Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparation to August Track Day


Ma friend posing with ma other friend superbike xD
The new Carbon Fibre Exhaust for his CBR600RR^^
The superbike now sounds like an F1 car... SWEET!!!! :D

--------Filler end-----------------------------------------------------

Well its that time of the year again^^ ehem.... even though its Ramadhan, but tomorrow (23rd Aug) is the Sepang Track day!!! \(^o^)/

Track days are always happy days for us Red Suns xD

Anyway, this time we're going to be better prepared than last time around so we sent the FC to Hau to change the brake pads and brake fluids.
The S-Four Endless Brake Fluids
Endless pads
The Endless Brake pads

It took almost the whole day to change the pads, at first we only wanted to change the rear pads as it has worn out... but it seems even our front pads was damaged... so we decided to change the front with used ones xD
The old front pads
The damaged pads

After Hau changed the fluids and bleed the brakes we brought the car to a tyre shop to cross the front tires... just to have more rubber at the inside of the cambers ;)

Then after tarawih, we set out with KeKe (Cloud) to bed in the brakes^^ that was the first time we actually did proper bedding procedures, and after the 8th brake cycle the brakes has already faded.... we did 2 bedding cycles and then we head for the Bangi Touge....
(Keisuke dead beat in between bedding cycles xD)

(Again, one of our random retard moments >.<) We need to have a proper tyre pressure for the tracks, so we headed to Bangi Touge to do some testing^^ We applied white shoe across all four tyres and then made a single spirited run at the Touge to see whether the thread wear is even or not... we found out our front left tyre is not really good at the wear. Photobucket
(Applying the white shoe with Keisuke posing for the camera xD)

So we headed towards the nearest petrol station and then check the pressure... we found out the front left tyre is more 1 psi than the right and so the wear is uneven, so we set all four tyres to the appropriate pressure :

Potenza Grid II
Front : 32psi

Pirelli P6000
Rear : 35psi

We made one more wear test for the tyres and it all looks good, so we headed back home via McDonald McValue Meal xD

Thus the FC was prepared for its reason of existance^^

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