Friday, July 1, 2011

It's the climb....

Last weekend, just as I arrived back home... the first order of the day was to get Kate out of the shed and back into the world because during my working period, Cloud and I had planned a touge trip to the picturesque Fraser Hill :D

With Cloud just acquired his superbike a fortnight ago, we were itching to have our taste of adrenaline rush after so long... Old Kate with the new 2 wheeler on the block ^^
As usual the plan did not go as we had planned :P
The trip stalled until late in the afternoon despite all our intentions of an early morning dust off... because with Cloud taking his Bike up Fraser we can't afford to be still climbing when its dark.
The Baron gearing up and ready to go^^ little did he know that his SuperBike is not quite super fit for the climb actually..
Kate wasn't actually fit and ready for the climb either, with her broken plate number and some wiring gremlins... but I had to run-in the engine just for fun xD
But different from all our other trip, 'tis time we bring along a stowaway in the form of Malaysia's Justin Bieber >.<

As going to Fraser Hill, we only know the route through MRR2... which did not bode well for our timing because just as we were passing through to get to Batu Caves, we hit the inevitable....
MRR2 Rush Hour....
But still we had fun ^^
And had the time to appreciate some of the finer details of the interior trinkets we just bought for The Lady Kate :P
Also her new voice... although not at full song, but she does make a nice melody on low tune ;)

And as usual... being part of the Malaysian motorist... making up the market statistics for road use, we were bound to hit one of our friendly, social conscious government's tax collector :P
But this time we were equipped with the latest gadget to combat Plaza Tol Road Rage :P
Its not like we are trying to become some kind of politically correct blogger or something, we just didn't have any choice concerning our Touch n Go card picture :P

As usual, with such heavy traffic.... Kate didn't stand a chance against the shattering speed Cloud and his Bike was eating up the miles :P
So eventually Cloud had to make several stops at several gas stations just to let me catch up, also for some rest n refit and our evening prayers.
Cloud and I having some serious intellectual discussion :P concerning the sheer amount of time just to get past MRR2 and Ulu Yam.

Obviously time was against us... it took us 2 hours just to clear MRR2 to reach Ulu Yam... and we have approximately another 1 hour of hill climb to reach Fraser... the prospect of tearing the Touge with a 2 wheeler in the dark looms high in the horizon... the risk-o-meter just jumped out of scale  >.<
We made one final stop before moving on to change Cloud's visor and top up our fuel for the Battle Gears and ourselves (junk foods) xD
Cloud and Kate racking up the miles at Ulu Yam Touge... ;)
The high speed Ulu Yam Touge... with its beautiful curving roads and long sweeping corners, it feels like putting your heart right in your mouth... literally :P

But try as we may... it was already night fall once we past Kuala Kubu Bharu.
With the day light failing us and road lighting non-existent ... Cloud could not push hard and had to rely on the lights from Old Kate... which is however you put it, it's not good news.
Kate's lights are wanting at best, so we had to make the climb really slowly... with me having to nurse Cloud up to the clouds :P making sure he catches up and having him clear view of any obstacles or imperfections on the roads leading up to Fraser.
But eventually we reached Fraser's Hill... with the clock striking at 9 when we reached there... that's almost a 4 hours journey since we started at 5 in the evening o.O

We immediately went to the Silverpark resort where my parents are already waiting 'coz they checked in since afternoon.
After we offloaded our stuffs we went hiking around Fraser's Hill to have that taste of England in the Summer ^^
The Hills were woken up from their sleepy hollow with the sound of horse powers... The RedSuns Crew have arrived ^^
It seems we were not the only one to pack some punches coming up Fraser's Hill that night.. some even came in style :D
The trademark RedSuns pose ^^
And I found a new Battle Gear to tear up the Touge xP

That's about it for part 1... this post is becoming quite long, and I'm getting tired writing it up, I'll just wrap it up for tonight and hopefully I'll write up about the rest of our adventure to Fraser's Hill in part 2 ;)

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