Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hmmm.... it seems the blog has been dead for quite some time now... xD

Considering the extreme busy-ness of all the crew as of late it is no wonder.
I have been missing in action on oversea assignment for a couple of months, Keisuke has been busy with his marriage (Congrats^^), Jr Turbo has suddenly become an important personnel in his company and has been on and offshore in succession for the whole year >.< and Cloud.... well he is always busy xD Anyway, lately I have just been back from outside... and first thing first is to check on the FC (and send my congratz to Keisuke on his marriage^^) The FC havent been driven or cleaned for almost a month because Kei was extremely pre-occupied with his wedding so I just woke up the old lady and clean her as thoroughly as possible for the track day on 20th Dec^^ Hahaha.... I came back on the evening of the 19th and 20th was already at Sepang^^ all fired up and ready to have my fix of adrenaline after long month of hibernation xD Unfortunately the FC only lasted for 5 laps at Sepang before the brake connection burst... I lost the brake at the final hairpin, luckily the FC was already sliding at that time so all I had to do was just to maintain the slide and slow down the car naturally... We had to drive slowly back home limping with a leaking brake (since I was already broke paying RM200 for a 5 lap excitement I just cant find myself paying a few more hundred bucks for the tow truck xD ) Now the FC is alright again, with new brake connection... new front brake caliper and brake pads (it seems my previous pads has worn out already O.o) Oh oh and the new (used :P) front caliper is from RX-7 FD^^ and the pads are Project U (Mew :P) We've just run through the bedding process with Hanz (since he just changed his pads as well for his Neo) and now its 2 am in the morning and I'm getting sleepy :p I guess thats just the update from us for these couple of months... our personal life getting the better part of our automotive life ^^ Until then, probably we'll be going for our usual touge session again after everyone has settle down again ;) AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!^^ HOPE YOU HAD A NICE 2009 AND 2010 WOULD HOPEFULLY BE BETTER!!!! ;) Good night >.