Sunday, February 22, 2009

The night the beast came to life...

There had long been a nagging thought in me that there's still something wrong with the flying circus, and the stronger nag is that the apex seal is failing... X-( So i tried to find some company to take the car for some testing, i've just removed the silencer and was eager to see the performance of the Flying circus :-)

Cloud was busy (working on SATURDAY NIGHT!!! O.O) and zid was at singapore, just as i was about to give up hope of testing it that night (i needed someone to keep an eye at the boost meter, which was at the passenger's side... :-p) as if God-sent, my cousin came to drop by... X-)

We went to see the arsenal match that night, and after 1, went out to test the car out... And to my pleasure, the car still packs the same punch as before X-) but just as before, the same lingering problem of jerking at 6k rpm is still there... :-(

After the problem is confirmed, we decided to go get some touge action X-p

I was so happy when we arrived to find the touge quite practically empty (there was a few cars here and there, but for Bangi standard, a few cars is practically, for all intent and purposes, EMPTY!! X-D) but sadly, as i was about to make my run, the traffic starts to build up X-( i've just MISSED THE WINDOW!!! X-( (in Bangi, there seems to be a small window between midnight and somewhere around 1 or 2, depending on the day, that there seems to be a lull in the traffic before it builds up again...)

Nevertheless, i went screaming through the touge X-) the traffic as always proved to be a mere nuisance... :-p but it did have that deterrent effect X-p it kept me from going all out... X-p and besides, i haven't been to the touge for SO long, i was still cautious... :-p

But IT WAS SO FUN AND eXCITING, i went for run after RUN!!! X-D if the traffic is pretty clear at the end of the touge, i yanked the handbrake and do a 180 and immediately continue screaming on... X-p i did somehow slided a bit here and there, but compared to an all out run, everything was really rather timid :-p

but there was this one time, when i was making a return run, i saw that there's no traffic at the 'highway' corner (ryousuke would understand what i'm talking about X-p) so decided to try to 'properly' tackle the corner... X-p

I braked a little late until it nears the threshold as the tyres started screaming, and stepped on the gas as i turn the car in, the car went running down through the corner, and the sudden change in elevation unsettled the car's weight, the rear immediately swung around, noticing the MASSIVE oversteer, i immediately released the steering, allowing it to rapidly countersteer, and cut down the throttle to relieve the rear tyres of its pressure to allow it to regain traction... and the slide was saved X-) not only was it uber cool, it was also UBER FUN X-)

As was done at sepang before (when i overtook the volvo wagon) so again did it occurred yesterday night :-p and i'm starting to get a hold of things X-) especially the notorious exit wiggle.. X-p hoho... can't wait for ryousuke to come back and we'll be going all out like no tomorrow (but a part of me dread of having to sit through that kind of experience.. :-P)

I don't know whether my cousin is scared or not, i dare not ask :-p bcoz he might just be, and i'll have to stop all the fun... X-p if i just keep quiet as it is, he might just not say so, and i can assume he's having a great deal of fun himself (as with Zid when we first took him to the touge... the guy was really crazy.. X-p) so after a few more runs (i really don't remember how many times we went back and forth.. X-p) traffic was really beginning to build up, bcoz of the adrenaline in my blood was off the scale, i started to recklessly overtake the slow common mortal lay traffics, even in blind corners X-p and then the road lite up, a car was coming.. then the headlights appeared before me, as i saw the car coming, in that split second of deciding whether to abort the overtaking and brake or go gung-ho all the way, i saw a small window of opportunity, and without a second thought, slammed on the throttle and quickly manouvered in front of the slow traffic whilst avoiding the oncomings... :-p by then, i realized i was going too reckless, and decided to call it a night...

So we headed off back home, my cousin wanted to try to drive the FC, so i parked at the roadside and we switched places... he wasn't used to the very short twin-plate racing clutch and stuttered as he went along... seeing how our path is dotted with traffics light, he then decided to give me back the wheel... X-p

thus after a short stint, i was back in the wheel, and decided to have some wangan action by bursting into the highway.. X-p as we're ripping through the highway, we blasted pass a cool modded 350Z X-p luckily he didn't decided to join us, bcoz of my inferiority complex.. X-p haha...

But before we headed home, i decided to have a short drifting stint at the local open parking lot cum pasar malam ground.. X-p i tried to do some donuts, but alas as before, it's pretty hard to maintain a long drift... :-( plus there were patches of water here and there, and every time i hit it, the rear just let loose and i find myself inadvertently looking at the wrong direction.. X-p however, our sideways action was beginning to attract some attention so i finally decided to call it a REAL night :-p and headed for home proper...

When we got back, it was 2.30... i checked the wheels, and the right rear wheel's outer thread has worn off :-( but the left wheel is still ok... i guess i had done quite too many left turns :-p oh well, luckily they're cheap second hand tyres... X-p haha... still, it's RM100 a piece... X-( and i don't have that kind of money in these tough times... :-(

We went home, contented and happy :-) i haven't had so much action in one night for so long, that it felt like it was my first time all over again... X-p with better skills of course.. X-p haha... too bad we didn't brought any camera with us :-( as our usual camera, for some circumstances or another, has been taken away for some more other economical uses, and until now, we don't have any other camera to take photos or videos (if you notice... X-p) so damn, no photos nor videos to show all those fun.. X-p haha..

well, next thing up after we've fixed this flying circus is to get the team a camera X-) we need one to capture all our retarded moments again... X-p haha...

for ryousuke who's hammering some pipes on some obscure iranian platform, make a LOT OF MONEY and let's have SOME REALLY CRAZY FUN X-D HAHAHA!!!!