Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, Genting & GTR

The new year of 2011 will forever be ethced into my memory as one of the most memorable moment of my life^^

Somehow Keisuke was able to convince his bosses and senior to have a leisure touge drive at Genting on the new year holiday... and I happily obliged to help him climb the corporate ladder^^

We arrived at the promised Petronas station at 8 o'clock, as usual half an hour late than promised xD
Keisuke bosses was already waiting there... patiently :P

We introduced ourselves and chatted for probably another half an hour to wait for Hanz and the Evo Jahat to arrive, and when they do arrive... all hell break loose ^^

We made a mad dash to the foot of the Genting hill, with my cousin AbuWe driving a bone stock Satria Neo was in the "I'm not gonna be left behind mode" Kamikaze all out attack xD
His car was sliding taking corners at break neck speed, I was in the mighty GTR and totally oblivious to the carnage and chaos of the outside world....

I was in seventh heaven^^ and in gratitude that I was able to live up to that moment in life... xD
Now even if I were to die, I would have died knowing I've lived a full life and have achieved spiritual enlightenment^^

The GTR was mind numbing... utterly, viciously and unforgivingly fast!!!!

When we have finally started our dangerous climb the GTR was always the conforter... caressing us assuring us that whatever mess we'll end up in, it will pull us through safely^^

There was no drama in the GTR, when it understreed and almost hit a Wira... Mr.E would just simply press the brake and the GTR stop dead in its track...
The climb was smooth and amazingly not frightening at all... with Mr.E putting on the classic Malay music its quite an anti climax to the GTR performance xD

But half way through my future brother-in-law was suffering from severe car sickness :P
So we had to pull aside and let him have some rest, while we were chatting at the side a group of supercars pass by... made up mostly of Ferraris. With Lambo and Porche tagging along as well... Hanz suddenly had the urge to give those rich men a chase and off they went in a hurry to fill their ego xD

Meanwhile I was given the rare opportunity by Mr.E to test drive his precious GTR o.O
That was an offer I cannot refuse... having seen and heard of this monster's performance ever since its debut back in 07 I almost died of excitement xD

The vid with the rock concert just shows how excited my soul back then behind the wheel of the monster... it was mind blowing...

The GTR exhibits a lot of safety restraint without any of those 'R' setting, it understeer heavily and the traction control was annoyingly intrusive... so midway through I pull off all the stops and put the jack pot of the motoring world in its stride... the 3 R ;)

The car suddenly turns into a totally different monster.... with vicious acceleration and un-imaginable grip available... even when the pavement was not at its best condition the GTR just oozes confidence...

Like a big Goliath it takes its stride with pride, with a hint of a slight oversteer at the exit, predictable and most definitely controlable... the GTR was sheer joy to drive.... I have finally attain Nirvana xD

Unfortunately the G's was a little too much for my future brother-in-law and he throw up in the mighty GTR :P
Obviously his was not an enlightening moment with the beast... we stopped at the Genting hotel and buy a new clothe for him and then off we went to our breakfast^^

Downhill was just a cruize... with Keisuke showing signs of his crazy and phycologically disturbed DNA, he climbed out of Hanz Neo to take a video shoot of the touge monsters going downhill, with the evil Evo behind Hanz... the downhill gradually pick up speed until even the un-intelligent Keisuke noticed it was getting dangerous xD

Finally we pull aside at Restoran Ratha Kari kepala ikan Raub... and had our 'small' breakfast and gloating about our uphill climb^^

Then everyone decided to make a downhill run through Ulu Yam and it was game on for a second round of touge madness...

I took the wheel of my cousin's bone stock Neo to give him a chance to have a taste of the GTR at the touge and off we went...

Unfortunately I got held up behind some other bone stock Satria Neo that probably thinks he was a match for us xD
So I was unable to witness one of the greatest touge battle ever happened in my lifetime o.O

Hanz was sticking right up Mr.E's behind all the way.... they were totally nuts going at blinding speed, but Hanz with his unsatiable ego and Mr.E with his indomitable GTR pushed the enveloped of safety at the touge xD

Unfortunately Mr.Y mighty German developed some brake heat sickness going downhill and was cruising while Mr.Z Evo Jahat had to take his hourly supplement of tobacco that he was driving while his mind was in cloud 9 xD

So the great touge battle of David vs Goliath was only captured on camera in the monster GTR... but through out all the way Hanz was right up there sniffing the GTR nice behind ^^

So we ended our morning making a final touge run through Ulu Yam touge and parted ways after everyone agreed suffering from excessive adrenaline rush... so before anyone had any more bright ideas we all say our good byes and hopefully we can organize more of these 'climbing the corporate ladder' get-together thingy xD