Saturday, October 3, 2009

Genting Adventure with Scoobie Do bie Doo and Mishap

wow, haven't been updating the blog for some time already... X-p

Well, with ramadhan and eid, we were all pretty busy i suppose... X-p

Anyways, yesterday Richard our good old friend invited me to go to Genting ^^ i've been craving for some Touge fun for some time already and jumped at the opportunity X-)

However, we are worlds apart now.. X-p yesterday we went in a group of 4 cars... 3 Scoobies and the flying circus.. :-p the scoobies range from version 7 to 9 O.o

a brand new version 9, Richard's spec C version 8, and a whopping 350 pony Version 7 (with carbon fibre hood and canards... O.O and as usual, Gan is the owner of the extreme car... X-p)

I was a little late as i had to attend a wedding first, then around 10.30 i left out... got caught in the traffic at MRR2 (and by God!!! the traffic that night was horrendous.. O.O)

I finally got to the service station, filled up the tank, and immediately went underway.. X-p i wasn't even able to sit down... we got on the karak highway, and went through the highway very politely X-p i mean, add up all our ponies, we may have more than 1000 bhp (of course the FC is the smallest contributor X-p) but we were just cruising at around 110 - 120 kph X-p

When we finally got to the genting exit, we didn't stop either, the Scoobies just went blazing O.O i was hardly hanging on X-p seeing how i could keep up with the scoobies, i was starting to think that perhaps the circus could actually keep up with those powerful 4 wheelers...

Then we pass a wira, and he decided to join our fun.. apparently he's not any normal wira as the car is turbo charged O.o and i could hardly keep up with him X-( he's seems to be a usual at the genting touge seeing how he apparently know every turn..

well, the traffic was pretty bad so we couldn't really push it, but still, even if the traffic was clear, i'd probably be sweating keeping up with the Wira X-(

I even once almost lost it when the version 7 scoobie was on my right, and we were turning into a pretty sharp left turn... the exit caught me by surprise when it suddenly snap sharper O.O i immediately turn into it but since i was quite on the limit when i entered the turn, the rear immediately lose traction and the car oversteered X-p i had to try to control the drift, but with the scoobie beside me, i had little room for error O.O apparently he must have braked when he notice me oversteering, and allowed me room to cross over all the way to the other side of the road X-p approaching the wall barrier.. X-p luckily i was able to gather my act before i hit it...

then once we got to goh tong jaya, it seems that the scoobies were just warming up O.O they were hardly pushing it up to goh tong jaya (that wira owner must be really proud thinking he could keep up with scoobies.. well, he'd definitely give me a run for my money X-p) once we started going up the second half of genting, all the scoobie engines were roaring!!!

with the first straight up the touge, the version 7 and 8 pulls away, and disappears after a few turns X-p (i must be stupid deciding to play with these scoobies... X-p) only the version 9 was behind me as he only recently got his car and it was bone stock... Apparently the car was suffering from excessive body roll and understeer X-p and besides, the guy seems to be relatively new to touge adventures, so he wasn't really pushing it...

once we got up, the fc was smoking again... O.O perhaps the gearbox oil is leaking again... :-( gotta send it for check up before repainting it i suppose...

We had a little chat, and went down to goh tong jaya for some drink... as we were drinking, some guy came and asked who's the owner of the white car (the FC)... apparently, i didn't fully pull the FC's ebrake, and the car slowly crept down backward into a proton satria that was parked behind me X-( the FC is fine, but proton being a proton, his car was pretty dented... so i promise to pay him and apologise profusely... X-( this little trip is proving to be rather costly...

Apparently, 4 wheelers have a lot of understeer and all the scoobie drivers was saying how they had to cope with it, the bright side of it is of course you can just dive in every turn, and the worst case scenario is understeer, which is quite easy to correct (rather than myself, every turn hangs the dreadful possibility of spinning out of control X-p)

After we had a drink, we all decided to go up the touge again X-p and this time, the version 9 driver decided to try to keep up with me X-p (with a car like his, was not really a difficult task X-p)

the version 7 and 8 are as usual in their own league X-p so i was hauling my behind up the touge with a version 9 hooked to my rear X-p the guy is obviously really fast, but i can notice his dreadful understeer at every turn, but his power makes up any advantage i have in the turns :-( i also accidentally drifted in one of the hairpin turns (with a vios beside me X-p) luckily managed to keep things under control ^^

the whole thing happens very quickly and it's over before we could say yippikayay.. X-p the version 9 driver was really excited and suggested another run X-p the version 7 and 8 jockeys apparently were really pushing it and richard says he was even drifting at almost every turn O.O a pity i couldn't see it T.T but we all decided to call a night... X-p

we went down, and richard and me played a little at the downhill part after goh tong jaya X-) and it was definitely a BLAST!!! X-)

However, when i got home, i felt a rather dissatisfaction :-p it seems i didn't have enough touge fun X-p and still craving for more... (or perhaps because i got pawned so badly, that i feel like this time, i only want to play with the kancil club X-p haha..)

anyway, unfortunately, i brought no camera, and had no friends to tag along for some pictures... so that's about it... now i gotta wait for the bill from that little mishap i had :-( hopefully the fella wouldn't whack me X-(

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