Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yup... tonite was another nite of back-to-back touge adventure X-) GOD!!! Haven't had this much fun for ages... X-p

I called up our good old buddy pal mechanic whether i can send the circus for a repainting today, and he suggested to send it tomorrow, so ok... another night to squeeze out some more fun X-p

sent our good old buddy pal aaron a msg, and as usual, he's always game X-) his squeaking pulley will just have to wait if it wants to act up X-p also goes the same to the circus's leaking gearbox oil.. X-p

(with fingers crossed) we both headed out to our favorite playground ^^ at first the traffic on the way there were horrendous.. X-( Aaron suffered the same fate :-p so neither of us got there not too early :-p

Had a little chat, and went off to scout the road... the road was a bit damp (as it seems it had just stopped raining a while back) and the downhill part was drizzling a bit...

not surprisingly, i have forgotten how the touge twist and bend X-p it was like "heh? i never remembered the road was like this.." X-p haha... i've really lost touch with this lovely hobby X-p

once we reached the other side, since there were a few droplets of rain, i thought it was starting to rain again, so we didn't want to waste any time (nor wait for any deluge to come along X-p) so just as we were about to get going, a wira turned into the touge...

I was divided whether to let him pass first, or quickly get up to him and pass... i decided the latter X-p so we headed off, with me leading... after a couple of turns, we caught up with that wira...

i prayed, closed my eyes, and took him on a blind turn X-p hoping for the best.. X-p haha... aaron unfortunately wasn't as lucky (nor as suicidal i suppose X-p) he got stuck behind the wira for quite some time (with the wira driver not really being a sport, thinks he is a match to Aaron, and decided to take up the length and breath of the road, not giving way and trying, pathetically i suppose, to outrun aaron... big mistake X-p)

since aaron got stuck behind the noob wira, i quickly build up a comfortable lead :-p so much so, that i thought something had happened to aaron O.O i mean, either he has really lost his touch (which is next to impossible X-p) or he finally had a date with the ditch (God forbid!!) still, even with that nagging thought, i didn't really let up on the speed X-p though i didn't really fully press the throttle (since my knees were shaking more than my teeth X-p) but i can say i was going through the touge at quite a considerable speed... so i thought X-p

once aaron got pass that noob wira, he teared the touge apart X-p and caught up to me O.O when i saw his headlights on the rearview mirror, so was my self-esteem X-p being pawned twice in a row, back to back, night after night, is not really good for mental stability... X-p haha... man, aaron is still a speed demon through those twisties.. X-(

then we parked at the side for awhile, wait for the traffic to die down again, and headed off... again i was leading :-p the uphill part as usual, i began to pull away on the straights X-p (yes, i'm a noob.. i know X-p) but once we pass the peak and began the descend, aaron begins to eat up the distance X-(

with each turn, every bends begins to bend even sharper... the sharper it is, the closer he gets.. X-( i started thinking to myself "IMPOSSIBLE??!!! is my TURBO WORKING??!!!" O.O (haha... yup, i couldn't resist acting up that initial d dialogue X-p if you know what i mean.. X-p)

then when the turns really started to turn sharply, aaron was right there X-( i tried to go a bit faster, but lost it at the exit X-p the car lost traction and i had to struggle keeping it on the tarmac X-p so oppss... haha...

even with me trying to push the limit that more further, aaron was that more closer... X-( and everything ends all too soon... :-(

well, i must say, aaron is as sharp as ever (with me getting more and more dull by the day X-p) but still, the whole thing was GREAT FUN!!! X-D alas it was again a lonely affair for me, so no camera nor vids :-( just my tall tales.. X-p haha...

to aaron, great run bro ^^ you're always that much more quicker on the downhill... how i envy you X-p and to myself, NOOB!!! you got pawned twice in a row!! X-p haha...

can't wait for the circus to get a new paint, and some more adventurous fun ^^ oh, and today i paid that guy who the circus whacked the night before :-p RM250... >.> aiyo... money money money... X-p

Tonight was really more fulfilling than the genting excursion yesterday ^^ i was able to push the fc a bit more (since my heart couldn't take much more X-p) and played with someone who's not too much world apart X-p (but if aaron gets a better car, and with his skills, i don't think we'll be on the same plane anymore X-p)

Once i got back, i decided to try out some drifting :-p so got to the local drifting ground and started doing some donuts.. i tried a new steering technique (after watching the drift king in the drift bible again X-p haha.. basically it's a hand-over-hand steering technique and with enough finesse, one can cope with the speed required to counter steer the car preventing a spin ^^ though i still have to occasionally let go of the steering if the angle became a bit too big :-p) and it seems to be working... at first it was a bit hard to cope up with the demands of the counter steer, but after a few spins, i got the hang of it, and what a breeze it was to control the car ^^

i tried to play with the exit but it seems the playground wasn't big enough :-( the moment i wanted to exit, the drain was right there in front X-( need to find a bigger space if i want to practice my exits :-p so far it seems i can have a better control on the angle of the car and the direction with the new steering work, but from my experience at the track, making the exit is as crucial as controlling the car from spinning X-p

anyway, wouldn't want to waste too much rubber before ryousuke gets back ^^ haha..

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