Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wangan action

This is a rather late post since it happened almost a fortnight ago but heck... nothing been going on this blog that I think its turning rather dull :P

Besides, I suddenly have the rare occasion of having an internet access that I figure its high time I update some events that we had been doing ever since we got back the Old Lady ^^

Keisuke went for some track day action when I was not around (again >.<) and it seems although the Old Lady power has been bumped up to almost 100 horses more than before Keisuke is not going any faster...
It seems we still dont have enough skill to grasp so much hike in horsepower that we are actually going backwards... T.T

The tyres and suspension settings really need some major overhaul as he reports that he's getting only tire spins...

It seems I dont have much video about his track day but below are some pics to feast on some fine beast that turn up to one of those rare Sepang track days :D

So obviously the Old Lady is still not ready for any touge action until I can dig deeper into our wallets and see what we can do about her very sensitive handling.

But still that did not stop us from having some wangan fun!!!^^
Just before my next assignment I was able to have a couple of days off, which we put to good use when Keisuke was able to convince his bosses to have some outing with their wicked machines^^

We met up just before 6pm at the Seremban R&R, and with the Old Lady we were as usual late :P
KeKe went along with his DSLR :D so Keisuke had to sit directly on top of the drive shaft wihout any seat until we reach the R&R (and he was constantly complaining about the heat from the shaft xD)

When we met up, Hanz with his awesome Neo CPS was already there, so is En. Yus with his Golf GTI MkV and Zaid with his Evo 7^^... so we exchange our greetings and off we went with as agreed Hanz as the lead car...
But not even 5 minutes pass on the drive, Zaid with his Evo 7 Beast suddenly started a full throttle dash through the high way o.O
All the way until the Melaka exit we were going out meter... it was damn scary sitting in the Old Lady going at that speed for such extended period of time o.O

But the whole drive itself was extremely fun, and when we reach Melaka we stop by the mosque for a quick prayer and off the road again for our main objective.... ikan bakar!!! xD

Hahahaha yes we went all the way there like crazy maniacs just to enjoy the Ikan Bakar :P I had to say the food was very nice, albeit we were eating with such gluttony that we were rendered immobilize for quite some time :P

Then we hit the road again with Hanz bringing us to his college and had some drinks and some photo shoot before we call it a night...
We had some very peculiar incident just before we wanted to head back that made the FC visiting the workshop again the next day :P

Anyway, below is a compilation vid of our wangan adventure... enjoy and have a happy end of the year from us RedSuns crew ;)