Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nights of fire with the Neos...

At first I thought the touge session last night (23rd May) was going to be a lonely affair again, since all our crew members seem to have other things on their mind on how to spend their weekend night xD

So Keisuke and I headed to Tekali, at first we thought of heading to Mantin to make a pace note of the course... but since Cloud (the only person among us who knows the way there xD) decided not to join us, we had no other choice but to head to Tekali to continue to sharpen our touge techniques^^

At first we had a Battle Gear session with Cloud and Zid, as usual... the battle for the lead became an affair between Cloud and Keisuke while Zid and I leisurely try to catch up ^^

We left Alamanda at 10 o'clock and reach home at 10:30... then at 11:00 Keisuke and I make a move for Tekali...

Upon reaching Tekali we blasted our way there, the FC having more grip than before since previously our tyres was under inflated the FC was grippier and less prone to sliding than before xD

At my first run we ran rather conservatively, and then I made a going run and just before the end we caught up with a slow Kelisa... since we almost reach the goal point we just tuck behind the Kelisa and much to our shock police just set up a road block at the T-junction right at our goal point!!! O.o lucky... and thank you Mr. Kelisa for saving our ass ^^

We told those thugs in uniform that we were heading to Kuala Kelawang and they let us off^^ lucky....

Keisuke warned Aaron about the cops and we decided to meet up at the famous Kuala Kelawang Touge, home of the Kansei Downhill Specialist^^... since Aaron was running rather late, Keisuke and I went first to try out the touge with the Flying Circus^^

Disappointingly the touge was rather bumpy for our ride and the FC scrape its underside at some corners :(

And to put matters worse we reached a house at the uphill point so we immediately slowed down, so as to not awake the residents... so the touge was rather short =.=

We made a short pace note of the course that we ran but we found the touge rather unfulfilling... Keisuke and I made several runs (cant exactly remember how much :p) and maybe because the touge was too short (we stopped just before the house :P) and Keisuke and I being injured (Keisuke fell off from his motocycle on Friday and busted his knees while I was having a painful muscle rip at my legs and back after an intense Badminton session with my friends =.= ) we dont really feel much adrenaline rush from running the course :(

So we stopped just at the junction at the foot of the touge and waited for Aaron and the others there... since it was almost 1:30 am already and we were getting sleepy we both slept in the FC while waiting for Aaron :p

(The road to Touge Haven^^)

Then just around 1:45 am they arrive^^ to the beautiful rumble of engines resonating across the touge^^

We meet up with the Satria Neo (Aaron, Dibo, Azam, Aff, Ali,Azhar?.... and uh... sorry I dont remember the names of the others >.< sorry guys) After some short introduction we blasted through Kelawang Touge, with Azhar leading we blasted through the touge all the way to the Pusat Serenti :p Although the session was not pushing the FC at the knife's edge but it was an exciting experience^^ since I never really had any Touge Konvoi with those numbers of cars (~~5 cars from Neo Club^^) it was an exciting run^^ The full course of the Kuala Kelawang Touge was quite fun... with tight exit corners lurking unexpectedly and lots of sweeping left right turns^^ Especially since I never had any opportunity to follow a lead car (except that one time with Daniel MR2^^ he was damn fast ) it was an all new and relaxing experience^^ I rarely make a touge run with the music on since it'll disturb my concentration but that time I can enjoy the Initial D musics with the touge action^^ After what it seems an endless stretches of turns and chasm we finally reached the end point... we had a brief chat and then off we went back to Tekali, just to see whether those cops are gone or not ^^ This time Azam was leading, and Keisuke being behind the wheel... they ware really fast!!! O.o Azam was sliding the Neo left and right and Keisuke was sticking so close to him that I was having a bad feeling of crashing the FC with Azam's Neo xD But again Kuala Kelawang Touge had some of those bumpy corners that just catch our car's underside... T.T After that fast & furious action by Azam and Keisuke we waited for the rest to arrive.... We decided for Ali and uhhh... (omg I forgot his name xD) to head first to see whether the cops are still there or not (probably because they were the only one with stock Neo or maybe just because they are the only willing scape goat xD hehehehe). After confirmation that those thugs are no longer there, we make our way to Tekali... this time with the FC leading, equipped with the pace notes we were again blasting through Tekali Touge with Aaron following close behind^^ The FC was behaving far more predictable than before that we literally knew when and where the FC would start sliding that it was exciting to just try to push the FC on that fine line of control ^^ Alas... when we were having too much fun the whole thing just ended too quickly :( we found Ali waiting at the end and we parked to wait for the others to join... After somemore brief chat we decided to head to some 'Slurpy Mamak' stall? O.o We just follow suit and Aaron leads us through Ampang Touge^^ he was really... really quick on the uphill that I was literally pressing the pedal to the metal for the Flying Circus trying to maintain our reach of Aaron ^^ We slowed down and cruise to wait for the others to join us at the downhill and then blasted through Ampang to the mamak stall... With some nice Wangan action next thing we know we have reached our destination^^ with an award winning burger stall (Wak Burger / Sloppy Joe's^^) at the side, 7E at the back and rows of restaurant^^ We ordered the most special burger (Ayam Double Special xD) and had some drinks at the restaurant... the burger was nice albeit being a little too much (I was literally full after eating that Ayam Double Special >.< )

hmmm... I guess gluttony is never a good thing xD

We had some friendly chat and reminiscence of our touge adventures, next thing we know the adrenaline was starting to wear off... with it came our consciousness xD

It was already 4:30am, so we say our good bye and head off back home ^^

We reached home almost 5:00 am, Keisuke immediately went to bed while for me... still staying up writing up this blog post xD

hahahahha... thx guys for such an exciting and memorable touge sessions... I hope we can do it again sometime in the future^^ since I'll be going back to work next week :(

But today is the day we've been keeping our tyres for^^ Sepang Track Day!!!! ^^ Yeah, time to test out the Flying Circus at the limit at our world famous circuit^^

Touge and Track.. both are wicked in their own right but both gave the same rush that made us love our cars^^

See you guys there ;)

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