Sunday, December 8, 2013

Go Karts, Time Attack & Katyusha La DRIVE :)

Hohoho it seems like this blog is becoming dead in the water xD

But our lives hasn't been as stagnant as this blog :P we've been having quite some flurry of activities... its only our indolence has been having such a vice grip on our lives that the blog remain.... stagnant xD

First up just as I returned back from duties we were able to arrange a Ego Boosting GoKart race among us RedSuns crew :P

This video sums up our exciting GoKart race... mainly just between me and Keisuke xD
Since we had Karts almost equal in power, our battles were intense and we were just imagining that we were Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux at France GP 1979 :P

Then we had that amazing Time Attack Session :)
Supercars were aplenty during the day, a track spec McLaren MP4-12C :)
With its flared nostrils giving it quite a presence of awe among us mere mortals >.<
Of course other rich man's toys come out to show n shine as well... like this Bumble Bee Camaro :D
Of course these time attack events would attract these speed demons :D
 GTRs, lots of them... by the droves >)
This particular one in Matte Blue finish :)
 I'm not very certain myself but this GTR looks like its sporting a Tommi Kaira Body kit :)
With those delicious splice of carbon fibre... and the canards... 'em beautiful canards... I'm not sure how functional that canard would be but they do look damn amazing >)
One can never get enough of the GTR :D
 This is the All Carbon Fibre GTR.... all the interiors and body panel has been changed to carbon fibre, the paint is actually thin enough to allow us to see the carbon fibre weave under the paint :)
And the beautifully laid out VR38DETT Twin Turbo V6 with those splashes of carbon fibre :)
 And you would also find the odd one out...
 This particular one is the early 2007 model I think... but whats peculiar about it...
... is it's blue wheels to match its common gray :D WITH BRIGHT YELLOW BRAKE CALIPER xD
 But a classic GTR is still jaw dropping as well :)
This immaculate R32 GTR lines... somehow they're just perfect :)
 Also not to forget... my favourite of them all... the R33 GTR :D
Simple beauty at its best... mix with that Time Attack Madness :)
Of course... where there is GTR... Evos are sure not far behind :D

 And they're not shy of baring some Carbon Fiber either :P
Carbon Fiber saves on the paint cost as well xD
For Evo, Voltex Aero's is the obvious choice :)
With the 4G63T laid out beautifully for all :)
But for me, I consider the old Group A generations to be the best Evos around... especially this last iteration, the Evo 6.... although not TME but with all the Time Attack mod on this 6, it looks just as special :)
Of course Time Attack attract all type of sports car :)
With a more purer intentions >)
The beauty of Form follow Function :D
S2000 with Spoon body kit :D
S2000s were also aplenty in the day :)
Also Fairlady 350Z.... :D

We went there for the Time Attack session with Amazing Garage and Wing Hin Motorsport, which they had a very successful campaign in the Time Attack....
Wing Hin fielded 3 cars in different categories for the day...
This Golf R MK6 won the Euro Super Street Class driven by William Ho :)
Who was doing double duty driving this Beetle which he won in its Euro class as well, unfortunately which category it was competed in have slipped my mind xD

They also campaigned a TRD FT86, which unfortunately I forgot to took its picture due to the hecticness of the day xD
It was driven by Kenny Lee which secured the RWD Street NA category :)
 Amazing Garage also campaigned their cars under the Wing Hin banner... with 2 cars competed in the same category the super street turbo 2wd.
This here is William Wang's FD, 480hp and last year runner up in category.
Unfortunately this time he was having some kind of issues with the car and was unable to produce the incredible lap time we all know he is capable of.
And their 2nd car is this street demo car :)
Same power as William's FD, but this still has all its interiors intact. Driven by Kenny Lee it clinched the top honours in its category with a blistering time of 2:24 sec :D
Thats just 3 second shy of the fastest man of the day in the GTR category >)

I'll be compiling a video of our days event soon, but as I'm posting this entry the vid is no where yet to completion :P soon.... soon... xD

But the most exciting part of my holiday this time is...
Welcoming Katyusha to the world :D
After 2 long years of her build, she is finally road ready again :)
Previously she was named Trouble... but now with her being ready to start hitting our local touge routes we have renamed her Katyusha :)

Katyusha is the nicknamed for the multi-barreled rocket launchers used by the Russians during World War 2
Katyusha in Russian means "Little Katie" - from a song made famous by the Red Army sweetheart Lidiya Rusanova.
So since we figured she would be the successor to our Old Lady Kate, we named her Katyusha (Little Katie).... but it seems the Panzer Anime Girls Und Panzer most perfectly portray our image of Katyusha xD

Katyusha is now free to unleash her terrible Panzer Army into the world :P

Below is a small video we made, which we entitle it La DRIVE... in this kind of video, no words are needed... we just need to find every little reason to have that Epic drive :)

And this is the raw footage we used to make the La DRIVE video for any of you who likes to watch these kind of vid without any music or other interference... just pure raw sounds :)

So until our next adventures, happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year ;)