Monday, September 19, 2011

Kg. Gajah Trackday

Its been awhile since our last activities... but lately we have been tracking Old Kate more than usual...

At first, Keisuke drove her in anger at Sepang... she has quite a pace now... considering her abnormal shoe size and considerable number of ponies under her hood... with such a high speed track like Sepang power difference would be very much obvious.

Then as I just came back, the very next day we track her at another track day... this time organized by Team Taugeh 1Malaysia (kinda funny name IMO :P) and its held way up north at Dato' Sagor Track... cheap ol track.. just to our liking^^

Our trip started early in the morning as we don't want to be late for track action xD
And since the rest of the Team Taugeh 1Malaysia was staying overnight at a nearby chalet... going to Kg. Gajah from KL to arrive there early in the morning seems like a herculean task from our perspective o.O

Our morning breakfast :P
But for the first time in our history... our dust off was on time^^ only we had to do an unscheduled stop because we haven't checked the engine oil or any fluid for that matter ever since Keisuke abused her at Sepang last weekend... and because I had such limited time to prepare for the road trip cum track day... I wasnt able to secure any spare tire to bring along as well xD
We were going there with no preparation whatsoever and driven by sheer faith only that nothing would go wrong^^

Luckily I was able to procure a GPS for our trip... or any of our future trip :D so finding the Dato' Sagor track was nothing monumental of an achievement :P

Upon reaching there, we thought we had missed the opening salvo... but despite the fact our starting point was 150km away, we were the first to arrive at the track xD

After waiting for some time the main calvary of the Team Taugeh 1Malaysia arrived... and then it dawned on us... they're a league entirely above us>.<
 Toyota MR-S, Honda S2000, Honda FD2R, 350Z, Audi TT, Evo 7...
We were outclassed both in terms of skills and financial might :P
These are serious ball players....
A very beautifully done S2000
 Another very clean S2000
This Golf MkV GTI sounds kinda mute compared to the other machines that came along that day :P
A 380hp 4WD Audi TT RS o.O
Not only is it drop dead gorgeous... the interior is fully laced with European leather!!! 
Chicks dig European leather :P
A very serious Mazda Miata... obviously the owner is no hairdresser :P
 A Tommi Kaira Subaru ver 8 o.O
But believe it or not... this was the unofficial champion of the day o.O
Still... FD2R makes me drool :P
But this is the monster of em all... 450Hp twin turbo monster that makes even our Old Lady Kate seems like a tricycle compared to this behemoth :P
A monster with nostrils!!! xD

Seeing all those heavy machinery was not good for our self esteem...  it plummeted past rock bottom... we were suffering so bad from inferiority complex that we felt like hiding our head in the sand like an ostrich xD
But meeting some familiar face cools off our tension a little and next thing we know we were blasting the track^^

Our track day action is too long for me to explain it in words... and neither am I overflowing with any creative juice so I'll just sum it up... our morning session we were suffering from heavy understeer that we had to left foot brake to try to cancel out the understeer... left foot braking with a RWD car!!?? o.O that was definitely a first for me >.<
Then we ran out of petrol and once we made it back to the track again, Keisuke took the wheel... the front tires has probably over grown its heat cycle and literally had no grip... Keisuke would twice just locked the wheels and plow to the colourful cones up ahead :P
 As a result the tires were so bad we had to make an emergency leap of faith to find a nearby tire shop to replace our worn out front tires.... with the tires in such a bad state, even returning back to KL would be better in an 18 wheeler than our badass Kate T.T

Fortunately we found a tire shop which sold 245/18" tires... it took us the rest of the morning to get the tire change and by the time we made it back track side it was lunch already... T.T

We were running out of time, with our chores back in KL beckoning at the back of our mind we had to have one last hurrah before heading back... and what a hurrah that was^^
They suddenly decided to organize a touge battle at the track ala "Hot Version"^^
So Keisuke lined up first against the Monster Ganz 350Z and Keisuke cracked when he spun on his leading lap after being pressured from behind by Gan >.<

Next up was my turn to measure myself against the monster... and it turned out I lasted only 3 corners more than Keisuke xD
I braked too late, locked the wheels and plow my self straight into the colourful cone ahead :P

And thus end our battle on a 2-0 note with us getting the lower end :P
It seems we were not accustomed to wheel to wheel racing and being pressured by someone with a far more powerful machine than us :P
Ever since Kate got her power bump we've been having such an advantage that there was not much effort needed from our side... but going toe to toe with Gan and his monster, our timid weakness and fragile psychological strength became obvious like a glaring sun >.< 

So being late for our return trip we hastily picked ourselves back up and headed the long road home, getting stuck again in KL traffic jam and being back to the reality of our life :P

With the mileage clock ticking past 300km, our exhaust note fell silent and ticking itself cool... next thing we know is that the short escape to a life of pure motoring heaven has ended...
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