Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The hard trip home...

Well it seems our activity haven't picked up even after I came back for a week already...

It seems a lot of other things has taken our attention, I'll try to re-iterate our not-so-happy sequence of events xD

As usual, the first thing I did once I arrived back home was to pick up Old Mattie from her normal sleeping home >.<
Keisuke has been naughty with her... he has been spending our savings on her like there was no tomorrow.
He sent her for some tuning at Formula D by the world renowned tuner Mr. Omura (?) and has bumped Old Mattie's horses to another extra 30 hp >.<
Ouch! Just when we thought she already has too much power she has another power bump... it seems she is gaining power more faster than we can catch her up with our noobish skill T.T

But it seems they has fixed some of her smaller gremlins and caught some unseen one as well, most notably concerning our tires and LSD.

Now she is running on a much fatter 295 tires on the rear... Bridgestone Potenza RE-050 to be exact, how Keisuke was able to procure such a gem at a bargain price is still quite a mystery for me >.<

The tires were so huge.. only one fit in the Vios bonnet...
The other we had to fit between the backseat >.<

After some tuning and alignment adjustment... Old Mattie seems to be ready for some shakedown.
Which we did exactly that on the night of my return^^

Unfortunately that was our only touge adventures since then... at first my grand mother passed away... so we had to cancel all our plan and rushed to Kelantan to help with her funeral (may Allah bless her soul T.T)..

It was a sad moment for us... but as soon as we headed back to KL we would still find ourselves in some very peculiar predicament...

The night of 25th Mar was when our little brother Madun arrived back from Penang for some much needed break... so we picked him up at KL Sentral and had a race back home with me and Madun in Kembara going back through KL-Seremban highway and Keisuke and Rafiq in Old Mattie through Federal highway... what we thought was a lost cause ended in a victory for the Kembara xD
Old Mattie was handed again another defeat in the hands of Keisuke :P
Hahahah... although it was not an intense battle but it was classic Top Gear race >.<
Unfortunately we did not have it on camera since it was quite an unexpected race :P

After that we went to have some midnight fun with our Airsoft Guns.... unfortunately we were caught by the low-life UPM pakguard... and with a lot of ego and bullying attitude they send us off to the nearest police station, where things were getting out of hand with my temper and Keisuke's future was in jeopardy.. so we informed Hanz of our problems >.<

Hanz came along and help us out of our messy situation, and after sleeping at the police stations all night and pulling some strings along the way we somehow gained our freedom!!! :D

With Hanz bailing me out and Keisuke's wife bailing him out... that was not a very exciting experience... but it seems we have owned Hanz more that the value or our unpaid momo steering we got from him >.<

Now our weekends were ruined.... our sleeps were ruined... and our armpits were smelling like sewers after almost 24 hours without a shower xD
As for Madun.... our unfortunate little brother... it took him 19 hours to reach home from Penang xD
with most of the time spent at the UPM security guard office enduring abuses and the Police Station >.<

Now Old Mattie is back in the hands of our friendly neighborhood mechanic Hau for some more little mods and touch up and I'm off to Bandung for some vacation with my family >.<
It seems our touge adventures has stalled for another few more weeks.... T.T