Thursday, January 3, 2013

Life n so on...

It seems time is moving really slowly now... without me noticing much, year 2012 has just ended.
Now its a new year... a new beginning... 2013 hopefully will be a better year than 2012 ^^

So what has been happening since our last adventure at Sepang... it seems we have been bitten by the time attack bug as well as our mechanic Hau :P
The side effect is that it accelerated our plan to revive our Old Lady Kate...

Suddenly things started moving very fast for her... and that would also mean our wallets are going dry rather quickly xD
Something new for our Old Lady Kate :)
The donor for Old Lady Kate :P extremely rare bucket race seat xD
A twin plate RE-Amemiya Racing Clutch for the Old Lady :)
But then the main work to revitalize her old decaying body still has not started, apparently the main item for the restoration work still has not arrived yet >.<

Other than that what has been happening around our car life... apparently the FD3S time attack car previously has some heat management issue...
So we have a solution that would hopefully stop her from chewing away our shoes while abusing her xD
An aluminum plate to help protect our feet from 3rd degree burns xD

And in my free time I've been helping Hau at his workshop...
Restoring a beautiful red FD :)
The front subframe after a thorough washing ;)
13B-REW from a 1999 model donor ready to be transplanted, with HKS clutch ;)
The engine ready to be installed :)

Not to mention further upgrade will be done for the Super Street FD3S that won 2nd place in category in the recent Sepang Time Attack... the list of upcoming mods are just too long for me to remember xD
The Champ getting some major upgrades :)

Not only does Amazing Garage is housing 2 time attack machines, they also have 2 in the process :)
Our Old Lady Kate and also Woay Chee's time attack FD3S :)
There are certain details of this car that is worth pointing out :)
V-mount up front^^
Poly-Urethane engine bushing :)
Is there anything else to say about this?:P

You can follow the progress of this car's build from Woay Chee's own blog here.

Anyway, thats it for the update for now... hopefully sometime soon we can start seeing some rotary action goodness :D