Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to basics...

Well after all the excitements of exotics touge experience its back to the basics for Keisuke and me....

And boy, we almost forgot our roots :-o

We returned to our old hunting ground last night.... Tekali Touge, we made our sweep and opened our dusty old pace notes.... and next thing we know.... the pace notes dont make any sense anymore!!!! >.< OMG!!!! Tekali Touge was so dark our balls were squeezed to the point of oblivion!!! xD We made a couple of run each and heck.... even after those runs we were still trying to find our old rhythm... T.T The car just feels so different... the touge feels so scary and the pace notes just feels so nonsense xD Disappointed we rest our old Flying Circus at our goal point, and contemplating what have gone wrong.... especially for me I felt like I was completely out of touch from the car.... it felt so different... why on earth did it felt that way while we were so confident of it during our Genting and Kuala Kelawang excursion... well Keisuke didnt lost much of his touch but I do.... out of our sorrow came a lonely figure of a car.... a more recognizable silhouette... not an S15 or a Beemer.... or a Fairlady to help us out of our predicament... but our good friend Aaron with his trusty Turbo Charged Neo^^ We thought he wasnt coming... his father recently had a triple by-pass so he had quite a long hiatus from touge-ing with us, so we were happy to see him again^^ also good to hear that your father is doing fine now bro ;) He brought his friend Wan, and we had a little chat.... then off we went for our freak hobby xD Keisuke went first to lead Aaron on the "return" run, although Keisuke was still trying to re grasp the pace notes nonsense and me trying to control my mouth muscle whenever he jumped into a blind corner O.o but Keisuke was having a very smooth run, Aaron was saving his brakes for the "going" run and fell back behind on the downhill.... either that or Keisuke is really fast on the downhill, because I was scared like hell riding shotgun with him >.< And then we make our "going" run, this time with me leading Aaron, he did mention that he's more interested in the "going" run than the "return" run... so it seems we share the same interest^^ Hehehe... but much to my surprise... Aaron has gotten a lot better... I mean a lot... A LOT BETTER O.o Not only he was really sticking up my behind all the way on the uphill he was also putting real pressure on the downhill O.o I was struggling to get my rhythm but hey... before this we dont even have to be serious to leave a Neo in the dust either on the uphill or downhill... but this time he is serious O.o Aaron stick to me all the way through.... at the end his brake smelled like overcooked bacon, but hey we had a good time^^ ahahahaha... Aaron has really improved a lot ever since the last time I saw him O.o His pressure from behind feels really different... like its saying... "hey its that all that a Rocket Rotary have? Or is it the driver?" huuuuhuhuuuuhuhuuuu T.T I guess his almost daily training at Tekali is really paying off... this time I have to be more serious in training my skills... its tormenting to be catched up by a car with less horse power on the touge!!!! xD Well done bro ;) I'll have to keep on brushing up on my touge skillz as well ;) So after some short chat, we cruise back and say our good byes.... Aaron went back but me and Keisuke had another mission.... we need serious training.... >)

It was past midnight and it was the perfect time to go training at our home course... Bangi Touge....

When we arrived Keisuke was dead asleep (thanks for the moral support) =.=
I made the sweeping run and everything looks okay, then off I went!!!

Bangi felt so much more at home^^ with very few traffic and clear road I was shrieking through the touge... again, the stability of the car amaze me at how fast I can really jump into corners... really fast that it just scares me O.o

After my first run I made a "going" run, and I was really starting to get to grasp the car's new characteristic.... I guess its best to test the car's new ability at our home course... its just more enlightening then going to other "foreign" touge >.< Keisuke then made his run... he was also at first edgy with the car running at Bangi, then we were running low on fuel... we went to refuel and then came back to Bangi for some more action^^ Keisuke made another sweeping run and then he made an all out assault on the "return" run, too bad there was a little too much traffic that his time was somewhat not amazing, he made another "going" run and again was caught behind slow traffic... And then it was my timed run... my "return" run was quite uninterrupted albeit some minor traffic at the latter half of the course... and then I made my "going" run which was zero traffic, although I almost spun at the "Highway corner" I recovered the car but while at my haste to recover control I forgot to downshift to power through the drift >.< Afterwards was just a normal pedal to the metal to the finishing line, my time was somewhat ok... then it was Keisuke's turn... his "return" run was blistering... he was cutting through corners like his brakes has failed and brake drift through almost all of it O.o I was dead scared... although the traffic was quite a nuisance at the latter half of his run but he was a full 2 seconds faster than my run.... damn =.= And when he was about to do his "going" run, I was getting scared... Keisuke is known to be easily over excited and have always pushed over the limit when he is high... so far we have been lucky... so with my uneasiness I call it a night, and Keisuke understand that it may get too dangerous if he was too much on high^^ so we canceled his timed "going" run so my record still stand xD hahhahaha... although I doubt it will still be there if Keisuke did his timed "going" run... T.T Anyway, Bangi run was so much satisfying and adrenaline rushing that we could feel the adrenaline coursing through our veins.... it was good to return back to our roots and retrack our rhythm, a point to return to when we are at a loss.... >.<

The clock then ticks almost 2:30 am, our adrenaline was losing its effect and fearing that we may not wake up to pray Subuh, we slept at the mosque only to be bitten by sheer cold and annoying mosquito =.= but at least we did woke up for our prayer xD

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