Monday, May 18, 2009

A Night of tragedy at Genting

Still high on my outing with the Neo club last thursday night, i asked Azhan whether they're going out on friday.. :-) And it seems yes, well no actually, but yes on saturday night :-p they're going to Genting...

I thought twice before agreeing, since Genting is infamous for really huge speed bumps on the way down, i can hardly imagine how those crazy speed bumps are going to wreck havoc on the underside of the FC.. :-p

I asked whether he meant Genting highlands or genting sempah? Then Azhan said Genting Sempah... IT'S DEFINITELY A GO THEN!!! X-) HELL YEAH!!!

I went to our trusty mechanic Hau that saturday evening and had the suspension adjusted :-)

Then i checked the engine oil and water level... everything was set.. X-)

That night, we were to meet up at Gombak at 11.. by 8.00 i could hardly wait :-p

Once the clock ticks 9.00, i went out... reached the agreed meeting place at 10.00 and 10.30 Azhan called.. there's a change of meeting up place, by the Shell near UIA.. sure, no problem.. again i went off...

Upon reaching there, i filled up the FC and we waited till about 11.30 perhaps before moving out to the BHP station at Karak Highway to meet up the rest.. The rest? HOW MANY ARE THERE? O.O

once we got there, i realize the size of our group.. about 19-20 cars O.O it was not just the satria neo club members, but also a lot of other clubs... it's a whole conglomerate... X-p

Then i realize where we're really heading... the dreaded Genting highlands... =.=' when i asked Azhan, he went "ohh..."


well, we're already there, so there's no point turning back now :-p besides, i don't really need to go up the whole length... :-p

we waited till about 12.30 perhaps before we started to be on our way... the rest went on first as we had to wait for a neo club member who was just returning from office (O.O)

Once we went on our way, we cruised through Karak highway at quite a high speed.. about 160-170 kmh...

Once at the exit, we stopped first where the whole gang is waiting for us, then we all went up...

WE WERE LIKE A GROUP OF DISRESPECTFUL MAT REMPITS weaving through the traffics left right... X-p seeing how fast we were going, how tight the corners are, and how close everyone is to each other, i had the foreboding feeling that something wrong is about to happen... >.>

and it did...

we were as usual, overtaking an EVO 6 like he's standing still... of course that didn't sit well with him, so he cranked up the speed and started running along with us... Then on one tight left turn, a group member by the name Drags wanted to overtake him on the left, took the turn, went in a bit too fast and oversteered... just as he countersteered the car, the rear immediately regained traction and the car went where he was pointing, straight at the EVO X-( he slammed the Evo on the side (sending it into a 180 spin) and went on to clip the side walls...

I was behind all the carnage, as when we reach the corner, i noticed a lot of smoke and everyone started braking really hard.. i knew there was an accident... i started braking following the braking speed of the crowd, and pushed the brake a bit more when everyone stopped... the Endless brakes are really phenomenal.. :-p

Everyone didn't had a cakewalk such as me... Everyone was already slamming the brakes and locking their wheels... X-p it was almost a TOTAL PILE UP :-p luckily the worst was averted as Azhan (being just one car behind the accident, i was beside him when it happened) managed to stop just centimeters from the car in front of him, and so was the car behind him, and so on.. :-p everyone was saved by just a hair length.. X-p

When we all got out, everyone was saying how lucky no one snubbed anyone from the back, i didn't really get it because it wasn't really an emergency to me, until i hear their part of the story.. :-p

Well, the Evo fella was really pissed off.. started ranting in chinese and raving like a madman.. X-p he threw debris at Drags cars and yelling to him to come out... Azhan wanted to yell to him to shut up, but stopped when he saw there was a lady with a baby inside the car (getting involved in a fist fight would be rather traumatic for the lady and her baby i suppose :-p)

But unlike Mat rempits, we own up to our mistake... We cleared up the debris, some of us controlled the traffice and Drags apologise profusely and promised he'll pay.. he help unscrew the EVO's dragging side skirt and inspect the damage...

Things finally settled down and me and azhan decided to go on (as all the other neo club members has already left, to avoid choking up the roadside...)

We met up at a mamak stall at Goh Tong Jaya and we all relived our side of the story... We finally got the news that Drags and the Evo fella is at the Goh tong police station and we all decided to meet up with him there... When we arrived, they had already filled up the police report and the Evo guy left.. we chatted for awhile, and Drags then went on his way with his friend...

Then it was just us and the Neo members.. they decided to go down the ulu yam route, whilst Azhan wanted to go up genting with the dot com guys... So we parted ways... once the dot com guys arrived, we went up...

One funny guy (Rizal i think was his name :-p sorry for not remembering bro.. X-p) wanted to sit in the Flying Circus and wanted to feel its turbo power.. :-p so i went blasted up the touge with Azhan close behind.. :-p there were a lot of hair pins, but i didn't want to drift the car as the bitter taste of Drags's accident (with the amount of traffic that night) restraint my adventurous soul :-p

But the touge was REALLY STEEP... i had to drop down till first gear just to pull away.. X-p once we started to reach the really steep parts, Azhan fell back as his neo just simply couldn't keep up.. :-p hehe.. Turbo power (what a noob i am having to rely on the car than my own skills X-( bummer...)

Once we got up, the place we stayed was really WINDY!!! perpetually WINDY!!! O.O it was fun the first few minutes, then once everyone started freezing, we all huddled by the hot FC engine.. X-p then we all went down our separate ways...

Azhan wanted to go for a drink, i had no qualms to join him since the night wasn't really satisfying (in terms of touge awesomeness.. X-p) but boy was i in for a surprise.. X-) The most interesting parts of the downhill touge (with all the hairpins) are littered with humongous speed bumps.. i had to criss cross through just to avoid spoiling the Flying Circus's underbelly :-p

But then there is a section that is speedbump free.. X-) it has a continuous succession of corners with varying degree, interspersed with a few hairpins... X-) Azhan didn't really go all out (i guess) nevertheless the speed he took the corners was fast enough to keep things interesting :-p

Once we hit the Karak highway, Azhan went i guess over 200++ kmh O.O (we were out meter the whole way) at first i kept up with him, but then after a sudden flash of the consequences of losing control at such speed suddenly squeezed my balls X-P i slowed down to a more manageable speed and let Azhan have his way :-p ( i wasn't really confident with the second hand tires :-p even when the FC was really stable at such high speeds.. :-p)

We stopped by Mali's at Gombak, and by 4.30 i was home... bunked myself in bed, and practically slept the whole day of Sunday X-p

That last part of the night salvaged the whole outing :-) all in all, it was great fun and everything, but we have to always remember the risk we are imposing to innocent bystanders who are often caught in our mad rush for adrenaline.. :-( we're all sorry the tragedy happened, we're all glad no one got hurt, and we're all definitely not going to stop tougeing X-p

note to self: all reckless fun without restraint will most often than not attract unwanted consequences... Let all be reminded...

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