Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday was an important day :-) among other events, the FC, after a long time behind the bars of a workshop finally came home X-) It didn't looked like the best of wear (as it still needs a new spoiler and a total repaint.. :-p as well as some cleaning to wash down all those dusts it had collected sitting idle at the back of the shop) but hey, he's back and no one's complaining X-) (maybe just the neighbours.... >.>)

FC is back
The whole repairing exercise caused our lean pockets to fork out thus far a whopping RM2900!!! >.<)

First off, the car fells a bit more stable than before through the corners :-) (I guess it's attributable to some unknown fact that probably it had suffered some accident from any of its previous owners and the chassis was already bent, even then...) and secondly, IT'S JUST GREAT TO HAVE IT BACK!!! X-D

Though it wasn't so great when you start filling in the tank >.> before the hike, it took about RM110 for a full tank (that'll probably last a few days... X-p) but now, even RM150 just fills up three-quarter of the tank... >.<

So yesterday began with me sleeping really early around 8 X-p (the night before had taken its toll...) but was woken up around 8.45 by Ryo to go out for a movie :-) we went to Alamanda and bought us some tickets for the dark night X-) (yes, we haven't seen the movie yet... :-p) which begins at 9.30.. So to kill off the time, we headed for some artificial touge pleasure in the form of Battlegear X-) We had 2 rounds, 1 in Akagi and another in Akina, me having chosen the faster car :-p (as usual, the FD, my dream car.. X-p) had the advantage and took the lead from the start.. I never looked back :-) (the last thumping really made me more sober.. X-p) Ryo driving the FC was a bit better than I was in the corners, but the difference of power and acceleration compensated what I lack :-p hoho.. A fitting start for a great night.. X-)

Then the movie, I won't go on for long about the movie (as I'm sure everyone has seen it, except Cloud.. X-p the poor fellow.. :-p) but I must say, the Joker was the man of the hour :-) if it wasn't for him, the dark knight would have just been another has-been superhero flick.. X-p Joker really stands there among my most favorite villains of all time ^^ right up there with Darth Vader (yes, I'm a fan of Star Wars.. X-p and so is Ryo) and Sephiroth (what's more cooler than walking around with a pretty face and a cold couldn't-care-less-for-anything attitude wielding a 2-m long katana? X-) not to mention the cool outfit :-p)

You wanna know how I got my scars? X-)

haha... classic...

Anyway, then we headed back, did our prayers and stuff, and took the FC for a spin X-)

We first started off with a simple 180' turn :-) (we suck at drifting so that's about all we could do.. :-p) after a few trys (and realizing how bad we've rusted X-p) we decided to go for some spin (not literally :-p) at our local touge, our home course Bangi Touge ^^

Cloud had went to join us for the 180' session, but decided not to come along to the touge as he has some other matters to attend to (like catching up on some hard-earned sleep I guess... X-p) so the clock ticked 1.50 and me and Ryo headed out to the Touge :-)

We just wanted to try out the car and get the feel of it, so we kept our run short... :-p We did only one complete run (back and forth) with Ryo taking the wheels for the 'back', and I took the wheels for the 'forth' :-p and since the car had just came back, we didn't push hard (basically we were just cruising through.. :-p)
black butt
The car feels great through the corners, the suspension was stiff enough to give us complete confidence :-) the steering was razor-sharp responsive :-) the wheels, the steering, the car itself, just feeds us with raw details of the road X-) the car just felt SO GREAT, giving us such a stable platform X-) it's even better than before X-) (either because the workshop did a really good job or because we haven't driven it for so long, we forgot how a true touge machine should feel like X-p not like that rolling-happy Howling Banshee Kancil of ours.. X-p hoho..)

So by 2.30 we were home :-) all the excitement and joy of having the FC back really flooded my head with overwhelming emotional rapturous delight that I almost drown in my own euphoria... X-) I was so excited, that I couldn't sleep till a quarter pass 3 X-(

Woke up late again this morning.. :-p haven't taken my breakfast for 4 days straight already... X-p (basically eversince Ryo came back.. :-p) and can't wait to go back home for tonight... X-) we still don't have any plans yet (as always..) but hey, we can always go where the road takes us.. ;-)

Looks like it's going to be another long unproductive day... >.>

haha... You wanna know how I got my scars? X-)

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