Thursday, June 11, 2009

Genting with Neos and Big guns...

Last night we had another Genting excursion, this time with company from the Neo club and those hard core touge enthusiast that Keisuke went out with last Sunday ^^

The whole thing began when I just arrived back home yesterday morning from Kemaman for what would be stand-by days off :p

Because of my critical state of wanting to drive the FC Keisuke and I immediately ready the FC for a touge outing that night^^

Suddenly Richard (the driver of the supercharged BMW 5 series) message asking about any late night adventures and then it was all just the pieces falling into its places^^

From there Eu Jin (Silvia S15) joined in, Genting was picked as the hot spot and on the way we met up with the Neos who is also going to Genting^^

We led the way first through the Karak Highway and waited for the Neos (Boy, Azham, Alvin,..... hmmmm I dont think I catch the name of the others T.T) at the foot hill of Genting.

But it seems one of the cars that were with the Neos overheated on the way and Boy told us to go on ahead without them first, since they will have to wait for their injured comrade^^

(The Flying Circus minus the clowns xD)

(Eu Jin's beautiful S15^^)

(The monstrous Supercharged Beemer O.o)

(Richard showing Keisuke how many bodybags he can fit in the boot :p)

So up we go, S15, BMW 5, and the old Flying Circus.... and damn, the FC was really lacking in power against those elites >.< The uphill climb was exciting, with us changing leads and me frantically trying to keep the FC up to pace xD Eu Jin was struggling with his S15 since he set his rear camber to zero... which makes his S15 rear really twitchy so he was not really confident to push the car through the corners... but Richard was another story.... he was really.... really.... REALLY FAST O.o We were really struggling for traction with the FC while the 5 series was really enjoying full traction.... the car was sliding but with the new anti-roll bar, the FC seems to have a more understeer characteristic which makes it easy to control the car once is starts to drift ^^ and really inspires confident to jump into corners :p Half way through we heard like something broke in the engine compartment so we slowed down abit just to make sure everything was okay, once we saw nothing was effected we scream uphill again at full blast^^ Yaaahhaaa~~~~ I was literally having too much fun, and at the same time I was testing the limit of those new thick anti-roll bars that at the final hairpin I accidently spun the car :p hahahha... luckily there was no incoming cars close by so it was not much of a case >.< Once we were on top we checked the engine compartment and we found out what had broken was one of the FC's alternator belts.... luckily it had 2 belts that runs it so only one broke.... but we were not willing to push the FC for fearing of breaking the one last belt :p
(Uphill run with the big guns^^)

Boy arrived almost right after we arrived uphill (he is damn fast >.< ) and we waited for the rest of the Neos... had a few chat and then decided to go back downhill early because of work tomorrow... so we say our goodbyes to the Neos folks and cruise down hill^^ I tried to do some downhill drifting at the consecutive hairpin, but since I did not want to push the engine, I decided to just use the e-brakes.... too bad the traffic only cleared at one corner and having enough entry speed we pull off the drift^^ It was rather cool in a way :p ahhahaha... Keisuke wanted me to do more drifts as we headed down, but there was bumpers before the corners which made the entry speed for the drift rather slow... and me not willing to push the engine didnt agree with Keisuke to pull off any power over drift :p Our cruise downhill was rather uneventful, but again Richard was really fast going downhill.... seeing his Beemer running from behind is really awe-inspiring^^ so much traction at such high speed.... But the downhill run is always fun^^ I'm rather addicted to downhill run that even going down I didnt push the engine we can still slide the cars through the corners :p hahhahahaha....
(The downhill vid is rather short since our camera ran out of memory :p )

We had a blast that night with cool dudes and cool cars^^ although Genting is not our serious touge training ground, crowded with traffic but its a great place to have a run with friends^^

Hopefully we can do more touge excursion before my days off expires but until then drive safe ;)

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