Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Night the earth stood still....

The night was still and the road was clear... the plants was dancing with the breeze and the animals were well asleep... until the tremors of the earth shook everything, the earth is moving with the coming rumble... the REDSUNS are here....^^

Last night was a blast... 3 touge machines dishing it out, uhhh although actually only 2 that is playing cat & mouse while the other.... THE MOTHER OF ALL BODY ROLL.... THE SAGA BLM!!!!!!!!!!! OMG xD

We had a new addition to our family member with the initiation of our best pal... Kona, he bought a Proton Satria Neo 1.6 M/T by trading in a brand new Honda City!!! O.o such commitment and waste xD ahhh... the vanity of the touge >.< He calls his Neo the Hidari Olenge!!!!! which literally means "Left Orange" O.o Yeah weird name, but he have his reason which you can see on his blog here.

We started the trip a little late... a little past midnight because Keisuke and I had an appointment with an old friend... then we went to fetch Cloud and he said he wanted to drive his BLM, cool then...

But the journey to Mantin was one heck of a long journey, Cloud was driving so slow I almost fell asleep following behind him >.< Kona who started off from PD where he work arrived earlier than us at the touge and waited beside the grave... he seems to have some kind of creepy thoughts and waiting beside a grave doesn't help xD so he move and waited at the main road xD When we arrived we saw nobody there... so we gave him a call then voila! The Hidari Olenge arrives!!!! ^^ Hidari Olenge
Hidari Olenge behind
They let the Flying Circus leads on the sweeping run so off we went, the loyal dog was still loyal at his usual hairpin xD and there was some water running across a dangerous hairpin, besides that the sweeping run ended uneventful as also my leading run, although I was quite impress with Hidari Olenge being able to keep up throughout the touge, although I did not push the FC because it was too dark and I was not familiar with the touge >.< Other than a slight oversteer at one hairpin corner, the mouse and cat game ended as quickly as it began, I was just warming up but Kona said he is running out of fuel so he cannot make a second run T.T So Cloud and Kona went ahead to the Petronas Station just a few km from the touge, and Keisuke and I went ahead for some solo run, I was just too scared to push the car through unfamiliar and dark road... so my run was rather unfulfilling >.< But when it comes to Keisuke, he was literally mad... ever since the Flying Circus changed its suspension and made all those repairs this was literally the first time he drove it on the touge... and he was like a mad dog!! O.o He literally dive into a corner overshot and then power over drift all the way through the exit... almost spun, almost hit a wall you name it... he almost did everything!!!! >.< His run was really exciting, the sensation of power over drift... the jumping of the heart when he immediately press the throttle... it was the like car on fire... and I was just wishing when is it going to end? >.< Hahaha... yeah, its been so long I haven't ride shotgun with anyone on the touge I have become a wimp >.< Anyway, Keisuke and I went for just one solo run each... then we head for the Petronas station rendezvous with Cloud and Kona, then we thought of hitting the Bangi Touge and wrap up our night at PutraJaya at our usual bridge^^ BLM n FC at Bank
So we went to KFC Kajang to stock on our food supply and off we went to Bangi Touge, by the time we were at Bangi it was around 3 am... surprisingly the touge is quite empty.... its just one of those lucky nights^^

After our sweeping run, Keisuke leads while Kona chase with Cloud trying to keep up with the Battle Gears at the back^^

Keisuke was driving like the madman that he is, coupled with the tyre's of the FC heating up and started to slide at almost all the corners... since Bangi consist of only medium and fast speed corners Keisuke immediately made a gap with Kona who is trying hard to keep up with me as shotgun almost half dead T.T

As the first run ended, Keisuke and Kona switch places and off we go again... with Cloud in the background again >.< This time I was riding shotgun with Keisuke, and the car was literally at its grip edge... with Keisuke shoving his nose up Kona's behind it was an exhilarating experience ;-) It was damn fun!!!! With more tyre screeches and lots of steering correction the 2nd run ended in fire!!!!^^ Next was my turn... hehehehe, Bangi is my home ground^^ I remember every hook and nook of this course like the back of my hand, I can push the limit even with limited visibility^^ and literally I did... At the first run, I dive into the MINT corner in the 3rd gear and was way faster than normal speed... the car started to oversteer midway through, I just thought instead of making a steering correction to override the slide... lets try to make a drift through the corner... so I let the car slide some more, next thing I know was that my counter-steer was too slow, the car was inevitable going into a spin xD OMG!!! I spun again at the same corner!!! xD luckily Kona was able to predict that my entry speed was too fast and he avoided hitting me^^ With Cloud arriving after the smoke has settled down^^ I quickly make a 180 to correct the car's direction and off we went again, this time I control the slide, and I was on fire... the car was twitching left and right and I was literally muscling the car through the corner with what grip I have^^ It was damn fun.... and I never did any run as fast as that, apparently Kona got hold up by Cloud's BLM so he immediately disappeared from my rear view mirror, word was Cloud was using the full racing line preventing Kona from making any overtaking maneuver :-p I decided to wait for them at the new traffic light right in the middle of the touge :-O then during the long straight Kona overtook Cloud and off we went again, but I was still on fire mood so after a few corners I lost Kona again but heck we were almost at the end anyway^^ We waited for Cloud to reach the end point and then off we went again for our 2nd run with Kona and me switching place^^ This time I'm the cat with Kona being the mouse^^ it was exiting to be chasing someone on the touge^^ we overtook a couple of civilian cars and ended the 2nd run on blazing hot trail^^ HO and FC

By the time we finished all those high adrenaline action, it was already 4 am... it was getting far too late, and Kona decided to head back home, skipping our usual 'lepak' at the bridge.... so we decided to finish the KFC at Kona's home but when we arrived at the Petronas station Bukit Mahkota, it was close... and Cloud was running low on fuel... so he said he does not want to take any risk and headed back home early T.T

Kona, Keisuke and I finished up the KFC at his home and then we headed back home as well.... since the FC is too loud around the neighborhood I decided to head to the mosque and sleep the night there so that I don't wake up any neighbors ^^
So Keisuke agreed to follow suit and we slept at UPM mosque at 4:50 am O.o
After 1 hour of sleep, I was sweating in the car xD and then we prayed and head back home in the morning^^

That was an exhilarating night, unforgettable... and almost full RedSuns crew... minus Turbo Jr who was on a date >.<

Hopefully with the FC back at full health and my holiday is still long way from over, we might be making these kind of touge frenzies more often until the end of the year^^

But until next time^^ peace....

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