Monday, July 21, 2008

Scouting Expedition

Bloody hell...

That was the only word I can say about yesterday... It all began when Ryousuke finally got back from France, and whenever he's back, all our touge activities usually get fired up. So this time is no different than any other time, the only thing is that this time, we were eager to expand our horizon to other famous touges in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, yesterday began like any other sleepy Sunday mornings. And Ryousuke finds it really hard to kick off the jet-lag effects (etiher that, or he really actually sleeps like a cow... either one is a great possibility... :-p) Yet the day really started to kick off at around 2 p.m when Turbo Junior came down to our humble dwellings with a PORSCHE CARRERA S!!! X-D
Of course it's not the top-of-the-line, but still, it's a PORSCHE for GOd's sake!! X-D the luxury sensation in it makes the mind go numb and heads spinning (and a lot of heads turning too.. X-p) the posh leather just continuously pampers the buttocks X-p and... well, that's about it.. :-p
We didn't really try to push the car hard (just up to 160KMH :-p yeah.. it's slow i know, and we're wimps... X-p) as it's neither the car of any of us X-p Turbo junior borrowed it from one of his father's friend, and to go smash up that Porsche would mean a whole lot of debt to pay.. X-p it'll even probably take us 7 generations to pay the debt off... so we were rather gentle on the lady.. :-p as she's someone else's trophy wife anyway.. :-p

I must say I was a bit disappointed on its performance.. Sure it got a lot of traction and torque, but the traction control kept on kicking in before anything exciting could happen :-p (we were trying to burnout the 295/35 rear wheels.. X-p failed miserably though..) and the suspension was a bit on the soft side (and a real scare when you're driving on Malaysia's ever bumpy highways.. X-p) considering the cost it'll involve if anything were to ever go wrong.. :-p

But of course, I'd attribute such disappointment to our sheer ignorance of the car.. :-p apparently, i guess you can set the settings for the suspension (comfort, sport etc..) which we didn't knew how, and we could also switch off the traction control if we knew which button to press.. X-p I guess if we knew any of these, the car would make a great ride for some spirited driving.. :-p

But still, the luxury atmosphere it creates is hands down top notch!!! X-D it makes you drunk with power!!! X-p and for once I felt the gnawing corrupting force of extravagance on my fleeting soul... X-p I guess that's why I'm poor.. :-p GOd knows I can't handle such overwhelming evil.. X-p

Anyway, that was the highlight of the day :-D and the night was going to get better... Ryousuke called Cloud, and with us three and a trusty old red iswara dubbed Meteorrain (check out Cloud's blog... >.>) we headed out for Fraser Hill touge... >:-)

Neither of us knew the way; Ryousuke got only RM5 and a credit card X-p Cloud is dead broke (yes.. the sad pathetic life of a student.. X-p) and suprisingly i was the richest with only RM70 in my pocket (and my only pocket money for the remaining days of this week X-p); and so at 8.30p.m we set off into the unknown armed with only an old car that's overdue on its service.. >.> (around 6k overdue... X-p)

Naturally we got lost and instead found ourselves on our way up Genting Highlands.. X-p don't ask us how, we just followed our nose and apparently the rich scent of the Porsche haven't really left our senses X-p and the money-filled gambling resort lured us in.. X-p it was a rather terrifying climb (as we weren't sure old trusty meteorrain could make it.. X-p) as the roads were so steep and twisty O.o (it'll make a good course for an uphill battle though.. X-) but you'll really need a powerful car to make it exciting.. :-p meteorrain was crunching through it at 40-60 KMH X-p) when we finally got up, the brakes were a bit overcooked and the radiator was running a bit low on water >.> we spent some time up there, waiting for the engine to cool down while enjoying the view :-p

When we finally started going down, the roads were even more twistier O.o with hairpins in rapid successions X-D not to mention the steepness of the road, it makes downhill attack that more dangerous X-p sadly though, speedbumps were strewn all over the place >.> speedbumps high enough to scratch our RX-7 FC's underbelly if we were to take it there.. X-( so it'll make a terrible nightmare to go there with a lowered car :-p

The ride down was even more scarrier.. X-p (though as the name suggest, we were only scouting the roads.. :-p so we drove rather slow and gently.. Not to traumatise meteorrain so much X-P) we had our windows winded down (as meteorrain's windscreen kept on fogging up, we needed to balance the temperature :-p as the wiper is also overdue and couldn't wipe anything.. X-p) and the smell of burnt out brake pads were thick in the midnight air... X-p we thought the brakes were overheating again, but apparently it was the brakes of all the other rich gamblers' cars around us.. X-p

Still, the brakes did overcooked halfway down.. :-p and Cloud started to have to resort to pumping the brakes to get enough braking force on the tires... and the familiar smell of burnt brakes *sniff* smells like burning brimstones.. X-p I think..

We finally got down and the clock ticked 12... I have work tomorrow, Ryousuke was sprawling dead at the back seat, we have yet to have our dinner and I was getting really sleepy (save for Cloud who always was and is the midnight owl X-p) yet, with all these obstacles stacked in our way, we still let irrationality rule and headed out to the purported Fraser Hill route (yes, we still didn't have any idea where Fraser Hill was.. :-p)

Dum da da dum, we finally found our way X-D (and Ryousuke finally woke up :-p) and started making our way up the narrow twisty road of old Kuala Lipis road... There were a number of construction works (to reinforce the banks I suppose..) and a number of landslides as well X-p and a couple of fallen trees on the road.. There were no lights, and the road was rather steep as well (though not as steep as that of Genting's). The final 20 minutes strecth was a single lane narrow steep road with hairpins after almost every turn... X-p It's one hell of a touge!!! The mere thought of taking the FC here for a spin just send chills down my spin.. X-p the road was SO narrow, that there was no room for error... On one side is the solid jagged limestones, on the other side is the sheer cliff drop of God-knows-till-where, and in between a narrow strip of tarmac just enough for a single car... and more suprisingly, that's THE ONLY WAY UP AND DOWN!!! O.o

At daytime, they have traffic control, so there are times when traffic was allowed up, and times when traffic was allowed down, but from 8p.m till 6a.m, it's free flowing.. X-p And to blaze through there with the thought of any possible traffic coming from the other direction is just petrifying... X-(

But still, the Touges we went scouting yesterday was TRULY WICKED!!! Genting may has lost its downhill flair, but the uphill climb is still very much exciting X-) (though you can't get the FC down without rubbing its underbelly with the speedbumps.. >.<) but there is still the 26 KM strecth up and down from the foot of the hill till the Genting Touge... (Which ends with a police outpost :-O) there's not much exciting hair-raising hairpins, but the road is still twisty and exciting with quite a number of tight corners >:-)

And Fraser Hill Touge must be the mother-of-all-touges!!! To make a run through there is like courting with death itself (though all touge runs are always a death-flirting affair :-p but Fraser Hill amplifies this notion to a vein-bursting heart-thumping limit.. X-p) as there is virtually no room for error, and the roads are so narrow and twisty, it'll put any other touges to shame... I'm not sure if my heart can take such punishments.. X-p

We finally reached home at 3.30am X-p Ryousuke and Cloud went raiding through the kitchen looking for food, and I made my way to the bedroom.. I was a walking corpse.. X-p and I woke up this morning late for work, and to make matters worse, had a flat tire at my bike.. X-p What a way to start a day... Still, yesterday makes it all worth it.. :-) but poor old meteorrain... :-p I guess she's the only one who didn't enjoy the trip yesterday.. X-p poor beast of burden.. Send the car for service la Cloud!!! X-O

Anyway, I can't wait when we can make some serious expeditions there X-) hohoho...

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