Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Right now we're going to my favourite subject...

As mentioned in my previous post, we use to make our run at the Bangi Touge and it is considered as our home course, yeah its a beginners course that runs 4.45km... beginners course suitable for us beginners^^
Here is a google earth picture of the Bangi Touge...
Bangi Touge

We occasionally went to Mantin Touge as well, somehow I can't find it in Google Earth because I don't remember the way there xD

And just for fun, here are Google Earth picture of the Initial D Touge.... have fun!!! ^^

Akagi Touge
Akagi Touge

Akina Touge
Haruna (Akina) Touge

Myogi Touge
Myogi Touge

Usui Touge
Usui Touge

Irohazaka Touge

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  1. if u guys are keen for a run, let us know!