Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night out with the Neos

Well.. This blog has been inactive for so long, our group as a club went practically, for all intent and purposes, DEAD.. X-p haha.. not for long.. :-p

I have been busy like a crazy bee, and Ryosuke, despite the collapsing oil and gas industry, is still buzzing around pounding pipes... X-p i mean, attending meetings (yup, he's climbing up the corporate ladder.. :-p instead of just a mere underling, is now an underling in suits.. X-p)

Despite all odds, our good old friend Azhan suddenly called me up last week, saying he found a group of people who are also very interested in touges and are even active in it X-) The Satria Neo club!!! X-) GREAT NEWS!!! Tougeing alone do tend to get... lonely :-p huhu...

Then the moment of truth, just as the clock ticks half past midnight, my phone rings, and it was our ever good old friend Azhan, with a very VERY tempting proposal X-) The Satria Neo guys are going out to Semenyih, tonite, there and then.. X-p

After thinking of the consequences such late night escapade can affect my job performance on Friday (NOT!!! X-p) i immediately went to take the FC out... :-p the first immediate problem was just that, taking the FC out without disturbing the household X-p

I had to manually push the FC out, and after a safe distance, crank the legendary rotary and be off on my way... I decided to take the old Hulu Langat road (because i thought it is much nearer through that road... boy, how dead wrong i was :-p it took me like half an hour to get there... X-p the clock ticks past a quarter past 1...

We met up at the Ampang Hill look out point, i immediately jerked the e-brake and did a 180 to position my car to park right behind their line... X-p and them seeing that got so impressed (i guess :-p) that they asked whether i'd want to take the lead... me being a total noob that i am, of course couldn't accept... :-p i was just good at about that, 180.. X-p haha..

Well, 'Boy', the president of the Satira neo (there seems to be 2 satria neo clubs.. those of dot com dot my and those of dot com) said they were just going to cruise, so they're not going to go so fast... i thought ok.. at least i won't be left behind.. i was dead wrong.. X-p He immediately put the pedal to the metal and blasted through the Ampang hill touge...


But then we reached his convoy and we all slowed to a convoy pace.. :-p and i finally breath a sigh of relief.. :-p hehe... the FC's suspension setting is off, and the front right tire keeps on scrubbing the fender, so i couldn't actually push the FC :-p (a lame excuse for a noob like myself X-p haha..)

Once we settled to a more manageable pace, i remembered the fuel, and saw that the FC only had a quarter of a tank left X-( BUMMER!!! I FORGOT TO REFUEL!!! I called Azhan, and he said we're just going to go slow and conserve fuel.. well, that's a relief :-)

But what's a touge outing without some touge blasting X-p so once we got to Sg. Tekali touge, everyone started blasting off X-) the turbo satria neo was ahead of the pack, and being a turbo on an uphill run is certainly an advantage, as he pulls away from the crowd...

The rest of the pack practically follows the pace of the second car, which ran quite a decent speed :-) this was the first time i actually ran at Sg. Tekali following another car, and what a breeze it is.. X-) (the most difficult part of Sg. Tekali is actually seeing where the roads leads to :-p because it's so dark, and the moon light tends to play mind games with our eyes :-P)

Being most probably the most powerful car around (save perhaps for the Satria neo turbo) i had no problem of keeping up with the pack :-) once we reach the downhill section, the satria neo turbo gets a little slower, and we as a pack, finally closes the gap and arrive together at the end of the line (except perhaps the neo that was behind me... :-p i have no idea where he went, as he fell back when we started going full throttle at the start X-p)

We then started cruising, and when we reach the dam, we turned back... Boy wanted us to go first (as he wants to record our run) and Azhan wants me to go first (because he's not really familiar with the road... like me X-p) being a sport, sure, i'll go first...

The moment we reach the touge, i went as fast as my heart allowed :-p (which is sadly about half to 2/3 of the throttle range X-p pathetic aren't i?) but that was enough to leave the rest of the NA neos so far until i couldn't even see their headlights anymore.. guess they're really cruising.. :-p i lose Azhan for awhile, but when we reach the more tighter turns, Azhan closes in on me X-( bummer... being smoked by an NA on the uphill :-( what a loser i am.. X-p

and it got worst when we reach the downhill part.. :-p Azhan was sticking up my ass like nobody's business.. X-p such is my uber noobness.. :-p sheesh...

Once we finished the touge run, we had to stop for awhile to wait for the rest of the gang... not long though.. about half a minute perhaps... then once they arrive, we cruise back to Ampang hill look out point..

But the touge action is not over yet :-p

Once we reach the Ampang hill touge, Boy quickly overtook us all... being the sucker i am, i followed suit, boy noticing me behind him, gave way (wanting to record my run perhaps.. :-p) whatever it was, i lumbered on... X-p

I don't know how close Boy was following me, since i hardly had the time to look at the rear view mirror, but on the straights, being on an uphill and with a turbo rotary, i chalked up quite a considerable distance... but since the suspensions are off, and with the less than expected traction from the smaller 205 tires, i was really reserved on the corners (especially left corners, to avoid any unnecessary rubbing of the tires with the fenders :-p) so Boy held his own i guess kept up with me :-) considering that his car is practically a stock Neo, that's quite remarkable... of course, that speaks volume of my noobness X-p and his immense skills.. :-)

but once we reach the downhill section, my fuel ticker is already on E!!! X-P so i couldn't dare to push the FC anymore and just cruise my way downhill :-p

Once we reach the look out point, we chatted for a bit, and then made our way to some mamak restaurant at Ampang...

Boy and Azhan got into some drag action :-p me being extremely low on fuel, couldn't really join in the fun.. X-p nevertheless, it was ALL GREAT FUN!!! X-) AND I COULDN'T WAIT TO JOIN IN ANY FUTURE OUTING THESE GROUP HAVE X-)

Too bad i brought no camera :-( so couldn't post any pictures.. (we really need to get a camera.. X-p)

I got back at 4.30.. >.> and had a nightmare trying to stay awake in the office the next day..

note to self: Never sleep very VERY late again on weekdays... X-(

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