Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whats Up?

Well it's been awhile since our last update.... not quite a while, but very long time that the blog seems to be dead :P
Well we Redsuns has been quite on a slump of Touge and Automotive orientated activity lately but we has been doing something quite entirely different for our regular adrenaline fix :P
Hanz was busy making some last minute arrangements :P
We found ourselves at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...
With some very expensive rides

Where should one go once you're in Sabah? Of course the islands.... with the many pristine islands dotting Sabah's waterline, its just natural one heads there  ;)
But we were not there to have some unadulterated fun, we're also there for some license application :P
After that last adventure I had to report back to my work life and everyone carries on with their life uninterrupted with any adrenaline frenzy.... >.<

But since I've been having alot of free time lately... what has been the news of the motorsport world? :D
It seems the results as of late has been very pleasing from my side^^

The Nissan GTR won at Fuji Speedway at the Super GT, beating both the Lexus SC430 and Honda HSV ;)

The JR Motorsport Nissan GTR made a double at Portugal FIA GT1^^
They won Qualifying race and also the Championship race...
In fact the GTR's was so dominant at Portugal they clock 1-2-3-4 qualifying time, finishes 1-2-3 for Qualifying Race and finished 1-3 for the championship race^^
Being only their 2nd season in FIA GT1 things are looking good for the GTR :D

And Sebastian Loeb won at Rally Sardinia^^

The only thing that is sad for me is that there no longer any Rotary at the grid for the Super GT :(

And what of the update for our Good Woman Kate? (FC)
Well she has been borrowed by our mechanic to test some killer engine he's building for some of his customer... so since he got the HKS engine down and I'm off for several month from her, might as well let him rebuild my engine as well... not some porting or anything, just regular engine rebuild for better reliability ;)
But is seems Hau has got the crazy ported engine in Kate and Keisuke has went to take some pics of her and her roar ;)

With a short vid of her hearty roar ;)