Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life as it is...

Right... haven't updated anything on the blog so far, but we've been having a flurry of activities...

First... Keisuke caught on the act of eating too much!!!!
Keisuke caught on the act
(OIII Youre going to get fat real soon if you keep that appetite up!!! xD)

Sadly since my dad took our camera for his business use :( so most of our activities were not captured on film :P

So we have been to 2 trips to Jln Sg Tekali Touge, wicked place for our noob level of skills :P

Sg Tekali Touge
(Hmmm... not sure if you can see it >.< ) Our first trip was merely just scouting the touge, we had passed through the touge once before with our normal daily cars so we just wondered how it will feel like if we were to go with the FC on that slice of road^^ Not to mention just because I just did an alignment check on the FC that day, just wish to feel how it feels on the touge^^ Alignment setting
(This is the previous messed up setting of the FC, obviously the FC has been seeing too many action without us taking a look at what those abuse has done to the alignment setting... :(
Just to share what the monitor shows:
Left front toe : -5.7
Front total toe : -12.8
Right front toe : -7.0

Left front camber : -2.46
Front Cross Camber : 1.27
Right front camber : -4.13

Left wheel caster : 3.03
Cross Caster : -0.12
Right wheel caster : 3.15

Yeah I know the setting is all screwed up :( thats why the FC felt soooooooooo nice after the service xD )

So our first night there was only the 3 of us... me, Keisuke and Cloud. And only with the FC, we went there almost close to midnight... and the touge were far more challenging than we thought.

The Sg. Tekali Touge were higher in altitude compared to most of our usual touge places, and the elevation was rather steep as well... so obviously being thrown left and right at high altitude need some getting use to :P

So the first night ended with all 3 of us getting our share of car sickness xD with Cloud almost to breaking point >.< Our next trip was with Keisuke's buddy, Azhan... he have a beautiful 1.3 M/T Satria, and when we were just about to have fun we found a problem with the FC turbo unit... a leak turbo gasket!!!! :( AWWW dang, there goes the FC into the workshop again :P Anyway, just as of today (28th dec) I went to Shah Alam to help my cousin register into UiTM... and just my lucky day, there is an AutoCross Championship being held at the Shah Alam Stadium!!! :D So here are some pics and vids of the day^^ enjoy!!! (Sorry for the bad quality pics and vids because we had to use our handphone camera :( ) Wicked MR2
(Nice and Wicked MR2 making its run^^)

Subaru Impreza
(This Subaru Impreza driver is probably one of the best driver here^^)

Redline Satria
(A RedLine Sponsored Satria, the driver is good too bad he keeps on mixing up the course T.T )

(Clean and tidy MR2)

Integra DC5
(A quite timid Honda Integra DC5, but you gotta love the VTEC roar ;D )

Battle scarred MR2
(A beautiful MR2 with some battle scars)

High drifting 180 SX
(The Coolest car around!!! The drifting happy 180SX, although the driver screw up on the course, but its sheer fun and awe seeing him drive^^)

Rx-7 FD3S
(The only rotary entry of the day, too bad the driver's skill is left much to be desired >.< )
(2 AE86 making their cool run back to back)

(A collection of cars making their run, dont mind the commentary from my Aunt^^)

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