Thursday, July 17, 2008

Continue with the introduction

Hohoho... since we don't have any activity yet, and I'm getting bored so here's another post about our introduction!!!! xD

Since our main Touge machine is just my FC3S, so we'll start from there...
My FC3S is a 1989 machine... equipped with mark V equipments, 13B single turbo, very lightly tune but handles like hell^^

Here's some pic of our Machine:
Here comes the comet

The RedSuns:
The RedSuns

One of our retarded moment.... OMG its a road kill O.O

The White Knight and the Red Squire:
The FC and Junior Turbo Kancil Turbo xD
The white knight and the red squire

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  1. The White Comet, oh Ryousuke-san...