Sunday, January 11, 2009

The last ride...

Well my vacation is officially over... after 10 hours of traveling and 9 hours of waiting (in transit) I'm totally numb with jet lag... :S

But before my vacation was over, we had one last fling at adventure with the FC... ;)
Originally on that night (9th Jan) our plan was to go for touge action with Azhan and Keisuke's RX-8 buddy Jack... but as it turned out, it was too good to be true... Azhan was ill and Jack had too much work at his hand to make it (it seems only us that seems to have a lot of free time for touge almost every night xD)

Anyway, we were not deterred... although Cloud and Turbo Jr couldnt make it as well we were only joined by Zid...

We went to Sg. Tek**i touge (censored xD) and Keisuke made the first solo run... although it was a full moon but still the touge was dark and sometimes even the roads seems to go the other way...

After Keisuke's return run I did my back and return run and still the same case... we were not familiar with the road and the FC was just screaming of dissapointment... we were scared shitless to push the FC through those dark unknown alleys...

But still we persist, practice makes perfect... it is just past midnight and we're still not finish... Keisuke attempted to make another run and notice the brakes has faded.... :(

Obviously we have been on the brakes far too much... so we stopped and cool down the FC... and there we notice the differences of the muffler and ECU has done ;)

(The FC's muffler red hot)

Cooling down
(Keisuke and Zid taking a rest with the FC)

After those lull moment, our adrenaline died down and we decided to move on... so we went and see the Ku**a Kel***ng touge the homecourse of the famous Kansei team ^^

Hehe... that was the first time we brought the FC there, Keisuke made a single run and then off we go... we're going back to our home course... where we can really push the FC to its limit.... Ba**i Touge.

But it seems the toll of nausea from the Sg. Tek**i touge is getting on us, and again we were getting altitude sickness xS

I fainted in the car right after that and next thing I know, Keisuke already drop Zid home... he was literally spinning... and again I drop dead while Keisuke muster all his strength to lumber the FC to Ba**i, and when we reached there.... too bad Zid missed the best part of the night xD

Keisuke made his first run and damn it was scary... I was shivering after his first run and dreaded for his return run... >.< He was trying to tail whip the FC like mad that he almost lost control on several occasions... He was just laughing about the whole thing but my heart just jumped out and never see the lights again xD
(Half of Keisuke run, I accidently pressed the stop button half way through and was too scared shitless to see what had happened xD )

After Keisuke's god remembering run, it was my turn and his advice for me was "now dont push as hard as what I did".... yeah right XD

HAHA!!!! My chance behind the wheel and it was screaming madness... with new sets of rear tyres the back end doesnt go loose too easily, there was a substantial amount of grip compared to last time and it was all too good for me^^

Haha!!!! But when my return run finished, I thought... oh no, if I want to make another run Keisuke will make another run also... and sitting shotgun with him behind the wheel again.... NOOOO!!!!!! T.T

The same thought goes to Keisuke, we were both scared shitless with each other run that the fear overcomes the adrenaline excitement that we both decided its time to go back home xD

hehehe... so we went home and that was the end to my 1 month gallop with the FC, its back to work for me... and probably quiet hibernation month for the rest of the Redsuns crew xD

So until I return back to our motherland, until then... drive safe for everyone out there ;)


  1. Wei, naze all the videos says it's a private video >.> can't see it at all...
    About that touge vid we took, i haven't transferred it into my computer yet :-p haven't found the wire for the memory card reader... X-(

  2. Ara!? So desuka? :p
    hahahhaa.... ok, I've already changed it to public ;)
    Although there is not much to see anyway xD