Tuesday, August 25, 2009

23rd August Track Day

The Sepang Open track day has finally arrived^^

Our chance to sharpen our technique at the edge and learn more of the FC limit in a safe and legal manner :p hahahahahha

Our day started off rather early, Keisuke and I woke up in the morning and we cleaned the FC, although the FC will never be beautiful in its current state... but just heck, it makes us feels good that the FC is being properly kept :p

Another reason why we washed the FC prior to the track day was because we can detect any loose panel or loose screws on the body to fix it and make sure it don't take off in flight at Sepang >.< We started moving from our house at 12... we gathered our buddies... KeKe(cloud), Bib(Jr. Turbo) and Khaidir. Photobucket
The cloud was beautiful and it was a sunny day for the tracks... just what we have hoped for... because it has been raining lately everyday, and a wet track is not what I have in mind... perhaps my skills is not up to the task to tackle a wet track anyway >.< We made one pit stop at the Shell just before SIC and disappointingly they no longer offer V-power :( as part of the government plan to phase out Ron 97 from mainstream market they are slowly introducing Ron 95 and soon going to hike the price of 97 (for whatever reason to give the hike probably just for the fun of it xD) so Shell stop offering V-power to facilitate Ron 95 :( So I just filled her up full tank with Ron 97 and off we go to SIC. This time we register on time at 2 pm :D and during the registration I noticed a Grey Satria Neo with a familiar face... but me having a bad memory have no idea who it was at that time :p We just passed as strangers and us RedSuns being the timid little ragtag crew that we are headed to our usual corner spot out of everyone's way and out of sight :p An SIC crew offered us pit garage no. 23 he just opened but we had to give him a false hope of us going there just so that he will leave us alone xD OMG we're so pathetic!!!! >.< I made my first run in the Flying Circus, and again as usual... the FC is a real head turner and funny bone activator xD hahahahha as we cruise by the pit lane everyone stared in disbelief of the FC... its a shame, but its a sacrifice we're willing to make xD besides we dont have enough money yet to give the FC a new paint job :p My first run was with KeKe as our camera man, and heck... after such a long period not driving the FC it all seems rather awkward, with the FC low rear grip we were literally drifting at every corner O.o I spun in the 2nd lap and then I was more cautious, I was still getting to grips with driving the FC at the limit... My first run ended in 4 laps as there were some accidents that the marshall had to show the red flag so in to the pits we went. It seems the new oil cooler is working a miracle... after 4 laps the oil temp is still manageable at 110 degC. Then Keisuke went for his 1st run and also finishes 4 laps before being forced to the pits because of more red flags :( This time the temp crept up to 120 degC after that for our 3rd and 4th run we could only manage 3 laps each as the temps go up to 120 degC and started burning the oil :p Here's our compile vids of our run and action: ^^

By the end of the day, both me and Keisuke were able to break the 3 min barrier^^
Yay!! despite the rear tyres not at grip level at all and also the lack of V-power really handicaps the power :(

And here's a vid of our pal Azhan first run at Sepang with his beautiful Satria Neo^^
Just to shave off the dead weight he was carrying he had to remove his sub-woofer, his junks ,his spare tyre and his girlfriend xD
Enjoy the vids and don't mind the mindless comment xD :

Between our runs we made some tour of the pits and we found our pals from SatriaNeo Club^^

No wonder the guy at the registration looked so familiar^^ I just remembered xD

We chatted with them for a while and off we continued with our tour, there were some really cool collection of cars there and also a Lamborghini LP550-2 Valentino Balboni on display O.o

Enjoy the pics ^^ :
Lotus Europa

Lamborghini Valentino Balboni

The Matte Black GTR

Rotary brother in arms the Veilside RX-7 FD3S ^^

Toyota Supra

The track monster
Track Monster Evo 7

Silvia S15

Z-Tune Bodykitted R34

Our rotary brother MazdaSpeed RX-8 ^^

The Flying Circus in action

Track Monster R34 GTR

There's actually more photos we took that day but I'm just too lazy to upload all of it :p

So that sums up our 2nd track experience^^ even though its Ramadhan and we're damn exhausted and thirsty fasting during track sessions, but the experience and fun is all worth it^^

Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparation to August Track Day


Ma friend posing with ma other friend superbike xD
The new Carbon Fibre Exhaust for his CBR600RR^^
The superbike now sounds like an F1 car... SWEET!!!! :D

--------Filler end-----------------------------------------------------

Well its that time of the year again^^ ehem.... even though its Ramadhan, but tomorrow (23rd Aug) is the Sepang Track day!!! \(^o^)/

Track days are always happy days for us Red Suns xD

Anyway, this time we're going to be better prepared than last time around so we sent the FC to Hau to change the brake pads and brake fluids.
The S-Four Endless Brake Fluids
Endless pads
The Endless Brake pads

It took almost the whole day to change the pads, at first we only wanted to change the rear pads as it has worn out... but it seems even our front pads was damaged... so we decided to change the front with used ones xD
The old front pads
The damaged pads

After Hau changed the fluids and bleed the brakes we brought the car to a tyre shop to cross the front tires... just to have more rubber at the inside of the cambers ;)

Then after tarawih, we set out with KeKe (Cloud) to bed in the brakes^^ that was the first time we actually did proper bedding procedures, and after the 8th brake cycle the brakes has already faded.... we did 2 bedding cycles and then we head for the Bangi Touge....
(Keisuke dead beat in between bedding cycles xD)

(Again, one of our random retard moments >.<) We need to have a proper tyre pressure for the tracks, so we headed to Bangi Touge to do some testing^^ We applied white shoe across all four tyres and then made a single spirited run at the Touge to see whether the thread wear is even or not... we found out our front left tyre is not really good at the wear. Photobucket
(Applying the white shoe with Keisuke posing for the camera xD)

So we headed towards the nearest petrol station and then check the pressure... we found out the front left tyre is more 1 psi than the right and so the wear is uneven, so we set all four tyres to the appropriate pressure :

Potenza Grid II
Front : 32psi

Pirelli P6000
Rear : 35psi

We made one more wear test for the tyres and it all looks good, so we headed back home via McDonald McValue Meal xD

Thus the FC was prepared for its reason of existance^^