Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Track Day & Touge...

Finally the climax to my days off^^ Sepang Track Day!!!!

Been waiting for this day for weeks already^^ but woke up late in the morning due to our late adventures the previous night xD

We woke up almost close to 12... then we changed the FC engine oil first, and off we went to Sepang at 1:30 pm >.< The FC was given a full tank of overdose Shell V-power and by 2:30pm we were already at the track ^^ Hehehe... Keisuke went first with Khaidir as his co-pilot^^ and typical of Keisuke, he drifted the FC at the first corner at his first run :p But Keisuke only went for 1 lap because maybe due to the sweltering heat of the day the FC's oil temp was already at 120 degC T.T We waited for the FC to cool down and then Keisuke went for his 2nd run, this time with me as co-pilot, to get a feel of the track first before I go for my hot lap^^ Photobucket
(Keisuke telling tall tales of his hot lap xD)

But too bad we ended waiting in line to go to the track too long, the engine temp crept to 90 degC and we were literally melting inside the car xD

(The queue to get in the track O.o)

(Keisuke and I melting inside the Flying Circus >.<) Somehow an F430 Scuderia had an engine leak and spilled quite an amount of oil onto the track :( Photobucket
(The poor rich boy's toy retiring after 3 turns xD)

(But still it looks great for a photo shoot ^^)

Then when the green light was a go Keisuke with his typical style blasted off full speed out of the pit lane^^

I was literally shell shocked as it was my first experience on a track and first experience of an all out drift^^ but Keisuke became too over excited and spun just before the grand stand straight :p

(Keisuke showing me around the track^^)

I became impatience and immediately wanted to take the wheel, so again Keisuke made only a single flying (spinning? :p) lap and pitted.... we waited for the car to cool down and then off I went to the track^^

(The Flying Circus ready to fly off^^)

This time Zid was my co-pilot, and he was rather disapointed since I was rather timid after I almost spun xD luckily the M3 avoided me and I made a huge traffic behind me as everyone had to slow down and wait for me to gain control of the car >.< I made 2 flying lap and pitted as the car's oil temp went soaring close to 140 degC O.o Again we waited for the FC to cool down again and then off I go again this time with Cloud as my co-pilot, this 2nd run I was still familiarizing myself with the track and Cloud... well he was just demonstrating the full effect of lateral G xD
(Cloud demonstrating the effect of the Gs at the corners >.<) Again, the FC only lasted for 2 hot lap and then we had to wait for it to cool down again... Again, I went off with the FC for my 3rd and last run, with Dzulq as my co-pilot^^ This was my most satisfying run, although I did not apply any full racing line but I was getting use of getting the FC side ways^^ I was doing break drift at the entry and maintain minimum counter steer ;)
(Having a blast with ma 3rd run at the SIC^^)

After my 3rd run I was satisfied enough and let Keisuke have his share of excitement, and boy he did^^

He went with Khaidir again and made 2 hot laps... but with the track becoming rather crowded... he was rather disapointed with that run...

(Keisuke's 3rd run of the day^^)

We waited for the FC to cool down again and Keisuke went for his 4th run, this time with Zid to satisfy his disappointment with my run^^

This time, again Keisuke became over excited... he spun the FC and also run off the track into the gravel picking up all the pebbles and sand along the way >.< That was our last run for the day... as it was already 5pm and the track was closed... so off we went to have our dinner after a very satisfying adrenaline filled day^^ Photobucket
(The criminals having a feast after a successful heist xD Clockwise : Zid, Keisuke, Khaidir, Dzulq and Cloud^^)

Just for fun, enjoy these few photos that we shot at the track^^

(Obviously the star of the day^^)

(This is one really good looking car^^)

(We just cant get enough of this car xD)

(The inside making of an Audi TT)

(The only Rotary beside the Flying Circus to appear at the track T.T)

(Saw TougeKing's Franken 70, but didnt had the time to go and see him, we were too high with Adrenaline to remember to do any Public Relations xD)

After that, we were rather doubtful of the FC's health, since Keisuke trashed it quite badly on his final run and the rear bushing sounds like it has failed T.T

But then again, we just cant hold off our temptation of touge action^^ Azhan called us up later that night and ask us to join with the Satria Neo Club for touge run at Genting^^

At first I was rather reluctant because we were not sure of the FC's status, but with Azhan persistent persuasion and test driving the FC first we decided that it was game on^^

Our cousin Marwan join with us for this Genting adventure and we met with the geng at the Shell Gombak... the Neo group was Azhan, Azham, Gates, Aff, Boy... and uh... I forgot the rest >.< sorry guys, I'm always having a hard time remembering names xD Photobucket
(Keisuke trying to catch up at the Karak Highway)

At first Keisuke drove the FC through the Karak Highway, and then we switched just before the uphill section... too bad our camera's battery died half way up T.T

But here's a vid before it died... what we managed to salvaged XD

(Chasing the Neos^^)

Boy was really fast in his stock Neo... but we can see that it was rather underpowered to really have a go at the Genting uphill but the course was just too fun^^

We had a little chat once we reached the top, and Azhan being the pervert playboy that he is started making sexual harassment to all of us xD

Once everyone got sick of his constant pestering we all decided to go down the mountain^^ now here is where the real fun begins^^

Keisuke wanted to drive the downhill so I gave him the pleasure while Azhan keep on complaining of his dead weight penalty (Azham was his co-pilot xD) so Azham went into the FC and I went for a ride with Azhan's cool Neo^^

The downhill was rather slow at first with everyone having to wait for the FC to clear all the speed bump, but nobody was really that patient to wait for the FC to clear all the speed bump and they all went blasting down leaving the FC in the dust xD

I was having quite a heart attack in Azhan's Neo, as he didnt know heel-toe downshifting technique... I can see that it is quite a handicap to be going downhill without such an important basic technique... once we reached down all the Neo's brakes except for Boy's was smoking xD

They waited for the slow Flying Circus and then off they blast trough the Karak Highway again... going at an average speed of 200++ km/h O.o

My balls literally just squeezed into oblivion and I descended into the state of shock and Brain Shut Down mode xD

We had some drinks and chat somewhere at some side road stall in Gombak and then we say our good byes... that time was almost 4:30 am... and the next day... I was literally like a zombie and Keisuke... well again he is having a nightmare at the office trying to stay awake XD

Hahahaha.... thx guys for such a blast of a time^^

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