Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thumped, beaten, bashed, and left for dead...

The title says it all...

Last night, Ryousuke, Turbo Junior, Cloud and I decided to go out for some fun-loving battlegear sessions... X-p (Yes we know.. it's just an arcade.. But for Heaven's sake, they got Akina and Akagi in there!!! X-D and Initial D cars!!! And they're much more fun and realistic than those crummy Initial D arcades.. >.> besides, the FC is in the workshop, we had to get some touge dosage from somewhere.. X-p)

Apparently, Ryo and I haven't played for some time, Turbo Jr. had never even played before, and Cloud was really crappy the last time I remembered battling him.. X-p (No offence Cloud, but you busted my nose last night.. :-p I guess it's fair I pass some air upwind... X-p haha..) but last night was a night to remember.. How Ryo and I (self-proclaimed Battlegear Gurus... Though we never had any students.. Just our over-bloated egos.. X-p) were brought to our knees weeping over our deflated egos.. violently popped by reality.. X-p (that's what you get for living in your own world for too long.. X-p)

Cloud had apparently been secretly training (the fox!!! >:-O) and secretly thumping our other old good friend (Dzulq) in his attempt to make sure we get a run for our money (as I had always used to thrashed Cloud around so hard, it never took a sweat to do it again.. then, that is.. X-p hoho.. sorry Cloud, I just had to embellish my glorious past.. X-p *sob* makes yesterday all that much harder to swallow.. T_T) and boy did his training paid off...

We tried to play Akagi last night, a new track to us all (as we're used to play only at Akina... :-p yeah.. we all wanted to try the gutter run.. X-p never work though... X-p haha..) and our first battle was me up against Ryo...

Ryo, being the rusted player that he is, got a good beating X-) and I was beeming proud.. HOHOHO!!!! ^o^ Ryo left the first round with a busted nose.. X-p then it was Cloud up against Jr the rookie.. Boy did Cloud toyed him around.. X-p Cloud waited for him for so long, that the time actually ran out.. X-D haha!!! Of course, me and Ryo being the fools we are, never saw the potential Cloud had in the dark 'gloomy' (for some..) battles ahead... X-(

First it was Ryo up against Cloud, Cloud's first victim of the day (or night to be more precise.. :-p) They both used the same Tuned FC, and Cloud was just that bit better than Ryo in the corners..

Then it was me, the next casualty of the night.. X-p and the sad thing was, I never saw it coming (I guess because my nostrils were too inflated for the punch that was coming straight for my nose.. X-p) I chose the Tuned FD (slightly more poweful than the FC I guess...).

At the beginning of the race, we burst out of the starting grid.. I was accelerating a bit more faster and was taking the lead, until a thought came over me.. :-p I was a bit cautious when I saw Ryo took the gun, but nevertheless, I realize ego is greater than reason X-p and for that, I let go of the gas, and allowed Cloud to take the lead... A victory from behind would be a glorious victory indeed.. X-)

And the first few corners came, a mild left turn, and a sudden sharp right followed immediately by a tight left hairpin... and the hairpins continue on for several more corners... That's when I realized "SH****T!!!!! I'M GOING TO LOSE THIS ROUND!!!!" X-O Cloud was going that bit faster than I am in the corners, and though my acceleration is a bit better, his exit speed was able to counter that and made me looked like a noobish sissy.. X-p

Half way through, Cloud is still ahead of me and enlarging his lead.. Slowly the white rear end of his FC slips away from my view... With every corner, he took another few tenth of a second away... ANd with every corner, he dissapears from my view... X-( That's when Ryo came and slowly whispered to me "Cloud will probably going to win this.." and I had to grudgingly accept that fact.. X-( Realities are always hard to swallow.. :-p

The further Cloud gets away from me, the more mistakes I did, and with every mistake, the more the gap widens... It was a vicious cycle... X-( with me being the loser!!! X-O

The battle ended, and Cloud was so full of himself... I can't blame him, he had beaten me and Ryo consecutively, hands down and in a straight fight (I was even worse.. I had the better car.. X-( just shows how much more a sucker driver I am.. X-p) I felt like how Keisuke felt when he couldn't shake off Takumi.. X-p

"NANI??!!! The gap has decreased??!!! Is my second Turbine working??!!! Why is my FD slower tonight??!!!"

"He has caught up!!! X-O This is a racer's nightmare!!! Being caught up by a much more underpowered car!!!"

"DId I just met a ghost... The spirits of the racers that had died on this touge..." X-p

So the truth was... I SUCK!!!! X-O but so was Ryo.. X-p but to make matters worst, Ryo then beat me!!! X-( Therefore the conclusion is=

-Cloud: ultimate undeafeted undisputed champion

-Ryo: finally got his act together and thrashed me...

-Jr: Can't blame him for sucking so bad.. X-p it's his first time.. But he's really good in that he finally got used to it and almost beat Ryo :-O Ryo almost had a nightmare.. X-p

-ME: ULTIMATE SO BADLY DEFEATED UNDISPUTED SUCKER!!! X-p I lost all my battles consecutively after beating Ryo and Jr to a pulp in the first few rounds.. Everyone got better, I just went that more stupid.. X-p

It is thus proven, that a human brain can de-evolve... X-p I almost turn into a monkey that night!! X-p luckily just my brain.. X-p


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