Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Having fun at the East Coast^^

Well, being bored in the East coast with nothing much to do except work can be quite boring...

Until one of my friend, "The Doctor"^^ brings me along in his classic 1973 Toyota Celica ST^^

Wicked sick! He has just gave the old 'Dato' a new heart transplant... a 4AG^^ with AE86 Tranny all the way to the rear axle with limited slip diff ;)

So the car has become extremely fun to drive... if I were to rate the 'fun factor' of this car it would definitely be 10/10 ^^

Here's a vid of us having some FUN FUN FUN with the old Dato' ^^

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Finally the FC is done X-)

well, about 99% :-p it still needs to get polished one last time... X-p

now that the FC is beautiful again, can't wait to start putting up decals to beautify it even more X-) especially the all important Redsuns vinyl... X-p

But one drawback with the FC being so beautiful, is that the slightest stain drives me crazy up and down the wall X-(

i'm starting to miss the old facade of the FC, being that ugly at least makes us coy about the looks X-p turning a blind eye to practically any stain on the car.. :-p

being white in colour, surely doesn't help in hiding any defects... :-p haha... anyway, it looks like we'll be postponing any drifting practice indefinitely X-p until the shiro suisei (white comet) gets dirty enough for us to finally have the heart to make it dirtier.. X-p haha..

until then.. enjoy the pics ^^