Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to basics 2.. With 100kg penalty... X-p

Well, last saturday night was another night at bangi... :-p it'd be great to go out to tekali (after we've finally familiarize ourselves with the FC's limits) since the moon is in full swing and no clouds of thunder to hamper its silver lightings :-) at the least, the road wouldn't be as dark and foreboding as the night before... X-p

Alas we had other things to attend to, and only started making our way to the touge half past midnight... :-p too late to make an excursion to tekali.. X-p since it was to be ryosuke's last night out (since he's going back to work the following day) we figured it'd be fitting to do a whole night rocket dancing party... X-p with the FC our trusty dancing partner... X-p

Since it's a bit too late to go to tekali (and besides, it's a little too late to call aaron up either... :-p) we decided to have some fun at bangi... X-p since we started timing our runs, we find it far more fulfilling to attack the touge at full force.. X-) since with improving our time the target, we finally found a sense of purpose X-p (haha... pathetic isn't it... :-p)

But unfortunately, the touge was full.. O.O PACKED AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! O.O WHAT ON EARTH??!!! we know it's saturday night, and it's usually notorious to find dragsters plowing the streets looking for some hot spots to burn the asphalt, but this? THIS?!! this is unexpected... because the streets are full of FAMILY CARS WITH FAMILIES IN THEM!!! O.O WHAT ON EARTH ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING, AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, AT THE TOUGE (ok.. maybe because the touge so happens to be the the main road bypassing the tolled highway... curse you Big G!!! >:-O)

Whatever it is, the amount of traffic is just too heavy to justify a run, or any run for that matter... :-/

Me and ryousuke pulled aside at the mint corner, and watched the traffic pass by... hoping for it to clear up... to no avail... T.T even mat rempits, with their cheap-o ex-5, doing wheelies, and scarping their exhaust sparking the asphalt were choking the touge... O.O i hate mat rempits... their recklessness just reeks of arrogance and total disrespect for other road users... (I'm praying that we're a bit above those reckless disrespectful rempits... X-p)

then we called cloud up, and cloud gave us a tempting alternative... X-p a late night dine at the McD :-p to top it off with a succulent irresistible cherry topping, cloud offered to buy us the meal X-) in these frugal times, it's hard to resist a free meal.. :-p

And we also decided to check out the local drag scene... there are rumours that big players with big pockets play their rides at a certain highway on weekends, so we decided to check it out, just to get some sight of skylines, supras and all the other great cars people with deep pockets can afford.. X-)

we took cloud and headed off to the highway, and to our dismay, there was only emptiness at the purported drag scene start off point :-( bummer... guess they're not playing that night, whatever it was, we had to pay RM2.50 for nothing just to get off the highway... X-(

we went back to bangi, and decided to check out the touge before eating, and wallah!!! the touge is practically empty.. X-) dotted with cars here and there, but still, it's much better than before... X-) with cloud on board, we were hauling at the most, 100kg extra of dead weight... X-p after sweeping the road, i made my attack run... :-p with ryousuke timing it X-) the extra weight was IMMENSE!!! O.O it affected the car's momentum so much, that the car became harder to slow down, harder to turn, and slower to accelerate... X-( i had to brake early, and practically manhandle the car through the turn, just to cope with the massive momentum the extra weight was causing... X-(

my run was more than 10 seconds slower than the night before O.O 10 SECONDS???!!! In racing terms, that's about a MILE AWAY!!! X-( i did another attack run, and the results were similar... an extra 10!!! i guess if we wanted to carry extra weight, we'd have to have more power and bigger brakes... X-p just to compensate that extra thrust in momentum :-p which reminded me, the basic physics calculation of force = mass X acceleration... with an acceleration that is constant, the bigger the mass, the bigger the force is needed for the car to turn, stop or whatever... X-(

Now, that rambling aside X-p ryousuke took to the wheel... he's much more crazier than i was O.O He'd jump into corners as if cloud was not there in the passenger seat X-p he brake the car near its threshold before each turn and just turn the car in, power it out, and do the same again for the next turn... HE'S UTTERLY CRAZY!!! X-( at Zid's corner (where we had our unfortunate accident before), he actually brake drift the car before the entry... X-( the car was going sideways before the entry, turning the nose pointing to the direction of the exit, clearing the bend, and just powering away... X-( That experience reminded me of our unfortunate accident, and with the way he's thrashing the FC around, it is as if he's dicing with death itself, and sees who's luck runs out first... X-( his time was not as fast as the night before (considering the weight penalty, it's no surprise :-p) but still, he's a FULL 3 SECONDS FASTER THAN MY TIME!!! O.O

His return run was the same, throwing the car around, using the extra weight like a pendulum in an age old time clock, doing steering corrections as if the wheels had came off... X-( he time another massive 3 seconds advantage... X-( he was simply... crazy in all sense of the word... :-p all our four runs were recorded, however, the videos are currently at cloud, and i haven't found the time to go over to his place to take it... :-p

There was a kenari parked at the traffic light at the middle of the touge, the people there trying to fix the lights perhaps... but whatever it is, he was right there whenever he blasted past the traffic at excess of 140 kmh.. X-P he must be thinking we're a bunch of crazy hoodlums... X-p haha.. gomen ne.. fish gotta swim, we gotta get our adrenaline fix.. X-p

We went to McD afterwards, chatted till almost 4, and went to drop cloud off and called it a night... a fitting way to end of short stint of adventure whenever ryousuke's around.. :-p too bad he isn't around for long, since i got a whole week off... :-p man, who am i going to have touge fun with now...?

But then, aaron is still around X-) without anyone reading the pacenotes it's going to be tough keeping him at bay... :-p since his skills and speed have jumped leap and bounds... X-( it's going to be dangerous pushing the limit just to keep aaron off our back :-p it's going to be really dangerous... it's going to be DEAD DROP FUN!!! X-D HAHAHAHA!!! Can't wait to come back from the holiday and dust off some much needed exercise... X-p with the moon as our guide, and the smell of burning rubber as our purpose... X-p hahaha!!! i can't wait... X-)

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