Friday, December 12, 2008

The Flying Circus is back in town!!!!

After a week of absence finally the Flying Circus is back...
(By the way, the Shirui Suisei now has a second official nickname... the FLYING CIRCUS!!!! xD due to its new colour theme^^ based on the Air Division of the German Ace Baron Von Ritchtofen who is also known as the Red Baron during World War 1 ;-)

Apparently last week we were having some "FUN" time with the car, donuts and 180!!!^^
But after that we notice there was a leak from the engine bay, at first it look like water and we thought the car was spitting water from the radiator again... and I thought, oh boy... there goes the engine's water seals >.< Then after some few more rounds of fun I checked the liquid that is leaking under the car and it was OIL!!!! O.o OMG!!!!! The engine oil is leaking... and fast!!!! That quickly cut our fun time short xD I quickly took the car back to our house and halfway through the oil level warning pops up O.o When we reached our house and I checked the oil level it was near to Low level T.T I thought we blew a gasket or something because there were some few moments during the fun time that we accidentally over rev the engine T.T Then I had to go back to Kemaman for some official work for a week, all throughout the week I was just having my thoughts on the Flying Circus.... I thought I had blew the car T.T Then when I came back, had to draw some cash from the Petrol Rebate xD and then towed the FC to the workshop.... luckily the tow truck man still remembers me and my home ^^ hahahhhahaha he seem to have gotten use to towing the Flying Circus xD At the workshop I explained what had happen and they check the oil level was completely dry.... so Hau (our trusted mechaninc^^) gave a thorough check of the engine and found the leak to be at the oil cooler hose.... fuh, that was a relief^^ Photobucket

After changing the hose and top up with some oil treatment and of course engine oil the Flying Circus is back to life^^

Hahahahahahha... finally the nights of fire is calling us again... Touge here we come!!!^^

And here's a cool pic of a beautiful FD parked at the workshop...

And a track car FC, looks like a killer^^ wonder when it will finish^^

To finish off, here's a pic of my adorable kitten having some nap xD

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