Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Skool Vids...

Yeah.... bored again, youtube vids again^^

This time.... old skool racing vids that kept me glued to the laptop.... >.< This vids is from Tsuchiya Keiichi heydays... his professional days in Japan Super Sportcars championship... and man that guy is fast... and not only that... he's also racing my favourite car.... Rocket Rotary FC3S!!!!!! \(^o^)/

And here is a vid testament to Tsuchiya's amazing car control technique... the previous vid may have see him lost to those R31 Skylines on the straight... but this one is wet... and when its wet... its the driver that counts^^

Now this vid is a vid of the GTR at its apex^^ the dominance of the Skyline that literally kill off Group A Championship... and also banned from Australian Grand Prix xD

Enjoy these tidbits of old skool glory ;)

Also a vid of my favourite jet fighter^^ The SU-37 Terminator....

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