Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A minute after midnight....

Gimme a minute after midnight...
(Classic ABBA song^^)

That what was our plan last night.... we had to pick up our mom at midnight, but we were too busy playing with the FC that only half past midnight did we remembered to pick her up!!! :-O


Anyway, last night started pretty slow... we just wanted to chill with the FC, not some full blown touge run, so we headed to our normal training ground... the cleared Pasar Malam area....

But when we arrived there, there was a cop waiting silently there... since we don't want any entanglement with the gangsters in white uniform... we decided to head to Putrajaya to 'lepak' at our normal bridge :-P

But that night it seems our 'normal' bridge is quite pretty occupied, with a lot of people passing by making us uncomfortable... so we headed to the PICC brige with is a lot bigger^^

(Keisuke and Zid driving around PutraJaya)

So we stayed there until close to midnight and off to the pasar malam lot again, and now its empty!!! :-D

hehehhe.... so we had a couple of empty water bottles to act as cones and we made a couple of drift attempt...

(Here's a vid of Keisuke trying to drift 90 degress through the cones^^)

Tried to do the big donut but never happened... and as I said before... it was past midnight, and we forgot our mom!!!! :-o

So we sent Zid back home and off we went to pick our mom with the trusty Howling Banshee :p

She was quite disappointed with us but what can we do =.=

The next night, the drift frenzy is still not over... we headed to the pasar malam lot quite early and bought a couple of mineral water as our cones again.... (got to buy a real one =.=)

This time around we were getting better... then a fellow drifter comes by and makes a donut... he was damn cool in his A31 Cefiro.... we chatted for a while then we continued with our tyres burning^^

But suddenly Izam (The Cefiro drifter^^) scoots off, Keisuke and I was wondering why when we noticed a parked cop in the dark alley.... SH**T!!!! We made a run for it (rather coolly actually :P) and went to buy us some drinks first with an old friend^^

Then when we had our fill, we went to the Pasar Malam area again and the Cops were gone... hehee, another round of drifting while the road is still wet^^

So there we go again, and Izam also came back... we were just having a blast of time and then a truck driver came, it turns out he is a drifter too!!! :-o

Goes by the nick name of Pok Nik, he drives an old Datsun as his drift car... he tested the FC to do some donuts and figures of 8 and it was FUN when he's behind the steering wheel!!! :D

Izam had to go back early since him and his friends had to work the next day, so Pok Nik tried the FC a couple of rounds and heads back looking for his container :P

He gave us a few tips to make the FC a better drift car (Thx Pok Nik ;) and off we went our separate ways....

That night was awesome, we went back home at 1 am, dead tired but exhilarated^^

hehehe... it seems I have to quickly acquire those new tire sets for these kind of things^^

Drift and Touge... what a life^^


  1. Drift and touge is very different thing.....
    If we use Touge setting to drift, it is quite hard to drift with ease. But is we use drift setting for touge, it would be pretty dangerous due to high potential of oversteer.
    Anyway very nice car... i have always wanted one FC or FD but poor me can not afford :(.
    Rotary engine is also famous for petrol drinking as well. :)

  2. Yeah I agree, you got that spot on... currently the FC is set for Touge action... not much drift... and besides, we suck at drifting xD

    Hahaha thx about car, although the car is now more like a flying circus =.= and yeah, the myth about Rotary being a gas guzzler is true... MYTH CONFIRMED XD

  3. Actually i find drifting is a much waste of good money where the Tyre boss (with their collected customers worn out Tyre goes to show off). Touge is much more fun and full filling. Drifting is very harsh on handling system and can easily damage it, that is why they use ke70 most of the time to practice.
    Your FC part should be quite costly if using it for drift.
    Rotary=Fuel (mythbuster can retire)
    I notice on the latest post "Timid integra", maybe it is the drive but i can confirm with you that VTEC touge or Track is Kick Ass.
    If you do come to Cameron, I can show you around (I stay in Ipoh)

  4. Yeah drifting can be quite vain^^
    Drifting with the FC ever more so T.T

    We just practice it just so that we can control the car even if we accidentally go into an oversteer xD

    Besides the fact sometimes it looks cool ;) hihihihihi

    Yeah, it seems that Integra was really uncomfortable for those kind of course, but VTEC on high speed course = GREAT!! (seeing those YouTube vids)

    And I'll keep that in mind^^ would love to come around and see Cameron with the FC someday, but since the car is somewhat almost constantly in the workshop.... but someday.... >.>

  5. I am not too sure about you. But i really do not like to go to the mech constantly. Normally i would make an appointment ask the mech what is wrong and what is the budget. Then let the car go to the workshop for a week or two to get all the thing fixed. This way i save on manpower charges. If you need a good mech, i have one in Ipoh. :)

  6. Yeah I dont like to go to the mech constantly too, but just when we thought everything is fixed... something else goes bummer :P

    The mech in Ipoh can do Rotary? If he can I dont have much to worry then if I bring my FC there ;)

  7. Since you are ok to bring the FC, I go see him tomorrow. :) To me he is good.... Can tell you what is the problem and what need to be fixed. Will get back to you tomorrow....

  8. Happy New Year!!! X-D sure, thanks for checking it out :-) haha!! we'll be sure to be dropping by Ipoh when we have the time ^^ a luxury i'm running out of :-( my holidays are about to be over and its more months at the rig i suppose >.> but if we're coming around, we'll drop you a message ;-)