow is a holiday... tomorrow vacation

When given a new assignment from the boss... new task

When the assignment given by the boss is too difficult... difficult task

When we knew that the assignment is impossible to accomplish...impossible task

Over time for 2 hours...ot 2 hours

Over time overnight... ot overnight

When the boss tells us to do Over time over the weekend... ot at weekend

When we made a mistake... mistake

When we manage to perform 'a little' accomplishment...job done

When we fail, disappointment...kecewa

When the finance delayed our expense claim... finance trouble

When we knew no BONUS for the bonus