Sunday, January 18, 2009


Haha... i finally got down to write down this blog entry :-p hoho...

I've been having that "dying-to-drive-like-crazy" syndrome all week... X-p The Flying Circus finally got new "second-hand" rear wheels :-p new ECU and a new muffler and it is TOTALLY A BLAST!!! X-D I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT ALL DAY ALL WEEK!!! X-P (yes, i guess i'm madly in love :-p)

But due to work commitments, my plans kept on being interrupted... But last Friday night, everything was perfect X-p (and don't start thinking weird things... LoL!)

I came back from work at 8, called up Cloud, but due to some commitments he has for saturday morning (I don't think I should ask what :-P) he wasn't really willing to risk an all night party.. X-P so i called up Zid, and he was enthusiastic about it, the plan, go where the road takes us, and all road leads to Fraser Hill X-P haha...

I was desperate, i wanted a drive so badly, I wanted to drive to my hearts content, so the furthest and most thrilling ride I could think of was the dreaded Fraser Hill Touge... :-p it's practically a Touge ride all the way till Fraser Hill X-p

(The route we took that night (in red), starting from the bottom, up the ulu yam touge, straight through Kuala Kubu Bahru, up and around Fraser Hill, down to Bentong, jump on the Karak Highway down to MRR2, and back home... :-p)

The night didn't start immediately as Zid was still at his company's dinner, and i had an errand to run to... Around a quarter pass 11, we took off... :-)

While slowly making our way up the MRR2 highway towards Batu Caves, we came across a really beautiful MR2, with a big spoiler and a spotless Cyan paint... X-) I let it pass first to appreciate its beauty, the driver was just a young kid probably around our age as well :-p (and sorry, we forgot to whip out the camera to get some pictures of his really beautiful ride...)

He then let my pass I guess he wanted to check out the Flying Circus... :-p Then i blasted myself down the Highway... And being a sport, the MR2 driver followed suit X-) I could hear his blow-off whistling away (yes, I think i heard a blow-off valve, so it's not an NA like any normal MR2...) and then it was just pure Wangan action X-)

I slowed down and let him pass, and we continued playing chase, He'd sometime let me pass and we were just having a real blast... X-) traffic was quite heavy in some places, and since we're only playing around, we didn't really weave in and out of traffic aggressively, rather we'd prefer to approach them, and see if they give way, if not, then we weave pass them...

But as we were having fun, there's this white Myvi that didn't know his place in the real man's world... X-p everytime we slowed down when we got bogged down by traffic, he'd come right up our asses... >:-( tailgating us like nobody's business, what? he thinks he can take us on? WE'RE IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEAGUE ALL TOGETHER!!! X-p

But he was really damn annoying, so me and the MR2 just kick the throttle in, and weave pass the traffic right before the opening closes... just to show off the accelerating capability of our car to that dumb Myvi racer-wannabe, that we can in any time, grab any fleeting opening in the traffic and leave him in the dust... and sure we did... X-p haha... silly idiot... :-p

but once we got to batu cave, it was time to depart, so I gave him a thumbs up and waved good bye... :-) it was a real blast roaring down the Highway with an equal... X-p rather than all these mere mortals who just keeps on getting in our way... X-p haha...

Once we got on the Ulu Yam touge, we stopped by the park by the dam just to chill out... as we were just about to wind down, we heard the roaring scream of the classic Honda VTEC O.O and two cars roared pass us, a Honda Civic sedan, and a Wira with an Evo 3 spoiler and a jack-up butt (those dragsters who thinks they're fast... :-p)

Zid immediately jump up and said we should join them X-p so we got in the Flying Circus and straight away blasted our way down the Ulu Yam touge... By the time we got to them, the Honda had already slowed down and allowed the Wira to pass, seeing that he's no longer interested in the chase, I blasted pass him and bore down on the Wira... X-p

The Honda seeing me screaming pass him, decidedly to join back up, so he picked up his speed again and followed suit... The Wira was slow in the corners, and even slower in the straights... X-p but i didn't want to immediately pass him, bcoz i wanted to see how well he is in the corners... he seemed to be familiar with the road (whereas i wasn't X-p) so in slight bends where there's no need to brake, he's rather fast (since he didn't let up on the throttle i guess :-p) me being unfamiliar with the road, took a cautious entry and once i see the curve of the corner, blasted my way out of it... X-p

Then i noticed he'd slow down a lot on medium and other tight corners.... slow down A LOT!!! as if he turned scared X-p

So then i knew how good he was, and went on to pass him to leave him in the dust... by that time, the Honda had caught up, and also passed the Wira and was tailing me... I noticed the Honda wanted to continue playing so I slammed on the throttle and went until out meter.. X-p we were going THAT fast... The Honda fell back on the straight, and bcoz i was going REALLY fast, i entered a corner too fast :-p i had to brake really deep in the corner X-p but bcoz of that, the Honda couldn't keep up with my entry speed, my carrying speed and of course my exit speed... X-p

We then entered some residential areas, so we all slowed down... when we reached a traffic light, the Honda came and stop by our side... :-p I then greeted him and we stopped by the road afterward and had a chat... X-p

It looks like he's a local there and was on his way back from work, being a local and also an avid tougeist, he drove through the mountains quite fast... So then this Wira came along thinking he can outrun this Honda :-p a racer-wannabe... He tailgated the Honda like nuts, but never wanting to over-take the Honda...

The Honda didn't really felt like racing so gave the Wira lots of opportunity to pass, but he didn't... he just kept up the pressure provoking him to go fast... So he then stepped on the gas and took some turns and the Wira (being a noob X-p) fell behind..

The Honda then upon realizing the difference of skills they had, know that it's pointless to continue on, since that Wira is just a wet-nose... X-p so he slowed down and allowed the Wira to pass, which he finally did... and that's when i caught up to them, blasted pass him and bear down on the noob wira... :-p haha...

We chatted till over 1 o'clock :-p exchanged numbers and continued our journey... so far, things have been FAR BETTER than what i had expected X-p haha...

but that's about it :-p when we got to the Fraser Hill Touge, it was raining, so the road was wet... in fact, we were so high up in the mountains, that all the heavy rain bearing clouds actually engulfed us.. O.O so it wasn't really pouring rain, but everything in the cloud is wet :-p and visibility was SO poor in the clouds, that you could hardly see what's ahead of you X-p i guess visibility was down to 2-3 meters in some of those thick clouds... so we had to take it real easy.... :-p

In fact, it was so slippery, that the Flying Circus actually skid when i was just only driving around 50-60 kph X-p so then i had to cut down the speed to around 20 kph just to make sure i don't go careening down the face of the cliff... X-p haha...

By the time we got up the Fraser Hill, it was 2.30 and I was sleepy as hell.. Zid had long gone to slumber land and lost forever X-p I was about to.. :-p

so I wanted to find some resorts where we can park and sleep in the car, unfortunately, instead of going straight towards the Fraser Hill town, i went right up to the Army training camp... the route along the way was just thick virgin jungles... X-p and i was so dead sleepy, i decided to just pull by the road side and take a nap, right in the middle of no where... X-p with only the jungle sound to accompany us to sleep... X-p haha

of course, Zid seeing us parking right in the middle of nowhere with only thick forest around us got spooked out of his wits... X-p He couldn't sleep, with the slightest sound from the jungle waking him up X-p haha... I couldn't care less, i was DAMN sleepy... X-p any thoughts of ghost or ghouls have to wait for later, as i was dead sleepy and nothing's going to stop me... X-p

I wanted to leave the car door open to allow the cool mountainous air in, but considering that we're right in the middle of the jungle, i thought it wasn't safe as all manner of animals might just crawl into the open door... :-p so i decided to keep the window wide open (Zid's side is shut tight X-p as he can't imagine it left open... X-p) but it was starting to drizzle (i guess the clouds finally climbed above us :-p) so i had to close the window a bit to keep out the rain...

Zid kept on imagining someone walking up the car and peeking through the glass, of course with the usual scary face X-p so he couldn't really sleep soundly... Me on the other hand, had to sleep in the bucket seat (which wasn't really comfortable since i wanted to stretch out :-p) so i wanted to sleep at the back seat, but Zid wouldn't allow me X-p He feared someone else might just come in and sit in the driver's seat... :-p (he got some really wild imaginations... X-p)

so we slept for 2 hours, by 4.30 we woke up, and took a spin around Fraser Hill... The place is really beautiful, so someday i'm going to go up there during the day, so i could see the whole beauty :-) that night the place was thick with clouds and pitch blackness was all around us X-p so we couldn't really see a lot of things... :-p

we headed down and decided to take the route to Bentong, and take a ride down the Karak Highway... and boy what a long ride it was :-p I was just taking it easy since first, i was sleepy, secondly, i didn't know the road, and thirdly, it was just us in a place with no one and no phone lines X-p if we were to take a plunge, no one's going to be around to help X-( so the thought of getting stranded there was quite unnerving, and we couldn't afford to get stranded, Zid got to catch a plane on saturday afternoon to Singapore :-p

We finally reached Bentong at 6.30 where we made our morning prayers, and soldier on till we reach Genting Sempah at 7.30... We stopped by for a drink, but only Zid went out to take some breakfast as i was too sleepy, i decided to take a nap in the car at the PASSENGER's seat for some comfort.. X-p i don't know how long i slept, but when Zid came over, i was too sleepy to drive and asked him to drive us back :-p So Zid drove the car through the most interesting parts of the Karak Highway while i doze off to oblivion... X-p

We reached home at 8.30 and my head was killing me X-p That night was a real blast, we literally partied from pm to am... X-p haha...

I ain't ever going to do that again... X-p (we did took some pictures up at the kuala kubu bharu dam, but the pictures are with Zid and currently... he's in Singapore X-p)

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  1. Dang... you did the Fraser drive ala camping when I'm not around :(
    Huhuhu.... maybe next time when I'm back ;)
    So how was the track day anyway? :D