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30th August Pre-Merdeka Track day Celebration

Finally i'm able to find the time to write up an entry on our track outing last couple of weeks... X-( Been really busy and lazy lately... :-p

well, these last few weeks have seen an unprecedented back-to-back track day participation X-) with the aftermath a broken car and broken wallet... X-p

The car would be Azhan's, the wallet would be mine... X-p

Fate has it, that our good old buddy Azhan would suffer the pains of a blown engine before we could destroy ours... X-p and fate has it, that i am poor as i am... X-p haha..

Enough nonsense, basically the last track was quite a flop :-p i've been trying some new techniques that i failed miserably... X-p We realized (well, me primarily :-p) that our exit from a drift SUCK X-p the car would whip its tail and send the passengers rocking in our seats... We realized that this is caused by us not straightening the front tyres when the rear tyres regain traction, thus the car snapping in the direction of the front wheels...

To me, this is due to a couple of factors... First, when the car starts to drift, i immediately cut down on the throttle, proportionate to the amount i estimate needed
to regain rear wheel traction... Thus, this instinct of immediately trying to send traction to the rear wheels would most of the time catch me off guard and the rear would regain traction faster than i anticipated (mostly due to the fact that i couldn't feel the limit of the tyres... X-( really noobie.. :-p) and by then, i haven't straighten the front tyres, thus snapping the car into its direction (thus the whipping effect... :-p)

Secondly, it's because of the primal instinct to feed traction to the rear, that the rear gain traction to quickly and abrupt.. Thus the unceremonious exit... X-p

To remedy this, i thought of two things... I need to have a continuous feel of the front tyre directions... Previously, when the rear swings out, i'd let go of the steering to allow the momentum of the car to do the correcting work, but by doing so, i lose touch of how the tyres turn... So after our 23rd august track outing, me and ryousuke went to do some practice, and i found that by keeping our hands planted on the steering wheel, we'd get a better feel of the tyres...

and for the other problem, i would need some way to feather out the rear traction of the rear tyres upon exit... thus instead of instantly feeding it traction, abruptly ending the drift, i would need to gradually allow it to regain traction, by controlling the throttle, feeding enough throttle to keep the tyres just barely gaining traction bit by bit... we tried pumping the throttle (like aryton senna), and for low-speed drifts, doing so would really make controlling the angle of the car really easy... X-) so we thought we had found the holy grail of drift exit.. X-p

So when i went to the track last 30th, i had these two things in mind...

first off, the new throttle control technique is to no avail... X-p Apparently, i lack the skills nor the instinct to execute such technique in high speed... X-p it dawned upon me that driving the car at the limit, makes it very sensitive to any throttle input, by just tapping the car above its grip threshold a bit sends the rear end flying, and by pumping the throttle, i lose touch with the limit of the rear tyres... :-( i guess i have to be like micheal schumacher X-p bwahaha... still, i need to practice more on exiting drifts to be able to really feel my way out of it... X-p

Secondly, the new steering control also failed... X-p though we could have a better control of the drift angle if we keep our hands on the steering, doing it on track is a whole different ball game X-(

this technique presented to me a glaring flaw and weakness in my driving competency X-p my hands are not fast enough to cope with the quick demands of high-speed driting... X-( so i would always find myself giving steering input too slow to correct the car before it goes into the "inevitable spin" X-p (which happened a lot that day... X-p)

After the day's end, i came to one conclusion... I AM A NOOB THROUGH AND THROUGH.. X-p

All is not lost though, i learned a lot during that day :-) i need to refine my throttle control, get a touch on the limit (especially on the exit, i can clearly feel the limit upon entry, but i can't grasp the exit... :-( mostly because i usually try to intentionally drift the car X-p it's so much more exciting that way... but then it becomes a habit, and the sense of its limit gets lost in the excitement of drifting the car... X-p) and try to improve the speed of my steering work... :-p

All i can say is that if i need a really quick counter steer to correct the car, then i can so far (with my current driving level) only rely on letting go of the steering and anticipate the tyre direction by then X-p crude, but effective for noobs such as myself... secondly, i need to practice more on exiting drifts, i realized that all these while, me and ryousuke have been practicing on controlling the angle of our drifts rather than the exit, thus neglecting that final crucial moment when it make or break a feel-good drift or not.. X-p

Another accomplishment that day was that i was able to break Ryuousuke's 2:56 lap time :-p with a 2:55.67 X-) i'm sure that time wouldn't stand as we continue to improve ourselves, but at least now i have the bragging rights over ryousuke... X-p haha... and from the vid, i can see a lot of room for improvement, so perhaps the time we can cut down a few seconds more before it starts becoming saturated... if we want to cut down some more, we got to kick out the passenger X-p but it's no fun when you're the only one having fun... haha...

Just as a highlight, Boy sheared off some parts of his left front tyres O.O the way he throws himself into turn 7 & 8, it's surprising the tyre lasted that long X-p It's great fun playing with boy at the touge (i could hardly keep up X-p) but at the track, the power difference is just too much :-( over 100 bhp difference i guess will definitely show on a wide straight track... :-p i suck like nuts at the turns, but manage to blast pass on the straights... X-p

(Now this is MOTORSPORT!!! X-)

well, that aside, enjoy the picture galore... :-p and the vid i made (it's my first time editing, so i suck X-p but a least i think i was able to capture the moment during that last final scene.. X-p i hope Azhan wouldn't cry seeing it... X-p haha..)


(oh crap.. how do i use this photo bucket...? >.>)




ah shoots... i have no idea how to use this photo bucket features... >.>

i'll upload the pics later... when i figure out how to utilise that bloody photo bucker... >.> as for now, enjoy this amateur lowly rated vid i made X-p