Sunday, June 7, 2009


The morning of 7th June 2009 will always be ingrained in my memory as the day we actually step into the world of performance sports car... X-p All our outings with the neos were great fun and adrenaline pumping as you'd expect from any touge outing, but this, this is A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF SPEED O.O

And for the first time, i felt the power of the flying circus at the touge... wanting... X-p

Well, before i tell anymore about the superb awesomeness of the day, let me recount the chronicles of of its beginning... X-)

The day started with me going out of the house as early as 6.45 am :-p hoping not to be the last one to arrive with a clown car... X-p

and apparently we were the first to arrive at the appointed meeting place at Sg. Long X-p Then the first car of the group arrives... a Nissan 350Z... Though it looks stock (but it's actually mildly modded)a 350z is still a car not to be reckon with.. :-p

My knees were shaking already...

Then came a BMW M3 CSL O.O with 19' rims, really big drilled disc brakes with really big brembo calipers and titanium tipped exhaust... X-( to make matters worse, that was the same M3 that overtook us at sepang like we were standing still... X-p at that time, my self-esteem was the size of peanuts... X-p i guess i should have sticked with the neos... X-p

Then came the killer blow... a heavily modded 350z that sounded like an aeroplane came cruising into the service station... O.O a massive hammer just suddenly struck my self-esteem asunder, and i felt like running home crying to my mother... X-p

and these guys, they are not only touge enthusiast, but also track regulars... O.O they even have their own set of slicks for the track!!! OMG!!!

This is a whole different ball game altogether... we're not hanging out with kids looking for some adrenaline fun anymore, but with adults who are not only passionate about cars, but can afford to buy the performance car they desire, and put in the power and performance they want in it, and have the money and time to burn rubber at the track to improve and hone their skills... and all of that is about to be laid bare on the touge...

I was shaking just thinking whether i can even keep up with these peoples... X-(

Then after the killer blow, comes more death blow after another... X-P s15, rx-7 FD, s2000... and even a SUPER BIKE!!!!

Then around 8.30 when everyone has arrive, we're off... my heart beat rising and the cabin temperature feels as if it notches up by a few degrees.. :-p we started rolling off quite slowly... slowly headed into the highway

once we got to bukit tinggi toll plaze, they all started lining up for a drag.. O.o

Just as i was about to get into position X-p they blasted off the line... engines screaming, waste gates whistling, exhaust roaring... X-) never thought drag could be quite fun :-p but of course, the Flying circus probably has the lowest power output (save probably for the honda civic, but god knows, his car looked rather heavily modded as well :-p) so we were not among the frontliners to say it rather humbly... X-p haha...

Then we were just cruising down the highway... :-)

Once we reach the old semenyih road, we were still going at a rather relaxed pace, as the traffic was quite heavy, and the road condition wasn't really that great for an all out drive.. :-p

Once we reach the Sg. Tekala recreation area, we stopped for awhile.. and split the group into two... i was to go with the first group that consisted of most of the really fast cars... X-p the heavily modded 350z, the BMW M3 and the subaru wagon with an impreza sti turbocharged engine.. O.O

Then we started rolling... and what a roll it was.. X-p we were going really fast, averaging around 140-150 kmh.. sports car speed... X-P really testing the size of my balls... X-p

Everyone was really fast, and suprisingly the BMW 5 series that looked stock, was going faster O.O (only later do we found out that it's actually supercharged... :-p) the subaru followed behind but couldn't keep up as his temperature was going of the scale and his boost was creeping up... :-p so he had to cruise to reserve his engine (rather than blowing it away... X-p)

Once we reach the starting point up the kuala klawang touge, we all stopped to regroup...

(The retard... :-p)

Then we started up the kuala klawang touge... this time the supercharged BMW 5 series swapped places and so the 350z leads followed by the M3, myself and the 5 series...

and HELL!!! What great fun it is X-) it's actually the first time for me driving at the touge chasing a car of equal (or even better :-p) class, and man, i was really gunning it just to keep up X-p

(the last stretch, they were running over 180 kmh as the FC's speedometer went outmeter... X-p)

Before reaching Titi, jelebu, we stopped by the road for awhile... The driver of the supercharged beemer was impressed with the amount of traction we have through the corners.. :-p he thought we slapped on some really good tyres, but was quite suprised to know we only buy cheap second hand tyres X-P hahaha... little did he know i was scrambling like nuts doing steering corrections and making the lsd working overtime... X-p

and the FC has a new name... Fire breathing dragon... X-p we were literally exploding through the touge... X-) the supercharged beemer behind us couldn't really drive that close to us, lest his spotless bumper catches our fire... X-P and the amount of exhaust fumes we were kicking out, it got into his cabin (as his windows were down) and his shirt smell of petrol afterwards... X-p

Interestingly, there was quite a number of touge enthusiast on the road as well that morning (even a ferrari O.O) but most suprising of all, an old model beemer 6 series went pass us the other direction, seeing how we were gunning down the kuala klawang touge, he immediately made a 3 point turn and catch up X-P boy he's fast...

Once we reach Titi, Jelebu, we stopped by for some toast and drink and chat the morning away.. :-p they serve iced milo from a tiger beer cup.. X-p OMG!!! may God have mercy on my soul.. X-p

Then we went for some more action... X-p

This stretch of the touge was really wide and full of high speed sections.. :-p i couldn't help but be left in the dust X-p the power difference is just too much...

and some more action... X-)

we reached broga / beranang or something like that :-p they all stopped for lunch, while me and Turbo Jr had to split.. So we said our good byes and made our way home... :-) Turbo Jr wanted to drive the circus home and i had no qualms about it.. :-p

Here's a vid of him gunning down the wangan... X-) but he doesn't really have the balls yet (and so do i X-p) to actually gun it...

it ended with us fearing we've burnt the clutch.. :-p but in the end, it was nothing and we made our way home... :-)

All in all, it was SUPERB FUN!!! A REAL BLAST!!! X-D a whole new world open before us and like i said, we've finally stepped into the high flying world of performance sports car, where the flying circus (and ourselves) are mere bottom feeders X-p

Here's the rest of the pics.. enjoy ^^

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