Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Track Day & Touge...

Finally the climax to my days off^^ Sepang Track Day!!!!

Been waiting for this day for weeks already^^ but woke up late in the morning due to our late adventures the previous night xD

We woke up almost close to 12... then we changed the FC engine oil first, and off we went to Sepang at 1:30 pm >.< The FC was given a full tank of overdose Shell V-power and by 2:30pm we were already at the track ^^ Hehehe... Keisuke went first with Khaidir as his co-pilot^^ and typical of Keisuke, he drifted the FC at the first corner at his first run :p But Keisuke only went for 1 lap because maybe due to the sweltering heat of the day the FC's oil temp was already at 120 degC T.T We waited for the FC to cool down and then Keisuke went for his 2nd run, this time with me as co-pilot, to get a feel of the track first before I go for my hot lap^^ Photobucket
(Keisuke telling tall tales of his hot lap xD)

But too bad we ended waiting in line to go to the track too long, the engine temp crept to 90 degC and we were literally melting inside the car xD

(The queue to get in the track O.o)

(Keisuke and I melting inside the Flying Circus >.<) Somehow an F430 Scuderia had an engine leak and spilled quite an amount of oil onto the track :( Photobucket
(The poor rich boy's toy retiring after 3 turns xD)

(But still it looks great for a photo shoot ^^)

Then when the green light was a go Keisuke with his typical style blasted off full speed out of the pit lane^^

I was literally shell shocked as it was my first experience on a track and first experience of an all out drift^^ but Keisuke became too over excited and spun just before the grand stand straight :p

(Keisuke showing me around the track^^)

I became impatience and immediately wanted to take the wheel, so again Keisuke made only a single flying (spinning? :p) lap and pitted.... we waited for the car to cool down and then off I went to the track^^

(The Flying Circus ready to fly off^^)

This time Zid was my co-pilot, and he was rather disapointed since I was rather timid after I almost spun xD luckily the M3 avoided me and I made a huge traffic behind me as everyone had to slow down and wait for me to gain control of the car >.< I made 2 flying lap and pitted as the car's oil temp went soaring close to 140 degC O.o Again we waited for the FC to cool down again and then off I go again this time with Cloud as my co-pilot, this 2nd run I was still familiarizing myself with the track and Cloud... well he was just demonstrating the full effect of lateral G xD
(Cloud demonstrating the effect of the Gs at the corners >.<) Again, the FC only lasted for 2 hot lap and then we had to wait for it to cool down again... Again, I went off with the FC for my 3rd and last run, with Dzulq as my co-pilot^^ This was my most satisfying run, although I did not apply any full racing line but I was getting use of getting the FC side ways^^ I was doing break drift at the entry and maintain minimum counter steer ;)
(Having a blast with ma 3rd run at the SIC^^)

After my 3rd run I was satisfied enough and let Keisuke have his share of excitement, and boy he did^^

He went with Khaidir again and made 2 hot laps... but with the track becoming rather crowded... he was rather disapointed with that run...

(Keisuke's 3rd run of the day^^)

We waited for the FC to cool down again and Keisuke went for his 4th run, this time with Zid to satisfy his disappointment with my run^^

This time, again Keisuke became over excited... he spun the FC and also run off the track into the gravel picking up all the pebbles and sand along the way >.< That was our last run for the day... as it was already 5pm and the track was closed... so off we went to have our dinner after a very satisfying adrenaline filled day^^ Photobucket
(The criminals having a feast after a successful heist xD Clockwise : Zid, Keisuke, Khaidir, Dzulq and Cloud^^)

Just for fun, enjoy these few photos that we shot at the track^^

(Obviously the star of the day^^)

(This is one really good looking car^^)

(We just cant get enough of this car xD)

(The inside making of an Audi TT)

(The only Rotary beside the Flying Circus to appear at the track T.T)

(Saw TougeKing's Franken 70, but didnt had the time to go and see him, we were too high with Adrenaline to remember to do any Public Relations xD)

After that, we were rather doubtful of the FC's health, since Keisuke trashed it quite badly on his final run and the rear bushing sounds like it has failed T.T

But then again, we just cant hold off our temptation of touge action^^ Azhan called us up later that night and ask us to join with the Satria Neo Club for touge run at Genting^^

At first I was rather reluctant because we were not sure of the FC's status, but with Azhan persistent persuasion and test driving the FC first we decided that it was game on^^

Our cousin Marwan join with us for this Genting adventure and we met with the geng at the Shell Gombak... the Neo group was Azhan, Azham, Gates, Aff, Boy... and uh... I forgot the rest >.< sorry guys, I'm always having a hard time remembering names xD Photobucket
(Keisuke trying to catch up at the Karak Highway)

At first Keisuke drove the FC through the Karak Highway, and then we switched just before the uphill section... too bad our camera's battery died half way up T.T

But here's a vid before it died... what we managed to salvaged XD

(Chasing the Neos^^)

Boy was really fast in his stock Neo... but we can see that it was rather underpowered to really have a go at the Genting uphill but the course was just too fun^^

We had a little chat once we reached the top, and Azhan being the pervert playboy that he is started making sexual harassment to all of us xD

Once everyone got sick of his constant pestering we all decided to go down the mountain^^ now here is where the real fun begins^^

Keisuke wanted to drive the downhill so I gave him the pleasure while Azhan keep on complaining of his dead weight penalty (Azham was his co-pilot xD) so Azham went into the FC and I went for a ride with Azhan's cool Neo^^

The downhill was rather slow at first with everyone having to wait for the FC to clear all the speed bump, but nobody was really that patient to wait for the FC to clear all the speed bump and they all went blasting down leaving the FC in the dust xD

I was having quite a heart attack in Azhan's Neo, as he didnt know heel-toe downshifting technique... I can see that it is quite a handicap to be going downhill without such an important basic technique... once we reached down all the Neo's brakes except for Boy's was smoking xD

They waited for the slow Flying Circus and then off they blast trough the Karak Highway again... going at an average speed of 200++ km/h O.o

My balls literally just squeezed into oblivion and I descended into the state of shock and Brain Shut Down mode xD

We had some drinks and chat somewhere at some side road stall in Gombak and then we say our good byes... that time was almost 4:30 am... and the next day... I was literally like a zombie and Keisuke... well again he is having a nightmare at the office trying to stay awake XD

Hahahaha.... thx guys for such a blast of a time^^

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nights of fire with the Neos...

At first I thought the touge session last night (23rd May) was going to be a lonely affair again, since all our crew members seem to have other things on their mind on how to spend their weekend night xD

So Keisuke and I headed to Tekali, at first we thought of heading to Mantin to make a pace note of the course... but since Cloud (the only person among us who knows the way there xD) decided not to join us, we had no other choice but to head to Tekali to continue to sharpen our touge techniques^^

At first we had a Battle Gear session with Cloud and Zid, as usual... the battle for the lead became an affair between Cloud and Keisuke while Zid and I leisurely try to catch up ^^

We left Alamanda at 10 o'clock and reach home at 10:30... then at 11:00 Keisuke and I make a move for Tekali...

Upon reaching Tekali we blasted our way there, the FC having more grip than before since previously our tyres was under inflated the FC was grippier and less prone to sliding than before xD

At my first run we ran rather conservatively, and then I made a going run and just before the end we caught up with a slow Kelisa... since we almost reach the goal point we just tuck behind the Kelisa and much to our shock police just set up a road block at the T-junction right at our goal point!!! O.o lucky... and thank you Mr. Kelisa for saving our ass ^^

We told those thugs in uniform that we were heading to Kuala Kelawang and they let us off^^ lucky....

Keisuke warned Aaron about the cops and we decided to meet up at the famous Kuala Kelawang Touge, home of the Kansei Downhill Specialist^^... since Aaron was running rather late, Keisuke and I went first to try out the touge with the Flying Circus^^

Disappointingly the touge was rather bumpy for our ride and the FC scrape its underside at some corners :(

And to put matters worse we reached a house at the uphill point so we immediately slowed down, so as to not awake the residents... so the touge was rather short =.=

We made a short pace note of the course that we ran but we found the touge rather unfulfilling... Keisuke and I made several runs (cant exactly remember how much :p) and maybe because the touge was too short (we stopped just before the house :P) and Keisuke and I being injured (Keisuke fell off from his motocycle on Friday and busted his knees while I was having a painful muscle rip at my legs and back after an intense Badminton session with my friends =.= ) we dont really feel much adrenaline rush from running the course :(

So we stopped just at the junction at the foot of the touge and waited for Aaron and the others there... since it was almost 1:30 am already and we were getting sleepy we both slept in the FC while waiting for Aaron :p

(The road to Touge Haven^^)

Then just around 1:45 am they arrive^^ to the beautiful rumble of engines resonating across the touge^^

We meet up with the Satria Neo Club.com.my (Aaron, Dibo, Azam, Aff, Ali,Azhar?.... and uh... sorry I dont remember the names of the others >.< sorry guys) After some short introduction we blasted through Kelawang Touge, with Azhar leading we blasted through the touge all the way to the Pusat Serenti :p Although the session was not pushing the FC at the knife's edge but it was an exciting experience^^ since I never really had any Touge Konvoi with those numbers of cars (~~5 cars from Neo Club^^) it was an exciting run^^ The full course of the Kuala Kelawang Touge was quite fun... with tight exit corners lurking unexpectedly and lots of sweeping left right turns^^ Especially since I never had any opportunity to follow a lead car (except that one time with Daniel MR2^^ he was damn fast ) it was an all new and relaxing experience^^ I rarely make a touge run with the music on since it'll disturb my concentration but that time I can enjoy the Initial D musics with the touge action^^ After what it seems an endless stretches of turns and chasm we finally reached the end point... we had a brief chat and then off we went back to Tekali, just to see whether those cops are gone or not ^^ This time Azam was leading, and Keisuke being behind the wheel... they ware really fast!!! O.o Azam was sliding the Neo left and right and Keisuke was sticking so close to him that I was having a bad feeling of crashing the FC with Azam's Neo xD But again Kuala Kelawang Touge had some of those bumpy corners that just catch our car's underside... T.T After that fast & furious action by Azam and Keisuke we waited for the rest to arrive.... We decided for Ali and uhhh... (omg I forgot his name xD) to head first to see whether the cops are still there or not (probably because they were the only one with stock Neo or maybe just because they are the only willing scape goat xD hehehehe). After confirmation that those thugs are no longer there, we make our way to Tekali... this time with the FC leading, equipped with the pace notes we were again blasting through Tekali Touge with Aaron following close behind^^ The FC was behaving far more predictable than before that we literally knew when and where the FC would start sliding that it was exciting to just try to push the FC on that fine line of control ^^ Alas... when we were having too much fun the whole thing just ended too quickly :( we found Ali waiting at the end and we parked to wait for the others to join... After somemore brief chat we decided to head to some 'Slurpy Mamak' stall? O.o We just follow suit and Aaron leads us through Ampang Touge^^ he was really... really quick on the uphill that I was literally pressing the pedal to the metal for the Flying Circus trying to maintain our reach of Aaron ^^ We slowed down and cruise to wait for the others to join us at the downhill and then blasted through Ampang to the mamak stall... With some nice Wangan action next thing we know we have reached our destination^^ with an award winning burger stall (Wak Burger / Sloppy Joe's^^) at the side, 7E at the back and rows of restaurant^^ We ordered the most special burger (Ayam Double Special xD) and had some drinks at the restaurant... the burger was nice albeit being a little too much (I was literally full after eating that Ayam Double Special >.< )

hmmm... I guess gluttony is never a good thing xD

We had some friendly chat and reminiscence of our touge adventures, next thing we know the adrenaline was starting to wear off... with it came our consciousness xD

It was already 4:30am, so we say our good bye and head off back home ^^

We reached home almost 5:00 am, Keisuke immediately went to bed while for me... still staying up writing up this blog post xD

hahahahha... thx guys for such an exciting and memorable touge sessions... I hope we can do it again sometime in the future^^ since I'll be going back to work next week :(

But today is the day we've been keeping our tyres for^^ Sepang Track Day!!!! ^^ Yeah, time to test out the Flying Circus at the limit at our world famous circuit^^

Touge and Track.. both are wicked in their own right but both gave the same rush that made us love our cars^^

See you guys there ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Touge nights fever....^^

Yeah, these past fortnights has been a blast^^

I have just started my long awaited days off and we leave no time to waste to get my adrenaline fix quick xD

On Tuesday night (19th May) we went to the Tekali Touge with a couple of cool guys from the Satria Neo Club which Keisuke knew from his previous adventures with them^^
Aaron and Ali with a couple of passengers (sorry I didnt catch your names guys >.< ) That night, I wanted to try to experiment with using pace notes to familiarize ourselves at foreign touges... and at first attempt the pace notes failed miserably :( We were missing some vital sections and in the end ended up with different corners being read out from the pace notes. We almost had a visit to the ditch because of that... >.< Keisuke made a return run with the pace notes and the return pace notes were also confusing at the latter half of the touge... couple with a heavy load... Keisuke was bringing 3 dead weights with him xD my colleague Hanif, Zid and my self... At first he slide the car because of the wrong pace notes going uphill... then he slides the car going downhill just because there was too much dead weight xD Those brushes with accidents almost scare the living daylights out of us, but we were quite determined to get the pace notes correct since by just using the pace notes when it is correct we could easily push the car close to the limit and thus enjoy the feeling of traction at the edge and HUGE dose of adrenaline ^^ After the return run, Aaron's Satria Neo's brake was smoking... literally, we had to wait for it to cool down before we made a move to our next touge stop... our home turf.... BANGI TOUGE^^ Aaron and Ali agreed to join us at the Bangi Touge and Azhan has just finish his dating routine (that sly playboy xD) and he also agreed to join us there. We met up with Azhan at UKM and we went to the touge.... it has been so long I havent driven the Flying Circus on our home course, I was really getting excited... with Azhan joining our night escapade... this was sure going to be a blast!!! ^^ Azhan although lacking in the technique department but he has good instinct and feel of the car's limit, so although in our standard he is not quite fit to blast through the Touge but he is exceptionally fast ^^ respect bro... After we made our sweeping run, we hit full throttle.... and it seems Bangi touge being a little bumpy was too bumpy for Aaron and Ali's Neo, probably their suspension is too soft that they kept scraping the underside of their car... After the first run they decided to just stay out from our run & Aarons brakes was still bleeding from the Tekali adventure xD So we went ahead with Azhan following closely behind and Cloud and his Clim Hazard as the safety car following suit... but it seems that even Azhan couldnt really catch up with the Flying Circus at the Bangi Touge and Cloud was literally all over his back... it seems he is at really huge disadvantage not being familiar with the course... We made a return run and then IT happened... I lost sight of Azhan from my back view mirror after the "jump-in" corner and when we reached the goal point Azhan was not to be seen... We waited for a couple of minutes at the end point but Azhan still doesnt appear... we were getting quite worried and I gave him a call... and then our worst nightmare was confirmed... Azhan has crashed.... O.o We quickly retraced our step and we found a Satria Neo stuck at the side of the road at the "Forbidden Hairpin", Azhan spun at the hairpin because of the sands at the corner and lost control... luckily the muds caught his car and stopped it just before the chasm O.o I had to call our trusty towtruck (Ah Keong) dead in the morning (it was around 2 am at that time) and ask him to pull Azhan's Neo out of its quagmire... He sent one of his towtruck buddies (Ah Yuu) to help and with Cloud's trusty Clim Hazard our equipment to pull Azhan's Neo out of the mud was quite complete^^ (He had the nut to screw in the Neo bumper to attach the tow truck's crane and also the triangle hazard) Ali helped to warn the traffic and there was this one drifter who came earlier on to help but I didnt catch his name... anyway thx for your help man^^ Luckily no one was hurt and we were able to pull Azhan's injured Neo out of the mud and the car seem to have no problem except that it may need re-alignment :D Photobucket

We went to have some chat at the mamak stall and we all say our goodbyes at around 4:30am O.o .... Obviously Keisuke was having a nigthmare at the office the next day just to stay awake xD I dont know about the others but sorry our touge session ended so late... sorry guys if you're having a problem like Keisuke at the office xD

Also, after the Touge action... my collegue Hanif bring us on his super bike... the CBR600RR ^^
It was madness as he press the bike to go to 220km/h!!!! and then brake hard and took corners at 160km/h O.o I almost felt like my knees would scrape the road xD
I literally felt like my soul would just jump out and die on the spot from pure shock xD

Hanif also took Zid a ride on his CBR and now he is drooling all over the place to own a SuperBike as well xD

Fast forward another couple of days, and I was shaking for more adrenaline fix >)
Last night (21st May) Keisuke and I went to Tekali again, this time alone... Aaron had too much work at hand, Cloud was rather busy at the office as well and Azhan probably still shaken from the last incident decline to join us...

Anyway, we went to Tekali quite early (8 ish went there^^) and prepare to re-do our pace notes....
This time Keisuke and I made the pace notes (last time around it was only me >.<) so our pace notes this time was rather complete... I made one going & return run with the pace notes, made a few adjustments and then we were literally tearing Tekali Touge apart^^ Hahaha... Keisuke made one going & return run and he was really driving the FC to the limit... twice he drifted the car, and almost went into the drain as well >.<
I made another run with the pace notes and Keisuke made a return run... we were driving the FC by the knife's edge and it was tons... TONS of fun!!! ^^ also the adrenaline was becoming too much for us especially Keisuke that his balls were literally squezzed after that first run that he was driving rather conservatively on his return run xD

hahaha... we went to a 'runcit' shop and buy a couple of water, we were literally sweating and dehydrated from all that side Gs xD

Then our old friend Khaidir call us and says him and some other guys wants to meet up with us, we agreed to meet up with them at the Cheras-Kajang toll and showed them straight to Tekali.

They are our old school mates^^ havent seen them for so long I literally forgot their names already xD but still I remember them ;P

We made a run at Tekali and some few donuts with them and then it was already 2 am, I thought we wanted to go home early that night but again, the thrill of the night caught us off guard xD

We says our goodbye and immediately off went home, Keisuke again... is having a nightmare at the office trying to stay awake xD

hahahahha... but tomorrow is weekend!!!!^^ Hahahahahahaa tonight would probably be another night of fire ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Night of tragedy at Genting

Still high on my outing with the Neo club last thursday night, i asked Azhan whether they're going out on friday.. :-) And it seems yes, well no actually, but yes on saturday night :-p they're going to Genting...

I thought twice before agreeing, since Genting is infamous for really huge speed bumps on the way down, i can hardly imagine how those crazy speed bumps are going to wreck havoc on the underside of the FC.. :-p

I asked whether he meant Genting highlands or genting sempah? Then Azhan said Genting Sempah... IT'S DEFINITELY A GO THEN!!! X-) HELL YEAH!!!

I went to our trusty mechanic Hau that saturday evening and had the suspension adjusted :-)

Then i checked the engine oil and water level... everything was set.. X-)

That night, we were to meet up at Gombak at 11.. by 8.00 i could hardly wait :-p

Once the clock ticks 9.00, i went out... reached the agreed meeting place at 10.00 and 10.30 Azhan called.. there's a change of meeting up place, by the Shell near UIA.. sure, no problem.. again i went off...

Upon reaching there, i filled up the FC and we waited till about 11.30 perhaps before moving out to the BHP station at Karak Highway to meet up the rest.. The rest? HOW MANY ARE THERE? O.O

once we got there, i realize the size of our group.. about 19-20 cars O.O it was not just the satria neo club members, but also a lot of other clubs... it's a whole conglomerate... X-p

Then i realize where we're really heading... the dreaded Genting highlands... =.=' when i asked Azhan, he went "ohh..."


well, we're already there, so there's no point turning back now :-p besides, i don't really need to go up the whole length... :-p

we waited till about 12.30 perhaps before we started to be on our way... the rest went on first as we had to wait for a neo club member who was just returning from office (O.O)

Once we went on our way, we cruised through Karak highway at quite a high speed.. about 160-170 kmh...

Once at the exit, we stopped first where the whole gang is waiting for us, then we all went up...

WE WERE LIKE A GROUP OF DISRESPECTFUL MAT REMPITS weaving through the traffics left right... X-p seeing how fast we were going, how tight the corners are, and how close everyone is to each other, i had the foreboding feeling that something wrong is about to happen... >.>

and it did...

we were as usual, overtaking an EVO 6 like he's standing still... of course that didn't sit well with him, so he cranked up the speed and started running along with us... Then on one tight left turn, a group member by the name Drags wanted to overtake him on the left, took the turn, went in a bit too fast and oversteered... just as he countersteered the car, the rear immediately regained traction and the car went where he was pointing, straight at the EVO X-( he slammed the Evo on the side (sending it into a 180 spin) and went on to clip the side walls...

I was behind all the carnage, as when we reach the corner, i noticed a lot of smoke and everyone started braking really hard.. i knew there was an accident... i started braking following the braking speed of the crowd, and pushed the brake a bit more when everyone stopped... the Endless brakes are really phenomenal.. :-p

Everyone didn't had a cakewalk such as me... Everyone was already slamming the brakes and locking their wheels... X-p it was almost a TOTAL PILE UP :-p luckily the worst was averted as Azhan (being just one car behind the accident, i was beside him when it happened) managed to stop just centimeters from the car in front of him, and so was the car behind him, and so on.. :-p everyone was saved by just a hair length.. X-p

When we all got out, everyone was saying how lucky no one snubbed anyone from the back, i didn't really get it because it wasn't really an emergency to me, until i hear their part of the story.. :-p

Well, the Evo fella was really pissed off.. started ranting in chinese and raving like a madman.. X-p he threw debris at Drags cars and yelling to him to come out... Azhan wanted to yell to him to shut up, but stopped when he saw there was a lady with a baby inside the car (getting involved in a fist fight would be rather traumatic for the lady and her baby i suppose :-p)

But unlike Mat rempits, we own up to our mistake... We cleared up the debris, some of us controlled the traffice and Drags apologise profusely and promised he'll pay.. he help unscrew the EVO's dragging side skirt and inspect the damage...

Things finally settled down and me and azhan decided to go on (as all the other neo club members has already left, to avoid choking up the roadside...)

We met up at a mamak stall at Goh Tong Jaya and we all relived our side of the story... We finally got the news that Drags and the Evo fella is at the Goh tong police station and we all decided to meet up with him there... When we arrived, they had already filled up the police report and the Evo guy left.. we chatted for awhile, and Drags then went on his way with his friend...

Then it was just us and the Neo members.. they decided to go down the ulu yam route, whilst Azhan wanted to go up genting with the dot com guys... So we parted ways... once the dot com guys arrived, we went up...

One funny guy (Rizal i think was his name :-p sorry for not remembering bro.. X-p) wanted to sit in the Flying Circus and wanted to feel its turbo power.. :-p so i went blasted up the touge with Azhan close behind.. :-p there were a lot of hair pins, but i didn't want to drift the car as the bitter taste of Drags's accident (with the amount of traffic that night) restraint my adventurous soul :-p

But the touge was REALLY STEEP... i had to drop down till first gear just to pull away.. X-p once we started to reach the really steep parts, Azhan fell back as his neo just simply couldn't keep up.. :-p hehe.. Turbo power (what a noob i am having to rely on the car than my own skills X-( bummer...)

Once we got up, the place we stayed was really WINDY!!! perpetually WINDY!!! O.O it was fun the first few minutes, then once everyone started freezing, we all huddled by the hot FC engine.. X-p then we all went down our separate ways...

Azhan wanted to go for a drink, i had no qualms to join him since the night wasn't really satisfying (in terms of touge awesomeness.. X-p) but boy was i in for a surprise.. X-) The most interesting parts of the downhill touge (with all the hairpins) are littered with humongous speed bumps.. i had to criss cross through just to avoid spoiling the Flying Circus's underbelly :-p

But then there is a section that is speedbump free.. X-) it has a continuous succession of corners with varying degree, interspersed with a few hairpins... X-) Azhan didn't really go all out (i guess) nevertheless the speed he took the corners was fast enough to keep things interesting :-p

Once we hit the Karak highway, Azhan went i guess over 200++ kmh O.O (we were out meter the whole way) at first i kept up with him, but then after a sudden flash of the consequences of losing control at such speed suddenly squeezed my balls X-P i slowed down to a more manageable speed and let Azhan have his way :-p ( i wasn't really confident with the second hand tires :-p even when the FC was really stable at such high speeds.. :-p)

We stopped by Mali's at Gombak, and by 4.30 i was home... bunked myself in bed, and practically slept the whole day of Sunday X-p

That last part of the night salvaged the whole outing :-) all in all, it was great fun and everything, but we have to always remember the risk we are imposing to innocent bystanders who are often caught in our mad rush for adrenaline.. :-( we're all sorry the tragedy happened, we're all glad no one got hurt, and we're all definitely not going to stop tougeing X-p

note to self: all reckless fun without restraint will most often than not attract unwanted consequences... Let all be reminded...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night out with the Neos

Well.. This blog has been inactive for so long, our group as a club went practically, for all intent and purposes, DEAD.. X-p haha.. not for long.. :-p

I have been busy like a crazy bee, and Ryosuke, despite the collapsing oil and gas industry, is still buzzing around pounding pipes... X-p i mean, attending meetings (yup, he's climbing up the corporate ladder.. :-p instead of just a mere underling, is now an underling in suits.. X-p)

Despite all odds, our good old friend Azhan suddenly called me up last week, saying he found a group of people who are also very interested in touges and are even active in it X-) The Satria Neo club!!! X-) GREAT NEWS!!! Tougeing alone do tend to get... lonely :-p huhu...

Then the moment of truth, just as the clock ticks half past midnight, my phone rings, and it was our ever good old friend Azhan, with a very VERY tempting proposal X-) The Satria Neo guys are going out to Semenyih, tonite, there and then.. X-p

After thinking of the consequences such late night escapade can affect my job performance on Friday (NOT!!! X-p) i immediately went to take the FC out... :-p the first immediate problem was just that, taking the FC out without disturbing the household X-p

I had to manually push the FC out, and after a safe distance, crank the legendary rotary and be off on my way... I decided to take the old Hulu Langat road (because i thought it is much nearer through that road... boy, how dead wrong i was :-p it took me like half an hour to get there... X-p the clock ticks past a quarter past 1...

We met up at the Ampang Hill look out point, i immediately jerked the e-brake and did a 180 to position my car to park right behind their line... X-p and them seeing that got so impressed (i guess :-p) that they asked whether i'd want to take the lead... me being a total noob that i am, of course couldn't accept... :-p i was just good at about that, 180.. X-p haha..

Well, 'Boy', the president of the Satira neo club.com.my (there seems to be 2 satria neo clubs.. those of dot com dot my and those of dot com) said they were just going to cruise, so they're not going to go so fast... i thought ok.. at least i won't be left behind.. i was dead wrong.. X-p He immediately put the pedal to the metal and blasted through the Ampang hill touge...


But then we reached his convoy and we all slowed to a convoy pace.. :-p and i finally breath a sigh of relief.. :-p hehe... the FC's suspension setting is off, and the front right tire keeps on scrubbing the fender, so i couldn't actually push the FC :-p (a lame excuse for a noob like myself X-p haha..)

Once we settled to a more manageable pace, i remembered the fuel, and saw that the FC only had a quarter of a tank left X-( BUMMER!!! I FORGOT TO REFUEL!!! I called Azhan, and he said we're just going to go slow and conserve fuel.. well, that's a relief :-)

But what's a touge outing without some touge blasting X-p so once we got to Sg. Tekali touge, everyone started blasting off X-) the turbo satria neo was ahead of the pack, and being a turbo on an uphill run is certainly an advantage, as he pulls away from the crowd...

The rest of the pack practically follows the pace of the second car, which ran quite a decent speed :-) this was the first time i actually ran at Sg. Tekali following another car, and what a breeze it is.. X-) (the most difficult part of Sg. Tekali is actually seeing where the roads leads to :-p because it's so dark, and the moon light tends to play mind games with our eyes :-P)

Being most probably the most powerful car around (save perhaps for the Satria neo turbo) i had no problem of keeping up with the pack :-) once we reach the downhill section, the satria neo turbo gets a little slower, and we as a pack, finally closes the gap and arrive together at the end of the line (except perhaps the neo that was behind me... :-p i have no idea where he went, as he fell back when we started going full throttle at the start X-p)

We then started cruising, and when we reach the dam, we turned back... Boy wanted us to go first (as he wants to record our run) and Azhan wants me to go first (because he's not really familiar with the road... like me X-p) being a sport, sure, i'll go first...

The moment we reach the touge, i went as fast as my heart allowed :-p (which is sadly about half to 2/3 of the throttle range X-p pathetic aren't i?) but that was enough to leave the rest of the NA neos so far until i couldn't even see their headlights anymore.. guess they're really cruising.. :-p i lose Azhan for awhile, but when we reach the more tighter turns, Azhan closes in on me X-( bummer... being smoked by an NA on the uphill :-( what a loser i am.. X-p

and it got worst when we reach the downhill part.. :-p Azhan was sticking up my ass like nobody's business.. X-p such is my uber noobness.. :-p sheesh...

Once we finished the touge run, we had to stop for awhile to wait for the rest of the gang... not long though.. about half a minute perhaps... then once they arrive, we cruise back to Ampang hill look out point..

But the touge action is not over yet :-p

Once we reach the Ampang hill touge, Boy quickly overtook us all... being the sucker i am, i followed suit, boy noticing me behind him, gave way (wanting to record my run perhaps.. :-p) whatever it was, i lumbered on... X-p

I don't know how close Boy was following me, since i hardly had the time to look at the rear view mirror, but on the straights, being on an uphill and with a turbo rotary, i chalked up quite a considerable distance... but since the suspensions are off, and with the less than expected traction from the smaller 205 tires, i was really reserved on the corners (especially left corners, to avoid any unnecessary rubbing of the tires with the fenders :-p) so Boy held his own i guess kept up with me :-) considering that his car is practically a stock Neo, that's quite remarkable... of course, that speaks volume of my noobness X-p and his immense skills.. :-)

but once we reach the downhill section, my fuel ticker is already on E!!! X-P so i couldn't dare to push the FC anymore and just cruise my way downhill :-p

Once we reach the look out point, we chatted for a bit, and then made our way to some mamak restaurant at Ampang...

Boy and Azhan got into some drag action :-p me being extremely low on fuel, couldn't really join in the fun.. X-p nevertheless, it was ALL GREAT FUN!!! X-) AND I COULDN'T WAIT TO JOIN IN ANY FUTURE OUTING THESE GROUP HAVE X-)

Too bad i brought no camera :-( so couldn't post any pictures.. (we really need to get a camera.. X-p)

I got back at 4.30.. >.> and had a nightmare trying to stay awake in the office the next day..

note to self: Never sleep very VERY late again on weekdays... X-(

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gachapin Challenge!!!!!

I found this vids while I was browsing Taro Koki's Blog, the producer of Best Motoring International & GT Channel.com

It's a japanese kids TV show featuring Gachapin (somekind of dinosaur I guess ^^) doing a Gymkhana challenge. My god that dinosaur is damn good!!!! O.o Now I have an all new respect for their kind, my respect to Barney the dinosaur as well xD

Anyway, I find the vid hilarious & just to share the laugh ^^