Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First contact....

Just as my first post in this blog, I'll just start by introducing myself and some of my Touge colleagues...

I started out having an addiction for racing way back during my student years, the movie that got me hook was Shuto Kousuke Trial Max... until now the R33 GTR remains one of my favourite car^^

Anyway, I started out racing the highways with my younger twin brother who shares the same interest, using our dad's secretly souped up Proton Iswara xD (we secretly install a suction turbo in the engine without his knowledge xD)

Back then we used to use only RM10 of Shell V-Power and race up and down the PutraJaya Highway.... now with the hike in oil price, RM10 wouldn't probably even make it half way through T.T

A lot of things happen back then, lots of ignorant highway racing and some occasional Touge runs and finally I crashed the Iswara to kingdom come.... and almost took my brothers and friends with it O.o that was my first and hopefully last shock!!!
I vowed with my brother that we would train our skills up to the necessary par to ensure that our future racing endeavour will not end in tears....

It took us a couple of months to recuperate from our traumatic crash, and our dad bought us a Stock 660 Kancil!!! xD

Since then we train with the Kancil and it took us a few years before we start hitting the Touge... by then we were going heads over heel about Initial D ^^

Then I bought the FC from Kazuto at Klang and it has become our main Touge machine until now....

One of my Touge friend Cloud a.k.a KeKe have set up his blog here

Since this is my first post... I'll just post up a video of our Bangi Touge with KeKe as the noisy camera man^^

And here is an old vid with our stock 660 Kancil at the Touge using a Phone camera with Zid as the camera man...
sorry for the low quality :-( and I have to admit in my driving of the FC and Kancil.... my skill is still not enough to drive the FC anywhere near its limit at the Touge... sadly T.T

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  1. woahh..bad injured is it..praise to God u all still safe :) woahh what a cool introduction coz u got FC he2 it must be cool machine he3