Friday, May 22, 2009

Touge nights fever....^^

Yeah, these past fortnights has been a blast^^

I have just started my long awaited days off and we leave no time to waste to get my adrenaline fix quick xD

On Tuesday night (19th May) we went to the Tekali Touge with a couple of cool guys from the Satria Neo Club which Keisuke knew from his previous adventures with them^^
Aaron and Ali with a couple of passengers (sorry I didnt catch your names guys >.< ) That night, I wanted to try to experiment with using pace notes to familiarize ourselves at foreign touges... and at first attempt the pace notes failed miserably :( We were missing some vital sections and in the end ended up with different corners being read out from the pace notes. We almost had a visit to the ditch because of that... >.< Keisuke made a return run with the pace notes and the return pace notes were also confusing at the latter half of the touge... couple with a heavy load... Keisuke was bringing 3 dead weights with him xD my colleague Hanif, Zid and my self... At first he slide the car because of the wrong pace notes going uphill... then he slides the car going downhill just because there was too much dead weight xD Those brushes with accidents almost scare the living daylights out of us, but we were quite determined to get the pace notes correct since by just using the pace notes when it is correct we could easily push the car close to the limit and thus enjoy the feeling of traction at the edge and HUGE dose of adrenaline ^^ After the return run, Aaron's Satria Neo's brake was smoking... literally, we had to wait for it to cool down before we made a move to our next touge stop... our home turf.... BANGI TOUGE^^ Aaron and Ali agreed to join us at the Bangi Touge and Azhan has just finish his dating routine (that sly playboy xD) and he also agreed to join us there. We met up with Azhan at UKM and we went to the touge.... it has been so long I havent driven the Flying Circus on our home course, I was really getting excited... with Azhan joining our night escapade... this was sure going to be a blast!!! ^^ Azhan although lacking in the technique department but he has good instinct and feel of the car's limit, so although in our standard he is not quite fit to blast through the Touge but he is exceptionally fast ^^ respect bro... After we made our sweeping run, we hit full throttle.... and it seems Bangi touge being a little bumpy was too bumpy for Aaron and Ali's Neo, probably their suspension is too soft that they kept scraping the underside of their car... After the first run they decided to just stay out from our run & Aarons brakes was still bleeding from the Tekali adventure xD So we went ahead with Azhan following closely behind and Cloud and his Clim Hazard as the safety car following suit... but it seems that even Azhan couldnt really catch up with the Flying Circus at the Bangi Touge and Cloud was literally all over his back... it seems he is at really huge disadvantage not being familiar with the course... We made a return run and then IT happened... I lost sight of Azhan from my back view mirror after the "jump-in" corner and when we reached the goal point Azhan was not to be seen... We waited for a couple of minutes at the end point but Azhan still doesnt appear... we were getting quite worried and I gave him a call... and then our worst nightmare was confirmed... Azhan has crashed.... O.o We quickly retraced our step and we found a Satria Neo stuck at the side of the road at the "Forbidden Hairpin", Azhan spun at the hairpin because of the sands at the corner and lost control... luckily the muds caught his car and stopped it just before the chasm O.o I had to call our trusty towtruck (Ah Keong) dead in the morning (it was around 2 am at that time) and ask him to pull Azhan's Neo out of its quagmire... He sent one of his towtruck buddies (Ah Yuu) to help and with Cloud's trusty Clim Hazard our equipment to pull Azhan's Neo out of the mud was quite complete^^ (He had the nut to screw in the Neo bumper to attach the tow truck's crane and also the triangle hazard) Ali helped to warn the traffic and there was this one drifter who came earlier on to help but I didnt catch his name... anyway thx for your help man^^ Luckily no one was hurt and we were able to pull Azhan's injured Neo out of the mud and the car seem to have no problem except that it may need re-alignment :D Photobucket

We went to have some chat at the mamak stall and we all say our goodbyes at around 4:30am O.o .... Obviously Keisuke was having a nigthmare at the office the next day just to stay awake xD I dont know about the others but sorry our touge session ended so late... sorry guys if you're having a problem like Keisuke at the office xD

Also, after the Touge action... my collegue Hanif bring us on his super bike... the CBR600RR ^^
It was madness as he press the bike to go to 220km/h!!!! and then brake hard and took corners at 160km/h O.o I almost felt like my knees would scrape the road xD
I literally felt like my soul would just jump out and die on the spot from pure shock xD

Hanif also took Zid a ride on his CBR and now he is drooling all over the place to own a SuperBike as well xD

Fast forward another couple of days, and I was shaking for more adrenaline fix >)
Last night (21st May) Keisuke and I went to Tekali again, this time alone... Aaron had too much work at hand, Cloud was rather busy at the office as well and Azhan probably still shaken from the last incident decline to join us...

Anyway, we went to Tekali quite early (8 ish went there^^) and prepare to re-do our pace notes....
This time Keisuke and I made the pace notes (last time around it was only me >.<) so our pace notes this time was rather complete... I made one going & return run with the pace notes, made a few adjustments and then we were literally tearing Tekali Touge apart^^ Hahaha... Keisuke made one going & return run and he was really driving the FC to the limit... twice he drifted the car, and almost went into the drain as well >.<
I made another run with the pace notes and Keisuke made a return run... we were driving the FC by the knife's edge and it was tons... TONS of fun!!! ^^ also the adrenaline was becoming too much for us especially Keisuke that his balls were literally squezzed after that first run that he was driving rather conservatively on his return run xD

hahaha... we went to a 'runcit' shop and buy a couple of water, we were literally sweating and dehydrated from all that side Gs xD

Then our old friend Khaidir call us and says him and some other guys wants to meet up with us, we agreed to meet up with them at the Cheras-Kajang toll and showed them straight to Tekali.

They are our old school mates^^ havent seen them for so long I literally forgot their names already xD but still I remember them ;P

We made a run at Tekali and some few donuts with them and then it was already 2 am, I thought we wanted to go home early that night but again, the thrill of the night caught us off guard xD

We says our goodbye and immediately off went home, Keisuke again... is having a nightmare at the office trying to stay awake xD

hahahahha... but tomorrow is weekend!!!!^^ Hahahahahahaa tonight would probably be another night of fire ^^

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